My Kryptonite

How about some pretty flowers to start off your morning?


I tossed these into my shopping cart at Aldi’s over the weekend because it’s been way too long since I’d had some pretty, fresh flowers in the house. Plus, they were only $3.99…how could I pass that up?

Quick side note before going on…we won our softball game last night and are now into the semi-finals next week. WOO HOO!

Alright, so back to today. I had to run out quick early this morning, but I ended up making a slight detour before heading home.


Funny thing is, I had even put a pot of iced coffee on before leaving this morning, so I knew I had some ready and waiting for me. I guess when the craving strikes…?


Once I did get back home, I whipped up a quick egg, provolone, and raspberry jam English muffin sandwich.


As lopsided as ever. Winking smile

I should also mention that iced coffee wasn’t the only thing that wound up making their way into my car this morning…

I just can NOT resist these blueberry cake munchkins. They are my kryptonite. I had only asked for two, but somehow ended up with four…what is with me and snagging the extra munchkins all the time??


Just a heads up…for those who may be interested, I just discovered that today is National Orange Creamsicle Day. Perhaps you might want to try making a batch of my Frozen Orange Creamsicle Snacks? Smile

Question for the Morning:

What’s your kryptonite (weakness)?


    • Courtney says

      Hahaha…I saw you blog about that recently! I haven’t tried that one yet…we’re currently finishing up a carton of Blue Bunny Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Stuff is UNREAL!

  1. says

    What pretty flowers, especially for $3.99!! Next time I am near an Aldi I am going to hit it up to see what all I can find.

    I have never had a donut from Dunkin Donuts before. I wonder if that is odd. We don’t have one near us and when I am around one, I never go for the donuts because if we are being honest, they aren’t the best for my waistline.
    Suzanne @ Fit Minded Mom recently posted..This or That

  2. says

    I used to work at Dunkin’ when I was in high school and the blueberry donuts/munchkins were my fav! They’re definitely my kryptonite as well. Whenever I see them at a Dunkin’ (which is actually not very often!) I always get a couple too!
    Sarah @ Blonde Bostonian recently posted..Just Stopping By

  3. raquel says

    Do you have Tim Horton’s by you? I was in Ithaca and tried their lemon glazed and raspberry glazed cake munchkins-so gooooooood!

      • Dione says

        I am Canadian and Tim’s is everywhere…yep it is true. And they are called timbits there….my favorites are the chocolate cake ones and the raspberry filled and the sour cream. I prefer timbits to whole donuts so I can eat a few different ones. They are a common evening or night shift treat in the lab where I work. Sometimes people bring them in in the morning too.
        My kryponite lately is Hostess hickory sticks (another Canadian treat). I have always loved them but lately I can’t get enough of those salty little sticks:)

  4. says

    Oh goodness, blueberry cake donuts have to be my favorite thing! Yum! Hmm, my weakness has to be laffy taffy. Especially banana and strawberry!

  5. says

    My weakness is definitely sweets! I’m getting better about making sure it’s a sweet that is really worth it, though. No stale store-bought snacks, just the really decadent splurge here and there!

    Congrats on softball!
    Julie recently posted..20 Time-Saving Tips

  6. says

    i am a sucker for the donut hole bites. i love the the chocolate glazed. i always have to get them. it’s just necessary and they don’t count. :)

    i LOVE fresh flowers too. everytime we go to trader joes i get some, because they are cheap, pretty and they do spruce up the house!
    Debbie (Accidently Delish) recently posted..By: Jessie

  7. says

    Those are some gorgeous flowers! A great price for them too. :)

    My kryptonite is chocolate, in general. I LOVE Double Stuf Oreos; if there are some in the house, they’ll be gone within a day. Also, cupcakes and brownies are a big weakness of mine.

  8. Vanessa G says

    I can pass up about any sweet, but my weakness is ice cream. I eat it every single night. I have for years! Good thing I also run alot. I say my ice cream makes me run faster, Haha.


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