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Mornin’ friends! Did everyone have a fantastic weekend? I know I sure did…lots of fun with friends, yummy treats, and finished it all up with a nice, relaxing evening at home with the hubs, the fur ball, and a great dinner. Here’s what will fill ya in on the first part of my weekend…

Now for the latter…


I ended up making a batch of my Skinny Chicken Alfredo and paired it with some whole wheat bowtie pasta, steamed zucchini & squash and sundried tomatoes. I just can’t get over how easy this sauce is to make…and its delicious and healthy to boot!


Definitely a winner.

After dinner, Jay and I spent the evening relaxing and catching up with some Franklin and Bash on the DVR. Cody was hangin’ with us too, like he always does, but was being super lame.


I needed some extra entertainment, so I decided to see what I could do to get him up and moving. Luckily, I has piqued his interest rather quickly…


All it took was a little flash of his wand-toy-thingy, and before I knew it, he was up and ready to go.


“Get it, Codeman!”


His playtime was short-lived, but he still managed to give both of us a good chuckle. Smile


This morning I was up fairly early, so I put on some last minute iced coffee and sipped on that while cooking up breakfast.


Today, that included two scrambled eggs (I got another dozen from Kathryn so I was super psyched) cooked up with a small garden tomato.


A plum, and a banana cinnamon chip muffin.


I love all breakfasts, but I especially love ones that have lots of variety.


It’s a party for my taste buds. Winking smile

So I never made it out to our new Trader Joe’s last Friday, but I’m thinking today is the day. Hopefully the crowds will have died down a bit from opening weekend (although I highly doubt it), so we’ll see. Wish me luck!

Random Question for the Morning:

If you could live one week as anyone else in the entire world, would you do it? Who would you choose to be?


  1. says

    What a great question! I think it would be interesting to live as someone else for a week. I am not sure who I would choose, but probably an athlete or yoga master. It would be nice to be so active and/or mindful for an entire week. Happy Monday!

  2. briana says

    We are finally getting a TJ’s here in Colorado, but not till March 2013! I would love to be Kate Middleton for a day :)

  3. says

    I’m so with you on a breakfast with variety- it’s so satisfying! (and very party like for the mouth 😉 )
    ….Ummm, maybe the husband. I would like to understand what it’s like in his head just so I understand more about him……. Or, I could go with something fun like: a regular woman in Greece or Italy- I would love to know what their life is like!
    Julie H. of Spinach and Sprinkles recently posted..Intimidated by 4th Grade?

  4. says

    Great breakfast! I have a thing about savoury muffins at the moment, they’d be great in this kind of combo, have you tried them? Banana looks yum. Your question is tricky: although I can’t imagine being in another life for one week, as much as I get fed up with my daily grind from time to time I think I’d instantly miss everyone I love – including my cat! I think that would totally outweigh the temporary envy I feel at Jennifer Esposito’s gorgeous hair (love the brunette/blonde look)… anyone with an amazing job in the West Wing, Kate Middleton’s gems and Cath Kidston’s fabulous design business :)
    Sarah @ Practice Princess recently posted..Chilli Veggie Muffins

  5. Bonnie says

    I would love to live someone elses life for a week. Although being Kate Middleton (to be that beautiful!) would be an experience, I would choose an olympic athlete. I’m having a really hard time on my clean eating quest and finding the motivation to fit in workouts while working 10-14 hour days and 60 hour weeks. I would love to know how it feels to eat right and be in AMAZING shape. Also to experience the passion they have and dedication they put towards their career. I know that after having felt those feelings, my minor setbacks would be a thing of the past!!

  6. says

    I love this question! Although I do love the Kate Middleton Answers, I would have to say I would wanna be a country star for a week, like Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert, or the Jennifer Nettles. I have always drooled over that lifestyle ( :

  7. Lisa Meyer says

    Hi Courtney – Have fun at Trader Joes! I went to the one in Madison, WI yesterday for the first time. I don’t know if they are all like that, but I was amazed at how small our store was. Had fun walking up and down the aisles and seeing all the products that bloggers have mentioned loving from there. Was very tempted to buy the dark chocolate peanut butter cups, but decided that it would be too easy to eat ALL of them in one sitting so I passed on them.

  8. says

    Great question- really is a thinker but for now I’d have to go with Oprah! She just has so much to offer to the world and touches upon millions of peoples of life daily… going to bed knowing the amount of good you’ve done for the day must feel nice! Plus I wouldn’t mind the travel bit of her job ;)!
    Khushboo recently posted..Just touched down…

  9. says

    I do the same thing with the variety of foods. Just this morning I had scrambled eggs, 1/2 of a bagel flat with jelly and a banana sliced up! I always feel like I am eating more when I have so many different things on my plate!I live in the same area as you and I have also been hesistant to go to the new TJ’s. I LOVE going every time I am out in Boston but am seriously considering going sometime this week! Please let us know how crowded it was! When The Fresh Market opened it was CRAZY and there weren’t even any parking spots!
    Madison recently posted..Sweet Life

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