Major Bust

Hooooleeee moly! I have been kickin’ butt on my to-do list today…thank goodness, because I reeeally don’t want to have to do any work this weekend.

I’ve only got about three more items to take care of today, which is going to happen as soon as I finish up putting together this post…sooo let’s get to it!

While I was in the midst of all of my stuff this morning, I realized that I still had a batch of frosting in the fridge to frost yesterday’s cupcakes. Seriously, how could I have forgotten about frosting or cupcakes?

Well, it turns out my frosting was a major bust.


I put it in the fridge yesterday after noticing that it seemed way too runny, so I figured it just needed to cool down. After reading the directions more closely, I realized that I added double the amount of milk that I was supposed to.


So now I’m stuck with a big ‘ol bowl of this amazingly delicious failed frosting and I have no idea what to do with it.

Well, actually, that’s sort of a lie…


I did manage to find one thing to do with it. Winking smile

So now, one of my to-do’s is to head to the store and pick up a couple more ingredients that I ran out of. Hmmmph.

After figuring out my frosting failure, I decided to pop in a yoga DVD and chill out with that. Forty minutes later, I felt refreshed, relaxed, and snacky.


I started out with a handful of almonds (plus some unpictured dried cranberries) and then put together a little yogurt bowl.


Today’s combo included a plain Chobani (+ 1 big spoonful of the vanilla chocolate chunk flavor from the tub), blueberries, half a banana, and granola.


I think blueberries + bananas has to be one of my favorite combos, besides my all-time favorite trio of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. It’s just so good.

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It’s been a dark and rainy day over here which makes me believe that hubby’s softball game is going to get cancelled…which makes me believe that a nice, quiet evening in with some takeout, some wine, and some picture hanging is sounding mighty appealing right now!

How about you? What do you guys have planned for the weekend??


  1. says

    Blueberries, banana, and strawberries has got to be my favorite fruit combo. I’ll be taking my daughter back-to-school clothes shopping and I’ve also got a mani/pedi on the agenda. 😉
    kim@hungryhealthygirl recently posted..A to Z

  2. says

    Oh yikes about the frosting. At least you have an excuse to dip yummy things in it;)
    I don’t know what kind of frosting it is, but you could try adding coconut oil, peanut flour, or peanut butter…but I’m actually no baking expert so maybe don’t trust me;)
    Oh man, I would love a nice night in with wine and a movie! I have to work tonight though. Oh well, its still fun!
    Lisa recently posted..Friday In Five

  3. says

    Rain? What’s that?! I may have to start doing a dance to get some around here, lol!

    A relaxing weekend sounds awesome but I will be running kids to birthday parties and then on Sunday, I am painting my master bedroom. Fun stuff.
    Fit Minded Mom recently posted..This is for the Birds

  4. Katie says

    Is that supposed to be caramel icing? I tried it twice, both times a MAJOR fail. I am convinced it is not a real thing.

  5. says

    It’s been a rainy couple of days, we are going out to dinner tonight and watching a movie tonight. Tomorrow is packed and I don’t want to think about it and Sunday is roof repair day and I really don’t want to think about that.
    Jen@HealthyFoodandFamily recently posted..Drip

  6. says

    I do a similar dipping with those cat cookies but with peanut butter and love it! The hubby and I have been busy workers this week and take out and a movie will be on the agenda for the evening!
    Jenn recently posted..Image Obsessed.

  7. Emily says

    Blueberries and bananas are one of my favorite combos too! Just this morning I made blueberry and banana pancakes…sooo goood!
    I just wanted to say thanks for the code! I’ve never used them before but they have great stuff and awesome prices.


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