Does This Ever Happen To You Guys?

I’m so, so thankful for the fact that we have friends.

Specifically, today, I’m thankful for our male friends who offered to give up some of their Tuesday evening to come and help Jay out with our back deck.


Because if it wasn’t them out there, it’d be me…and that would just be bad for all involved. Besides, Jay, Jeff, and Brian are getting done a heck of a lot more than I could. I have a feeling it’ll be done much sooner than later now…thank you boys!

Jay decided to order some pizza and wings for the three of them to have while they work, but I opted to pass on the takeout and try to cook up some of the crazy amount of food we have in the house right now.


Does this ever happen to you guys? It’s like, all of a sudden, you have a crapload of food in the house and you have no idea where to even begin or what to do with it? I mean, just look at fridge and freezer…it’s reee-donk-u-lous.


And slightly embarrassing. Embarrassed smile


And not only do we have veggies from our garden, but we also have veggies from the store, AND veggies from our next store neighbor as of last night. Tomatoes and peppers the size of my head!


Don’t get me wrong…I’m certainly not complaining. I just need to work on making a dent in what we have. So to start a bit on that, I ended up eating the last piece of Spaghetti Pie cold from the fridge at around 5:00pm. I was hungry and I had intentions of just going in for a bite…then before I knew it, it was practically gone. Oops.

Shortly after that incident, I started preparing what I did have planned to make…


More roasted green beans + roasted cherry tomatoes (cooked the same way as yesterday) + a mini, baked sweet potato, topped with salsa and plain Chobani.


To cook the potato, I popped it in the microwave for a quick 1:30, coated it with spray butter, salt, pepper, and garlic powder, then popped it right on the same roasting pan as the veggies. 12 minutes later and everything was done.

Talk about easy peasy!


I’m pretty positive that I have another snack on the agenda for later today. I seem to be a bottomless pit today, which rarely ever happens…so I’m just going to take advantage of it.

Hey, if the tummy’s grumblin,’ don’t leave it hangin,’ right? Winking smile


  1. says

    You know you have true friends when they are willing to either help you move or get down and dirty, helping with manual labor. True friends, you have!!!

    As far as too much food in the house, that NEVER happens because I have two kids who are constantly raiding the fridge or pantry.
    Suzanne @ Fit Minded Mom recently posted..Ouch!!

  2. says

    I have a love/hate relationship with the bottomless-pit days. Obviously, I love to eat, hence the love part 😉 But, it can be scary to feel like you’re ‘eating too much’ or breaking your ‘food rules.’ I’m learning however, that the body is ALWAYS right. Never question the body :) Enjoy your bedtime snack! xo

  3. Alison says

    That happened to me last week! I literally spent half the day thinking of what to do with the immense amount of food that filled our fridge. My family made a dent in it soon enough but I was getting stressed trying to think of how we could use it all! A few rice salads, veggie sautés, pasta dishes and we were on our way :)

  4. says

    I made spaghetti pie for dinner tonight (told you it was going on my menu this week!!) … Different veggies than you, but so, so good! I swear that our fridge is always packed… I just cleaned it out a few days ago and it’s already chuck full again
    Brittany @ readrunrepeat recently posted..Weekend Highlights

  5. says

    Our fridge is embarrassingly empty right now so I’ll gladly take some of that loot off your hands. :)

    I was so grateful to have friends today too! One that fixed my computer and another that fixed my treadmill. It’s so good to know people who are good at these things. :)
    Lauren recently posted..2 Quick Things

  6. says

    That’s what good friends are for, right? Helping each other in times of need. :)

    That’s a LOT of food. I’d say that happens to our house too sometimes. Kudos to you for putting up a photo of your fridge. That’s tough, considering that you are embarassed by that amount of food. Just keep plowing through, and pretty soon the food will be all gone.

  7. says

    It seems like every time I feel guilty about having a fridge full of food while eating something else, I have a fridge full of boring food. I’ve really been trying to make meals to “use what we have” but it doesn’t always work out as beautifully as your creation here!
    Trisha recently posted..Back to School + Ending On a Good Note

  8. says

    The worst thing you can do is not eat if you’re actually hungry! So yup get munching. Maybe whip up something nice for you and the boys and surprise them with it as they work? Haha.
    Bek @ Crave recently posted..Rockwear


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