Weekend Projects + Super Salads

Well, this has certainly been quite a weekend. Not only have Jay and I managed to have a ton of fun, both Friday and Saturday, but we’ve also been pretty productive around the house, too.

This weekend, we were actually supposed to be away in Wildwood but we had a few changes in plans and didn’t wind up going. So we figured we should take advantage of our free time this weekend, since we don’t really have one now until October maybe? My goodness.

So one of our Jay’s projects this weekend? Pressure washing the pool area.


Believe it or not, Jay used the pressure washer to spell “Hi” in that photo above.


Just check out the difference…isn’t that crazy? It looks sooooo much better now!


The pressure washing actually took place yesterday, but I managed to keep myself busy. I managed to squeeze in a great walk, did some cleaning, a little baking, and also did a little tending to the garden.

Unfortunately, we’ve got bad news on that front. Remember a couple weeks ago when I said we had a ton of green tomatoes just waiting to turn? Well, they’re slowly turning…but then something is eating them.


I found a ton of half eaten tomatoes on the ground of the garden, and three out of the four plants have clearly had the tops eaten off of them. Damn deer.

I’ve been tossing the rotten ones into our fire pit for whenever we have our next bonfire. Winking smile


Thankfully, the whole garden isn’t at a loss, and I was still able to manage to find a few winners.


Oh, and we finally realized the pepper plants we have are red…the key is to pick them when they just start to turn and then let them fully ripen(?) on the counter inside. They are so sweet and so good.


Another thing with the garden? My basil plant is OUT OF CONTROL.


Seriously, I’ve never seen anything like it. There’s no way I’m going to be able to use it all up, so if anyone local wants some, I’ll gladly send you along with a big bunch!

Today’s projects were tackled both inside and outside. I wound up getting the urge to clean our basement. Sadly, I can’t even remember the last time I really bothered to clean it…it was BAD.


Now things are lookin’ (and smelling) nice and clean, and the bar is ready to be used. Who wants to come and join us for a drink? Winking smile


While I worked outside, Jay continued working on our back deck demo.


We’ve still got a ways to go, but we still have about three more weeks until our new siding comes, so we have some time.


Eventually, it was time to get to work on some dinner.

Oh, that’s right…this is supposed to be somewhat of a food blog.

Earlier today I took care of the grocery shopping and wound up picking up a couple of london broil’s (buy 1 get 1 free at Price Chopper!). One went into the freezer and one got a little marinade treatment, courtesy of hubby. I’d been looking forward to some steak ALL day…I don’t know what my deal was, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it!

Maybe it’s because I knew I wanted to do this with it?


I opted to serve my steak on top of a huge, veggie-filled salad, complete with romaine, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, grilled corn on the cob (cooked on the grill while the steak cooked), red peppers, beets, red onion, and feta cheese.

You guys. This salad…it was sooooo good.


Exactly what I was in the mood for.

On the side, I served up the last of our naan bread; a perfect accompaniment.


Now Jay and I ready to relax and lay low for the rest of the evening…it’s been a busy day, and busy (but awesome) weekend.

Hope everyone else had just as awesome of a weekend themselves! Smile

2012 Summer Yard Olympics

Let me tell ya…I have some fun and creative friends!


Early yesterday evening, Jay and I headed over to our friends Brook & Andrea’s house for a fun day of games, food, drinks, and celebrating (in addition to the summer games, we were also celebrating Brook’s recent birthday).


They even had prizes. So cute!!

By the time we arrived, there were already some snacks and beverages out, which I enjoyed a little bit of.



That orange pitcher there is filled with Andrea’s famous “Summer Beer.” I can’t remember exactly what it is, but I think there’s at least beer, some sort of liquor, and maybe Sprite? Whatever it is…it’s always good.

Also good? This incredible champagne sangria. Yes…champagne sangria.


Made with raspberry filled ice cubes, which melted into lots of yummy raspberries. Such a good idea!

I was also really excited to finally be able to meet Brook and Andrea’s newest addition to the family. Meet Sydney!


It’s she a cutie?!? She was so good all day, and basically roamed and ran around the yard as we all played. She almost made me want my own puppy for about .5 seconds, and then I came to my senses. Winking smile

Once a few more people arrived, we all got geared up to begin our Summer Yard Olympics. Now when I said I had some fun and creative friends, I really wasn’t kidding!


We had five different games to play: beer pong, washer toss, horse balls, corn hole, and beersbee, and each one was set up with an instruction board on how to play.


We even had our own “Olympic torches” throughout the playing field.



My first game I had to play was washer toss, and I can say with 100% certainty that I would be okay if I never, ever play that game again. Ughh, it was so frustrating! Luckily, I had Mal over with me to keep me sane.


My second game was horse balls, which has long been a favorite of mine. Me and my partner won that one – WOOP!


Another game that wasn’t my favorite? Beersbee. Basically, you have to always be holding a beer/beverage, and have to throw the frisbee to the other person. If the other person drops it, you get a point. If you knock off the water bottle from the pole, you get 3 points. And if you put down your drink at any time, your opponent gets 3 points.


I’m thinking the main reason this game wasn’t my favorite was because it was pitch black when I played. Not exactly easy for frisbee catching! Yet somehow, I still won. Another WOOP!

As the evening went on, we all continued playing our games.



And they still continued well after dark. A little extra challenge, if you will.


Eventually, everyone finished up and the scoreboard was filled in. Check out #6 there! Four 10’s and a stinkin’ 4 thanks to that darn washer toss. Not too shabby!


As Andrea tallied up the scores, everyone went ahead and had some dinner. I didn’t realize it was almost 9pm by this point, and I was hungry. I made a plate with two mini hot dogs, homemade potato salad, and some french fries.


As we were eating, the medal ceremony took place – yes we even had homemade medals!

Here’s our version of the Olympic podium of winners…


Check out who got the gold, baby! Even though it was really Andrea who scored perfect 10’s across the board, she gave up her winning status, putting me with the gold, Mal with the silver, and Sarah with the bronze.


Love these girls!


I had to give Jay a little bit of a hard time about our differences in medals.


Don’t worry babe – bronze is still something to be proud of! Winking smile

The boys.


Toward the end of the evening, I ended up sitting near the desserts and, well, let’s just say that that did not go well. Rice krispy treats, some of the most incredible chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had (in the blue bowl – Monica, I think these would have ended your hunt for the best chocolate chip), more cookie bars, and my contribution – Triple Chip Blondies.


I don’t even know how many I had. You know how it goes – a small one here, start talking to a friend. A small one there, then you need another. Ooof.

Luckily, I didn’t feel like too much of a slug, since all of us girls went inside later in the evening and started bustin’ a move to our favorite game. Eventually, it was time to head back home, but man, did we have a good time! Smile

A New Take On Date Night

Ohhh, last night was so much fun! And it’s all (well, partially) thanks to these…


Once I decided to take control yesterday on date night, I thought it might be fun to do a little something different. If you guys are anything like Jay and I, you may tend to have a hard time deciding on places to go…that’s an understatement for us.

So rather than sit and waste time deciding where to go, I wrote down a bunch of choices for three different categories, and then left it up to fate…well, sorta. Winking smile 


(Pictured on the left were after-dinner activities, in the center were dinner choices, and on the right was dessert.)

Once Jay got home from work, still sulking over the fact that he didn’t know where we were going, I let him make his first choice from category number one. He ended up grabbing Ruby Tuesday which, of course, was a last minute add-in that I really didn’t even want…I just felt compelled because we had a coupon.

Sooo, I made a last minute change to the “rules” and told him he was allowed one more pick if he put that one back. This time he chose Jose Malone’s – a great choice!

We got in the car and headed down into downtown Troy. Once I parked, I let him know that he was allowed to pick one more place along the strip of restaurants to go for a pre-dinner drink. By this point, I think he was finally having fun with my game, and he opted to head to one of our favorite spots…Brown’s.


We grabbed a table in the bar area and started checking out the beer menu. Much to my dismay, they were out of my beloved Cherry Raspberry Ale. Hmmph. The waitress we had was super nice and offered to let me try a couple of other ones instead, so she brought over samples of the Porter and the American Wheat Ale.


The Porter was good, but would have been a bit too strong for a full pint, so I went with the American Wheat. Perfectly light and summery.


About a half hour into our arrival, we watched them post their sign for the Cherry Raspberry!

(old photo from this post – although I’ll be psyched to see the pumpkin ale and oktoberfest back!)

So we just had to get one to share. Winking smile


And my lovely date even let me have the cherry from the bottom of the glass. He’s such a keeper.



Once we finished our beers, we left Brown’s and walked about three doors down to our dinner spot, Jose Malone’s.


You may remember that I was here just last month and had quite a good time. Perhaps a little too much. So this time, I made sure to steer clear of the margaritas. They. Are. Dangerous.


Jose Malone’s is such a fun place, it a wonder why Jay and I haven’t come more often…especially considering its so close to us. I hadn’t eaten here in years, and Jay never had, but after our meals last night, there’s no doubt that we’ll definitely be back.

We started out with some fresh chips and salsa.


Their salsa is amazing. I seriously want to buy a bucket of it off of them. I’m so not kidding.

While we were there, I let Jay choose our next “activity” for the evening. At this point, we were a bit later than I had expected, but I figured we’d see what happened.


He wound up picking a movie (ParaNorman – looks so funny) so we decided we’d check out movie times as we got closer to being finished.

For dinner, Jay opted for chicken fajitas, which he raaaaved about, while I decided to go with something a bit different…a BLT Quesadilla.


The quesadilla came with applewood smoked bacon, pico de gallo, fresh spinach, chipotle aioli, scallion avocado relish, and cheese.

I don’t even know where to begin with these. They were SO GOOD. I loved how they were filled with lots of spinach and not tons and tons of cheese (my main reason for not usually ordering quesadillas – extra cheese just isn’t my thang).


I thoroughly enjoyed two out of my four wedges and decided it’d be in my best interest to box the rest. Any more, and that probably would have put me into the uncomfortable zone…and I still had dessert left!

By this point, we realized that the “activity” portion of our evening was probably a bust. We didn’t end up leaving Jose Malone’s until about 8:30 and the movie times really just weren’t working in our favor. We agreed to skip past the activity and move on to category three: DESSERT.

Funny enough, the place we ended up going to wasn’t even a choice I had written down. We figured since we were still in downtown Troy, we should just stay local, so we headed out for a short walk to our next destination of choice.


With a few humorous stops along the way. Winking smile

So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this yet, but we have a new fro yo place in town!


Dante’s Frozen Yogurt opened up a few weeks ago, and I’d been dying to get down there ever since. Last night was the perfect opportunity, so we went to check it out. It’s set up very similar to all the rest of them, with about 10 different fro yo flavors and lots of toppings.


I opted for a swirl of Cookies & Cream + White Chocolate Mousse and a swirl of Strawberry + Cheesecake, topped with lots of goodies.

The fro yo and toppings were delicious, but I did have two problems with Dante’s…they only carry large cups, and their fro yo machines come out fast. Very fast.

Before I knew it, my cup was ginormous. Like, embarrassingly large.


And for the first time in my fro yo history, I was unable to finish my cup. Sad, but true.

By the time we finished up at Dante’s, we were both pretty stuffed and decided to call it an evening. So although my “pick a choice” plan didn’t work out as well as I had hoped, we still had an absolute blast.

Much better than mowing the lawn. Winking smile

I Took Control

Hey guys! How’s the day going?

Things over here have been running smoothly – busy, but not in that “oh my god, I’m way too busy” sort of way. More like the, “I’m keeping busy and having fun” sort of way. Ya feel me?

Mid-morning, I decided to some yoga/pilates again from our On Demand channel. The video I chose today was just over 30 minutes long, but it wasn’t my favorite so I won’t even bother giving details.

Shortly after that, I headed out to the pool for about an hour and got caught up on some reading…


I’ve made it to the epilogue! Honestly, I feel like I got through the first two books way quicker than the third. For a while, I was just having a hard time getting in to this book, and some of the monotonous wording and, errr, actions(?), were starting to get a bit stale. I will say that a little more than halfway through it did pick up a bit though.

Out of all three books, I’d have to say that the second book is my favorite. But once this is finished, I’m about ready to dive right in to Emily Giffin’s latest book. Too bad it was out of stock when I went looking at the book store today.

Luckily, my trip to the mall wasn’t a total bust though…


A couple necessities from Sephora, a new pair of earrings and bracelet for Kathryn’s wedding next week (yayyyy!!), and a couple things from Express. Nothing too crazy – just a new pair of leggings, a simple black tee, and this sweater in blue. I had coupons. Winking smile

As far as the food front goes today, I’ve been in sort of a snacky mood and haven’t really bothered to take too many photos. There is one thing I snapped a pic of though.


The last piece of Banana Chocolate Chip Bread + an apple with cinnamon.

Oh, and as far as the whole date night situation goes?


I took control of that one. Winking smile

A Good Season

Welp…it’s about time to hang up the softball jersey for the season.


Last night’s game didn’t go as well as we’d hoped, and we ended up losing in the semi-finals to end our season. As happy as I am to have some of my evenings back, I always get sort of sad when softball season ends.

Our team has such a great time every year, so it’s always a bummer to see that end. Plus, it means that summer is coming to a close which, despite the fact that I said I’m ready for fall weather, I’m still not quite ready for summer to end either.

Ahh well. It was still a good season!


This morning, I spent a little bit of time playing fetch with the Codester before making breakfast.


He started off strong, but then got way too distracted by noises that were coming from the window, so I lost him and his interest in fetch.


Fine by me…time to eat!

I poured myself a mug of hot coffee while I waited for my breakfast to cook.


Hey, did you guys know today is National Waffle Day? As soon as I found out, it made my breakfast decision a rather easy one. Winking smile


And I know I said no more waffle photos, but I snapped this one right before sitting down to my computer so it was all good. Things still stayed nice and warm for me today!

On another note, I still can’t believe it’s already Friday. This week absolutely flew by for me…anyone else? I’m trying to convince Jay that we need a little date night tonight, but he says he needs to mow the lawn.


Maybe I can get you guys to convince him for me…? Smile


FYI: The winner of the $25 Visa gift card + Barilla pasta was chosen! Head on over to the original post to find out if it was you!

Lunch Date at B-Rad’s

YAY for impromptu lunch dates with my man!

Late this morning, I had to make a quick stop at the hospital to visit my grandma (aka, “2’Nana’s” as I call her – long story). She was admitted on Tuesday and from what it sounds like, she actually had a mild heart attack. Luckily, she seems to be doing really well and is already on the mend. Thank goodness!

So shortly after I left the hospital, I got a call from Jay asking if I wanted to meet him for lunch. We had talked about it this morning before he left for work, but since his schedule is always all over the place, he had to wait to see what was up. Lucky for me, today turned out to be a good day!

I went and met up with him in downtown Troy at a new spot we’ve been dying to try, B-Rad’s Bistro.


Our friend, Brad, who actually used to be the chef at the Park Pub (which I’ve mentioned on here a few times like for Joe & Kate’s rehearsal dinner) just opened it up recently, and we’d already heard really great things.

Once we got there, we checked out the menu, ordered at the counter, then went and grabbed a table outside.


Perfect weather for dining al fresco today!

About 10 minutes later, if that, our food arrived…and woah baby.


Jay ordered the Caprese Sandwich, which came with chicken, balsamic marinated tomatoes, fresh basil, roasted garlic spread, pesto, and fresh mozzarella on ciabatta bread.


For a side, Jay decided to get one of their specials for the day – buffalo chicken potato salad. Does that not sound wild or what? It was super good.

I ordered the Grilled Marinated Chicken Wrap, which came with artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, and lots of melted provolone cheese.


I opted for one of their other side specials for the day, which was a tomato, cucumber, and red onion salad, which was topped with some sort of dressing and feta cheese. It was delicious.


And since Jay and I had been having a hard time deciding on the menu (nothing new there!) we shared. Smile


The two of us both left lunch extremely stuffed. This is definitely much larger of a lunch than I would typically eat at home, so I have a feeling it’s going to hold me over quite well through the afternoon.

Such a great time! Now it’s back to work for this gal…catch ya later gators!

Beyond Captivating

Here’s a fun little fact about Yours Truly to start off the morning…


It’s true. I’ve always loved all the different medical shows that actually show you different surgeries and things taking place. TLC has some great shows, but one of my latest favorites as of this summer is NY Med.


After I realized it was on (because I always forget) I put down my Fifty Shades Freed book and tuned in to watch. Oh my gosh, I just love it. Last night, they were doing heart transplants, and to see how it all works and see it pumping correctly after the transplant? Well that, to me, is just beyond captivating.

HOWEVER…if you try to show me anything with broken noses or teeth? Ughh…I’m done. Noooo thank you. I actually used to have students come up and show me their loose teeth and I’d have to turn away. It was awful.



I was really looking forward to this meal this morning. I woke up hungrier than usual, so I was more than ready to get things cookin’.


Along with another delicious mug of hot coffee, I threw together an easy veggie scramble made with two eggs, red pepper, onions, and broccoli.


On the side, I had another piece of Banana Chocolate Chip Bread topped with a little peanut butter.


Lots of variety this morning – not quite a breakfast buffet, but close enough. Winking smile


A couple quick things…

  • You still have until this evening to enter my Barilla PLUS giveaway!
  • I’ll be hosting a Twitter party with SOYJOY about healthy work lunches at 2pm EST today! Just follow me and the hashtag #TweetJOY for a chance to win some free SOYJOY bars!

Question for the Morning:

Do you enjoy watching medical shows? What sort of medical-related things make you most queasy?

Lightened Up & Loaded Spaghetti Pie {Plus a Giveaway}

So tonight’s dinner? Oh lawdy…where do I even begin?


For the past week (at least) I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to cook up a real dinner, and tonight I finally got my chance. I was browsing around in our fridge to see what we had on hand that I could incorporate with a box of this Barilla PLUS spaghetti.


I was sent a few boxes of the Barilla PLUS pasta a couple of weeks ago and had been eager to try it out ever since. So after rounding up a few key ingredients, and remembering an idea I had not too long ago, I threw caution to the wind and did a little experimenting.


Gosh, I love it when experiments turn out even better than you hoped for. Winking smile

This was my first-ever attempt at a “spaghetti pie,” but I can now tell you that this is one of the best things going. Seriously. It almost reminded me of a cheesy pasta dish, slash pizza, slash lasagna all rolled into one…and who doesn’t like that?



To balance out the pasta and cheese in this dish, I made sure to add plenty of fresh veggies and some chopped up chicken sausage for added protein. When they came together?


Well, it was like heaven on a plate.


I honestly didn’t measure much of anything while I was making this, but here’s a compilation of what I’m pretty sure is about the same.


So I have great news…not ONLY do you guys get an awesome, lightened up spaghetti pie recipe, but I’ve also got a little giveaway for you all this evening. Smile


Barilla PLUS is offering to giveaway one $25 Visa gift card and 2 boxes of Barilla PLUS pasta to a lucky STSL reader! (US residents only)

To Enter: Leave a comment on this post telling me about your favorite way to eat or prepare pasta. Or just leave a fun comment. That’s cool too.

I’ll choose a random winner tomorrow evening. Good Luck!



The giveaway has closed and a winner has been chosen – thank you so much to all who entered! The lucky winner is comment #35:








HLS Newbie Q&A Panel Recap

So I owe you guys a little recap of my Newbie Q&A panel, don’t I?


First, let me just say that I had a blast. Last year, I was super nervous leading up to my panel and had butterflies for practically the entire morning. But this year? Despite the fact that I was feeling totally unprepared, I was actually feeling pretty cool and collected about the whole thing.

We started out with a quick introduction from Heather, who we then coerced into actually joining in our panel.


Originally, there was supposed to be four of us, but one of our panel members had to back out at the last second. I’m sure that Alicia, Chase, and I would have been fine, but I was soooo happy to have Heather’s insights as well.


Now when I was saying that I felt totally unprepared, I’m really not kidding. About two days before, I put together a very brief outline for me and my panel mates to follow, but that was it. No fancy PowerPoint presentation like everyone else…just us and some microphones. Winking smile


The whole panel session (I felt) was very relaxed, lighthearted, and touched on a variety of good topics.


The one thing we banked on for our whole session to go smoothly was audience participation. Since the panel was a “Newbie Q&A,” we really wanted to make sure that we were answering questions from those who needed it…not just a list of prepared topics to cover. We did have a list of backup questions just in case we needed them, but thankfully there was plenty of audience participation to keep the conversation flowing.


Perhaps the fact that I told everyone who was planning on coming to the panel  earlier in the day that if they didn’t ask questions I was going to call them out…but I like to think not. Winking smile


I’ve been trying to decide what the best way is to recap everything that was covered in the session, and even though I know there’s going to be things that I’m forgetting, I think it’ll just be easiest for me to list them out for you as bullets.

SO…here’s some takeaways from our Newbie Q&A’s…

  • Figure out what works best for YOU and don’t feel pressure to post all the time to “become known.”
  • No matter how many times you blog – be it 3 times a day or 3 times a week – just be consistent. That way your readers know what to expect and will continue coming back.
  • NetworkedBlogs and TwitterFeed are easy ways to share your blog posts on Facebook and/or Twitter automatically. PROS: it makes sharing easier and you can potentially reach more of an audience. CONS: You may not want to clog up your personal news feed and you may potentially reach less of an audience than if you were sharing manually.
  • When commenting on other blogs, make sure you’re contributing to the conversation and not commenting just to comment and get your name out.
  • The number of comments a blog post can get definitely does NOT reflect how “successful” a blog is. Some of the most successful posts have very few comments.
  • Get some business cards made for your blog. Sites such as Vistaprint are cheap, affordable options. Then go ahead and leave them in local shops for people to take.
  • If you don’t have anything to post, don’t post. Readers can tell when a post is forced.
  • Paying $10.00 for a membership to Healthy Living Blogs is a great way for you to get connected with other bloggers in your area.
  • A combination of both long and short posts can be good. If you’re writing a long post, pictures are a great way to help break things up and keep readers interested.


Winking smile

  • If you’re going to consider investing in your blog, but not quite sure what to do first, I suggest these two things: Have a custom header made and purchase your domain name. Both are fairly cheap options (I believe free WordPress blogs have that option within the dashboard or you can search sites like GoDaddy), and there are plenty of freelance graphic designers out there who are just itching to get their work out! (If you’re one of them, feel free to link up your info below!) Custom headers can also be done without switching your blog over to self-hosting.
  • If you are ready to switch to self-hosting but don’t quite know how, don’t be afraid to hire someone to do it for you. It may cost a little extra, but it’s probably worth the piece of mind. I know that Ryan from WPSiteCare has been an absolute lifesaver for me!
  • If you own a PC, Windows Live Writer will change your life. It makes blogging so much quicker and easier. If you own a mac, try ecto or marsedit.
  • If there’s a company you truly feel passionate about, don’t be afraid to reach out to them. More often than not, you’ll get a response and most companies are usually very eager to work with bloggers.
  • If you want to get your readers to comment on your blog more often, give them something to comment about. Get a conversation going. Think of topics that you think you’d be most likely to comment on.
  • Ad networks are one way to make money from blogging, but not the only way. Building relationships with brands is a great way to potentially earn extra money.
  • Blogger meet-ups are a GREAT way to get together and just start bouncing ideas off of each other.
  • The more you write and the more you post, the more likely you are to find your true “blogging voice” <—I think it took me almost a year and a half to really find mine.
  • From Heather: “After writing your post, go back and remove 10-15% of your wording and try to find better adjectives.”
  • If you aren’t already on Twitter – SIGN UP!

And finally, you can feel free to check out the Twitter hashtag that we had going during our panel (#HLSblognewbies) HERE.

WHEW! Talk about information overload…


Three cheers for a successful panel discussion with my awesome panel mates!!

There was so much going on that we didn’t even have a chance to cover everything, but overall, I think the session went really well.

And I realized just how much fun I can have speaking like that…despite the fact that my public speaking skills may be lacking slightly. Winking smile

That Little Chill

Good news…the cake was a success! And I think for the first time ever, the entire cake got eaten, which made me so very happy.

I really wish I had grabbed my camera to take a picture of it once it was sliced, but judging by all of your birthday requests, it looks like I may have to make that bad boy more than once. Winking smile

The funny part about it was that our whole softball team was sat on the bleachers after the game (which we lost, boo) at about 9:30pm and ate it there. A little different, right? But super fun.

I thoroughly enjoyed my piece, but I think I’m now peanut buttered OUT for a little while. Whew.



First thing this morning, I pulled out the yoga mat and got in a really great workout.


I was originally planning on doing a yoga DVD, but I was really in the mood for some core, glute, and hip work so I flipped on our Sportskool channel on tv and was lucky enough to come across a Core Yoga Pilates video.


The video was 58 minutes long, and I totally loved it. It was very low impact and I never broke a sweat (partially because our windows were open and the mornings around here are absolutely awesome), but I could really feel the burn. Very similar to the Rock Bottom class I took a few times. I loved the change of pace, and I think I’ll probably be adding this workout into the weekly rotation.

Post-workout, it was breakfast tiiiiime.


That little chill in the air this morning was enough to prompt me to make a hot pot of coffee. When I’m drinking coffee at home, I’ve realized I actually enjoy it hot more than iced, but if I’m getting it out, I like iced better. That weird?


For breakfast, I went with a bowl of Mixed Berry French Toast Oatmeal.


Filled with lots and lots of strawberries and blueberries, and topped with some Love Grown Foods granola.


I don’t know…first the pumpkin spice Hershey kisses, now the comforting, hot breakfast? I think I may be starting to crave some fall-like weather more than I thought.

Question for the Morning:

What’s your ideal weather? Hot? Cold?

I’m actually loving it right now – I like mid-high 70’s or 80 during the day with cooler evening temps in the 50’s. Perfect for snuggling. Winking smile