Out On The Town

Aaaaand the bachelorette parties continue!


Last night, I met up with Sarah before heading out for a fun girls night out on the town – all to celebrate with my cousin Denise for her bachelorette party.



We all started out the evening at Bailey’s Café, one of my favorite spots up in Saratoga. Since it’s now track season, I figured that Bailey’s would be a mad house, but things actually weren’t too busy…at first.

Luckily, we had reservations, so we grabbed our tables outside, got ourselves a few drinks, and started to check out the menu. Sarah and I had decided at the beginning of the night that we were both in a champagne mood. The last time we were at Bailey’s it was our drink of choice, so we continued with the theme.


For my dinner, I decided to get The Lincoln, which was turkey, provolone, lettuce, tomato, and raspberry mayo(!) on wheatberry bread. I was starving and it tasted fabulous. So, so good.


Our group ended up staying at Bailey’s for a few hours before heading up the street to The Ice House. Sarah and I also continued with the champagne…


Gosh, I love those girls SO much! Smile

There was a pretty great band playing last night (Gravity, I think?) and despite it being about a thousand degrees, the dance floor was hoppin’!


And things were gettin’ a little crazy.


^^ FYI, that dude up there was quite a character.

Not long after arriving at The Ice House, look who I ended up running in to!


Earlier in the day, the boys were out celebrating with Denise’s fiance, Mike, for his bachelor party and then went out in Saratoga as well. The plan was actually to have both parties meet up towards the tail end of the evening, but we actually ran in to each other sooner than expected.

Hey, that’s fine by me. Winking smile


We all danced up a storm, sweaty messes and all, and wound up staying out until shortly before 2am. Seriously…I don’t know how much longer I can keep up with this late-night stuff! It was a super fun night spent with some super awesome people.

And, thankfully, I’m not super hung over today either. Winking smile

Good thing, since I actually had a breakfast date with my friend Heather this morning. Usually Heather and I meet up at Starbucks and sit and talk for hours, but we switched things up today and I headed over to her house. This meant, not only did I get to see cutie Logan, but I also got a home-cooked French Toast breakfast.


Oh my god. You guys. This French Toast? Off the hook. And it totally brought me back to my childhood…

Oh, memories.

When we were younger, sleepovers happened probably almost every weekend. Whenever I stayed over to her house, her parents used to make the most incredible French Toast for us. It was, and still is, like nothing else I’ve ever had.

Shortly after breakfast, Heather and I were on the road and I was quickly introduced to the world of Aldi’s.


I’d never shopped at an Aldi’s before, but I could totally get used to their prices. So cheap! They’re a little different from most regular grocery stores (they don’t have bags, not much name brand stuff, no deli/bakery) but I loved it. I got all of my stuff for $33.33 (<—how’s that for crazy?!), which included a bunch of produce. I’m a fan!

After our shopping trip, we parted ways and I headed back on home. Now I’ve got a bit of gardening to tend to, along with a few other things around the house.

Happy Sunday, friends! Smile

Question for the Afternoon:

Where do you do most of your grocery shopping? Have you ever tried Aldi’s?


  1. says

    This is a total random question, but would Jay be willing to do a post about your recent change in redefining healthy… Like changes he’s noticed, how he feels about it all, etc?

    • Courtney says

      Hey Karla! I doubt he’d be willing…I’ve tried to convince him to post on here before and he’s just not interested. :)
      Is there anything in particular you’re wondering?

  2. says

    That’s so funny about Aldi! We have Lidl and Aldi here in Ireland, the only sort of bargain supermarket and one just opened up within 5 minutes walking distance of my house. I wouldn’t a whole lot of shopping there but they’re great for weekly cheap specials of fruits and veggies and surprisingly enough they actually stock more Irish produce and products than the likes of Tesco. :)

  3. says

    I love Aldi’s. We shop there and Price Rite all the time for the cost savings. You learn that some things are the same and others are not worth it, but with a little time you figure out the good deals at both places.

  4. says

    I’ve never heard of Aldi’s, but sometimes the smaller grocery stores are great for cheap prices. With that being said, I have a huge Wegmans by my house in Maryland so I’m used to doing all of my shopping there. It has been tough to make due with the places here in NYC–I’m trying to be cost-conscious and it is pretty difficult! I’ve been going to Trader Joe’s, but it’s pretty far from my apartment!
    Colleen @ Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill recently posted..Alternative Option

  5. says

    Since Aldi is a German supermarket of course I already tried it. The price/quality ratio is great – but actually now I started my organic challenge, I am noticing what it means to buy cheap produce. At some point the producer had to safe money so that he could afford to sell it that cheap: either the quality of the resources used is not that great (yuck!) or the people who worked on the way (farmers, producer, shop assistants) are paid really bad and for the animal products the animals are kept under poor conditions.
    So me, for my part, I do avoid to buy my food at stores like Aldi’s.

  6. Amanda Brezgel says

    It is HUGE in Milwaukee, WI where I live and during summertime they have strawberries for 99 cents!! It’s my go to for a lot of things!!!! 😀 Glad you were introduced to it.

  7. says

    We are having fun hitting the new spots – if you haven’t gone to Trader Joe’s – get there. Even better, park at Lemon Drop at the plaza next door and get some frozen yogurt (there is a 20% coupon on my desk next time you are at the gym), then stroll over to TJ’s. Amazing food, low prices, fun dishes!!

    I KNOW you will find something that will be tasty and colorful on your blog! <3
    Linda recently posted..Physical Trainer Certification Goal

  8. Arianna says

    Aldi’s is ABSOLUTELY amazing! You can find soooo much there, and not even food! I got a panini maker there and an air mattress…crazy! Great produce and their Fit&Active line is great! Glad you entered the Aldi World! :)

  9. Carol T. says

    Aldi’s is great here in Liverpool, NY. We have a couple of them within miles of each other. You can save alot of $$ by shopping there. They have fresh produce and have great deals on different items of food. Bought “Fit n Active” low fat yogurt for .19 each… YUM!!!

  10. Caroline says

    Hi, I really love your blog but Aldi not at all.
    The owner of Aldi ist among the 10 richest men in the world, so he earns a lot with all his cheap products, but not the people who produce or sell them.
    I also try to pick offers, etc, when I’m grocery shopping, but every time I go to Aldi or Lidl I have a really bad feeling.

    • says

      FYI Caroline, Trader Joe’s is owned by the ALDI franchise as well. I think you’ll find that anywhere good things are sold at a good price, there is something going on behind the scenes that may not be great. The Albrecht Brothers are #32 on the Forbes list, still behind all of the Walton’s. I assure you, there are worse places you could shop. It’s an unfortunate circumstance to the society in which we live, but someone has to be making all of the money, right?! :)
      Trisha recently posted..Thirsty Thursday: Berry Cucumber Cooler

  11. says

    Another ALDI fan right here. I go there for all of my baked good basics; flour, sugar, butter, etc. Plus I love some of their generic brand goods. Clancy’s Multigrain Tortilla Chips + Casa Mamita Medium Chunky Salsa=the best ALDI treat!! While it is kind of a bummer that they don’t have some things I need for baking, it allowed me to price it out once a few months ago. I saved $17.20 on my 11 items. Definitely enough to keep me going back, plus my usual grocery & ALDI are both less than a mile from home so it’s not even an inconvenience.
    Trisha recently posted..Thirsty Thursday: Berry Cucumber Cooler

  12. says

    My family tends to go to Price Chopper because my mom has an Advantage card and gets the savings on gas. Sometimes, you can get a better deal at Price Chopper than the other stores (it depends on what week).

    I’ve never been to Aldi’s before; isn’t there one in Hudson? That one might be the closest to my house!


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