A Bit More Nutritious Option

I can’t believe I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning for HLS…ummm, seriously. When did this happen?

I mean, I know I’ve been helping plan it for months now, but I honestly feel like it snuck up out of nowhere! I still need to pack, get all of my stuff ready, and oh yeah…try to figure out how I’m organizing that panel I’m speaking on.

For any of you who may wind up sitting in on my panel Saturday afternoon, I apologize ahead of time if I sound like a space case. Actually, it’ll probably be pretty amusing, so feel free to come for the entertainment!


As for the rest of today, things have been fairly uneventful. I tried to spend some time away from the computer this afternoon and worked on a few things around the house. I even sat down during lunch and enjoyed it without being on the computer.


It was wonderful.

If you had talked to me late this morning, I would have told you that I was going to find myself some fro yo for lunch. I told Jay earlier this afternoon that it was the only thing I was in the mood for and he laughed at me (virtually, through gchat).

By the time I left Starbucks though, my craving actually disappeared so I figured I should save my $8+ dollars (because that’s how much I like to spend on the stuff) and came home for a bit more nutritious option.

I threw together some romaine, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, carrots, red onion, corn, pickles, feta cheese, dried cranberries, grilled chicken, olive oil and balsamic…and then went to town on it with my pizza cutter. Winking smile


All chopped up…muuuuch better!

Soon after Jay got home from work this evening, we headed outside to attempt to start ripping down our entire back porch (in preparation for our upcoming renovations). We’ve actually been meaning to do something with it ever since we decided to start painting it…and never finished.

It was way too big anyways, especially after Jay took down the old screened-in porch, so we’re taking the opportunity to start from scratch.

Well, unfortunately, we didn’t end up getting very far, thanks to a rogue bees nest hidden under one of our patio umbrellas. The things were swarming like crazy, so we called it quits and headed inside. Ehh…another time hopefully when I’m not home.

When it came time for dinner, I was in the mood for absolutely nada. We hadn’t prepared anything, so it wound up being a grilled ham & cheese for the hubs and an egg, provolone, and tomato sandwich for me kinda night.


It turned out to taste way better than I anticipated, too. WIN.


I’m almost positive there will be some dessert action happening later – not only because dinner was light and I’ll probably be hungry, but also because it’ll be a perfect distraction from getting all of my crap ready.

Alright…I think it’s about time I attempt to take a stab at this packing business. Before signing off, I’ve just gotta say thank you to you guys. I can’t tell you how much all of your comments and emails from earlier mean to me. You guys really do help make me tougher moments just a little bit easier…and I love you all for it.

See you cool cats in the morning. Winking smile


  1. Jennifer says

    I hope things get better for you after reading your post earlier. There are many times I feel the same way. I can be an emotional basket case at times. Sometimes it is hard to push thru it. I do feel your pain. Take care. Also I love your blog!!!

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