Determined To Get Up

I was absolutely determined to get up and moving nice and early today. I know I’ve mentioned it to you all a few times recently, but I have been having the hardest time getting up with my alarm. Snoozes of 30-45 minutes have been the norm…so not cool.

Apparently, I was quite motivated to get up for those early morning workouts before. Take those away and I’m a lazy bum.

Okay, kidding. I’m not lazy…all the time. Or at least not today, anyways!

I rolled out of bed first thing this morning, threw on my workout gear and headed out to the kitchen. I put on a pot of coffee, got a few items ready for baking, then went into the living room for a little yoga session. Forty minutes later, I was already feeling so much more energized and ready to start the day.

First up on the list for today? Cupcakes.


Two dozen down, two dozen to go. Three dozen to be filled. All four dozen still to be frosted…but that’ll probably wait until later tonight or early tomorrow so they’re nice and fresh for tomorrow evening.

Once I had my first batch of cupcakes in the oven, I poured myself a mug of coffee and got to work on prepping some breakfast.


I figured I’d continue to work on that whole clearing out the fridge thing, so I put together a yogurt bowl made with pineapple Greek yogurt, strawberries, half of a peach (which you can actually see sitting in the fridge all the way in the top left corner), pineapple, and a mini bag of Love Grown Foods granola.


Delicious, and a nice change of pace from what my usual breakfasts have been as of late.

Alright, my friends…I’ve gotta jet!

Question for the Morning:

What motivates you to get out of bed early in the morning? A workout? Free time before the day starts? A natural morning person?


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    I too have been having a really hard time getting out of bed, snooze is my friend. I am even running late to work lately. UGH. I am motivated to get out of bed if I have nothing “scheduled”. Then it seems so much easier to wake up on my own terms. I think I am begin resistant to work lately. LOL Who doesn’t do that sometimes. Have a great day. ^_^
    Becka @ simplybecka recently posted..adding in yoga…

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    My motivation to get up early is my kids….mostly because they are ready for breakfast at 6am(the joy!!) and I don’t dare let them get it themselves for fear of what my kitchen would look like afterwards, lol.
    Suzanne @ Fit Minded Mom recently posted..WIAW #11

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    I struggle every morning. I’m definitely more of a night person. And in the winter…forget it. The snooze button gets overused on cold, dark mornings. Unless I have work or an appointment, I will sleep in as late as I possibly can. So I feel your pain!
    Elaine recently posted..Rise and Shine Smoothie

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    This is totally silly but I actually pump myself up for the day the night before. I think of all the fun and cool things I will get done the next day as I am going to sleep and it totally helps me get out of bed.
    It works I swear
    Ellie recently posted..Frozen Food

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    I love my morning quiet times, coffee, bible study, working out. I have three little boys so I have to get up early (before 5) to really enjoy and get it all done but once I am out of bed I never regret it!

    I am LOVING your blog, I don’t comment often because most the time I am reading it from my phone but I look forward to your posts everyday. Also, I didn’t comment on your last HA post but I thought you did an amazing job of letting all of us know how you were feeling and why you were working so hard to listen to your body. I’m praying for you!
    Carolyn recently posted..Wallowa Lake, Oregon

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    This week, breakfast has had me getting up. I started making Tina’s (CarrotsnCake) 2-ingredient pancake, and it takes awhile to make. So worth it, though! Watch a little Netflix on my phone while I cook and get my food ready, and take my pancakes to go. Still totally zonky when I actually get to work, though.

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    Nothing. I hate mornings, I would prefer 3am workouts. Plus the benefits of working in the afternoon is that I can snooze in a little. Yet I would prefer to get my workout done in the morning, so only one shower; but still not enough to motivate me.

    Though sometimes bacon is a motivator!!! 😉
    Jessamy @ The Rambling Asian recently posted..Food…

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    I’m not a morning person at all. Once I lay down in my bed at night, I’m so comfy that I don’t want to wake up the next morning. What’s getting me up at 7 am is that I need to get back to my school routine- I have to get up at 6:30 Monday thru Friday to catch the bus a little after 7. I’m going to try for 6:45 tomorrow, then 6:40 Friday, 6:35 next Monday, and then 6:30 next Tuesday. Baby steps and time will help me succeed. I also like to watch Good Morning America right at 7 in the morning. I’m hooked to Robin, Lara, Josh, George, and Sam- they make such an awesome news team, and their friendships are real, compared to most TV journalists’ fake friendly attitudes. I’m going to miss watching once school starts! :(

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    I’m definitely a natural morning person. I still have my fair share of snooze button issues, this morning included. I was hoping to get in a run this morning but then I decided that since my body was feeling so sore and tired, it was probably best for a rest day. I start moving today, so it’s really only KIND OF a rest day…there will be LOTS of stairs.
    Katie @ Talk Less, Say More recently posted..WIAW – Where I Am / What I Ate Wednesday

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    My puppy motivates me… err should I say forces me out of bed. He is deaf and sleeps in a crate, but he sure does know when I seem to be stirring because as soon as I do, he starts to whimper and wont stop until I get up. I’m not complaining though… I love that little booger.
    Sam @ The Real Pretty recently posted..Just Call Me Katniss

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    Funny you mention this today. I have a new class schedule which requires me to get up earlier. I am typically your early morning work out person, and now I have more free time in the afternoon, but I still find myself needing/wanting to get up early to work out. I really like getting it done and out of the way and it totally energizes me for the day! Also I find if I wait until later to work out, I tend to find a ton of excuses to NOT work out. So it’s nice to get it done and out of the way! But I like to think I am a natural early riser as well :)

    (Can I ask you a silly question? I can never get my comment love to work. I enter my post URL and it always links to the comment? Any hints or suggestions on what link I should be entering?)
    Debbie (Accidently Delish) recently posted..By: Dana @ Conscious Kitchen Blog

  12. Jamie says

    I don’t comment very often, but I just have to let you know how much I LOVE your blog!

    I am a natural morning person, but even if I wasn’t, my daughter wakes me up BRIGHT AND EARLY, always =) So that’s pretty motivating, if you can call it that 😉

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    I can get up early even if I’ve stayed up late the night before- not sure what it is, but I feel like sleeping in wastes the day away (IMO of course!)

    Good luck with all the cupcakes! For my brothers wedding my mom and I made and frosted over 500 cupcakes in 1 day- Chocolate, Lemon with Lemon Filling and Red Velvet. Let me just say, I will never be doing that again!! I think we still have frozen cupcakes in the freezer.
    Carrie @ Lift Eat Repeat recently posted..Weekend Hike

  14. Nicole says

    I am sooo like you with the snooze bar! I used to be anti-snooze bar until about 3 years ago, now I can’t break the habit of getting an extra 20-40 minutes of sleep! I set multiple alarms, even alarms in my bathroom, on the other side of the bedroom, etc. that force me to get up and MOVE….but no, I just hop back into bed and snooooze.

    The only thing that can get me up and moving is knowing I have someone waiting on me to be somewhere – like, if I’m planning on meeting a friend at the gym or if I have an early work meeting. Otherwise, I’m a snoozebar victim!

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    It’s funny, some mornings I am so ready to be awake and some I could lay in bed forever. I almost always do my “phone errands” in bed when I wake up. I think it helps get my brain moving and the light from the phone screen is helpful to get me up too especially in the winter when it’s still dark out when I wake up. Also, I used my last mini bag of Love Grown from HLS last night and it was TRAGIC.
    Caitlin recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Baltimore

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    I need to get back into the habit of morning workouts again. I have been doing them in the evenings all summer, but I enjoy getting them done in the morning and feeling more energized all day!

    This post reminds me – I need to clean out my fridge, too! 😉
    Alyssa recently posted..Pretty In Pink

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    That is the one button that I never use! 😉 My body always seems to know that my alarm is about to go off and it usually wakes up 20 to 30 minutes before. Ahh, oh how I love the weekends when I don’t have to set it. :)
    What motivates me to get up?? hmm…. work, coffee, breakfast, bible study, a great workout, coffee…:)
    Brandi recently posted..Gouda please.

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    It’s good to know I’m not the only one who struggles with the alarm. I set up multiple alarms and it still takes me sometimes an hour to get up! Then I get super frustrated because I wish I had enough time for a productive morning instead of rushing. Hopefully I’ll get into the routine I want some day!
    Stephanie @ Steph’s Miles recently posted..WIAW: A Lot of Carbs (and Protein)

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    If the sun comes through my window usually that gets me up, or my workouts- I’m pretty lucky and generally sleep till 8am on usual workout days..but it’s 5:20 on days I have to teach at 6am!
    Bek @ Crave recently posted..Rockwear

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