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Mornin’ friends! How’s it going?

I just finished up one heck of a delicious breakfast, but I’ll get to that in just a sec…

Since Jay had a softball game last night, dinner around here was – once again – of the “quick and easy” variety. I really do love softball, I swear. But I’m looking forward to having my evenings back and having the time to make some real meals.

Until then, dinner looks a lot like this.


Not that it didn’t taste good…it was actually pretty delicious. I used a whole wheat Flat Out flatbread (<—love these, by the way!) and filled it up with some honey mustard, lettuce, deli ham, pickles, and avocado.


Shortly after I finished that, I was out the door. Unfortunately, the guys lost their game so that team is done for the season. Tonight we have a co-ed game though, so we’ll see what happens…we’re into the semi-finals right now!

By the time we got home from the game I was ready for something else to eat…and I knew exactly what I wanted.


Earlier in the day, I ended up coming across this recipe on Pinterest for Banana Chocolate Chip Bread. I had some bananas that desperately needed to be used up AND I had just picked up a bag of mini chocolate chips at the store yesterday morning.


Fate? I think so. Winking smile

I had a generous slice last night (topped with a little Nutella – don’t even get me started) and then made sure to include another big ‘ol slice with today’s breakfast.


I went the peanut butter route this morning – always a good choice.


Along with my chocolaty, sweet slice of banana bread, I balanced it out with a veggie-filled egg scramble. Today’s scramble included 2 eggs, about 3 cups(!) of fresh spinach, some diced tomatoes, and lotsa ketchup.


Everything was miiiiighty tasty this morning.


I’ve got a busy day ahead of me…time to get to work!

Random Question for the Morning:

Given the choice, would you rather go back in time to change a part of your life, or would you skip forward to a certain part of your future?


  1. says

    back in time.. maybe I could have avoided getting mono (and that guy altogether) as soon as I started college!

    also, if you think Nutella is amazing ON banana bread… you should add it to the recipe. Nutella-swirl banana bread is one amazing breakfast/lunch/dinner/anytime addition :)

  2. says

    I have a peanut butter banana bread recipe I printed from pint rest that I have been wanting to make – maybe I will take some bananas out of the freezer. Yours looks yummy.

  3. says

    I think back in time. As much as I’m looking forward to whatever the future has to hold, I would hate to miss out on anything that happens in between now and then. I really believe that all events, good and bad, teach us lessons and make us the person that we are supposed to be. So while I would probably go back and change a few mistakes, I’m quite alright knowing that each of those mistakes has made me a better, stronger, smarter person. Ok, I’m done with my motivation speech for the morning :)
    Elaine recently posted..S’mores Oatmeal

  4. Kelli says

    I would definitely go back in time and change a few key choices. Essentially starting college over. I still think I learned a lot from my mistakes. However, a little less bumpy college and grad school experience with an emotionally abusive boyfriend would have been great!

  5. says

    I wouldn’t choose either answer to that question. I think what happens in the past of your life should stay what it is. Every action you take results in a lesson being learned. Those lessons help you to evolve into the person that you are today. I want to be surprised at my future. I don’t want to know what career I’ll be working at, who I’ll marry or who I am in the future.

    The only part of my future that I would like to see is if I keep up with anyone from my high school class.

  6. says

    I think I would probably skip to a part in my future. Yea I would miss some things, but I wouldn’t want to change my past for fear of losing the people and moments that mean alot to me because of a certain decision.
    Alyssa recently posted..Running Playlist

  7. says

    Hmmm possibly go back in time just cause there are some things I think I could have handled differently lol Breakfast looks great! I can’t wait to start making pumpkin bread :)
    Rachel recently posted..Funky Face

  8. says

    Ooo that’s tough. I would like to go back in time so I could pursue studying nutrition rather than business like I did and possibly not make a few bad decisions that I’ve made. But I guess all those things made me who I am today. I’d also love to skip a couple years to see where I am in the future though.

    When it comes down to it, yes, I’d like to go back in time or skip to the future, but I don’t want to change the present too much or miss out on any experiences that will lead to a potentially awesome future.
    Katie recently posted..Weird Foods You Need to Try

  9. Vasu says

    Hey! This may sound silly – but how do you do your scramble? Do you cook the veggies first then add the eggs? Thanks! Love your blog!

    • Courtney says

      Most of the time, I do the veggies first then add the eggs! Today I cooked the spinach then added the eggs and tomatoes :)

  10. says

    I would skip forward, and not so much to find out what I’m doing but to confirm I’m happy with all of the decisions I’ve made. Thing is, I hate having regrets and in fact, I don’t allow myself to have them so I wouldn’t even want to go back and change something about my life. If anything, I’d want to go back in time and tell my past self to brace yourself for change and know that ultimately, it’s all going to work out.
    Katie @ Talk Less, Say More recently posted..Yesterday

  11. says

    Hmm…I’ve got some very overripe bananas hanging out in my freezer. I think this bread might be in my future!

    What an interesting question! I’d have to say I’d go back to spring of my freshman year of college and change which dorm I chose to live in my sophomore year. I intentionally sacrificed a positive social atmosphere for the dorm with great amenities (i.e.: air conditioning), and it was one of the worst decisions of my college career, hands down. I was miserable and isolated that entire year, and I really can’t think of one positive thing that happened because I chose to live where I lived. Living in a dorm with a more positive atmosphere would’ve completely altered my college experience. I really wish that I could look back on my college career and say I enjoyed the majority of it, rather than just the last two years, and I think living in a different dorm would’ve made that possible.
    Bethany @ Accidental Intentions recently posted..No Time For Excuses

  12. says

    I try to enjoy every moment, and I like surprises, so I probably wouldn’t skip ahead to the future.
    I would go back in time not to change something but to relive a certain experience :)
    michelle kim recently posted..Skin Care

  13. says

    That bread looks scrumptious! Must make.
    Ohhh tough call. I’d love to say go back in time, but then my life wouldn’t be where it is right now and could be completely different and I’m pretty darn fine with how things are right now. So, I guess I’d skip to the future because I’d love to know what certain parts of my life are going to be like in a few years!
    Lisa recently posted..The Simple Things-The Rest


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