Monday, August 6, 2012

It Was A Mad House

by Courtney on August 6, 2012


A MAD. HOUSE. up in there… But I did manage to get myself front row parking. As soon as I walked in to Trader Joe’s this afternoon, I realized that it was going to be a quick trip. Sometimes I can handle a crowd while shopping, but other times (especially when I’m really just there […]


Loving This New Workout Top

by Courtney on August 6, 2012


After finishing up some work this morning, I decided to take a little mid-morning break for some yoga. I ended up taking most of the weekend off from exercise – unless you count sprinting across the hot sand or dancing for hours in high heels (which I do). Today’s yoga of choice was my 40-minute […]


Lots of Variety

by Courtney on August 6, 2012


Mornin’ friends! Did everyone have a fantastic weekend? I know I sure did…lots of fun with friends, yummy treats, and finished it all up with a nice, relaxing evening at home with the hubs, the fur ball, and a great dinner. Here’s what will fill ya in on the first part of my weekend… Bachelorette […]