Random Set of Stairs

Well…another Labor Day come and gone. It’s certainly been a busy one though, which has been great since we got quite a few things done around the house that we wanted to get done. The only thing I didn’t get to was my favorite Labor Day activity…but I’m sure I’ll get to it later this week.

Out of the things that we did get done though, this one was probably the biggest load off our shoulders.


Nooo, it’s not Cody. Although he is quite a load.

Take a look outside…no more deck!


Technically, we finished this up on Saturday, but Jay took care of cleaning up a few minor things earlier today, so now we’re all set and ready for siding…two more weeks to go.

We were hoping that maybe we’d find some buried treasure that my grandparents left under there, but the only surprises we came across were a few random balls, a set of blinds(?), a bunch of pipes and gardening tools, and a random set of cement stairs.


I had to ask my mom about those, since I can’t remember this house without having the deck up. Turns out, they were some of the original stairs that were put in with the house before the deck went up…so cool!

Cody’s been checkin’ it out all day. Probably trying to figure out an escape plan on us, I’m sure.


So now that the deck is gone, all we need to do now is get a big ‘ol dumpster over here because our yard is looking miiiiighty, uhh, full. Winking smile


Also full? That would be my sink…with lots of tomatoes from the garden!


It looks like the deer must have gotten the hint, between the sprinkling of human hair and the motion-censored light we installed right next to the garden. Finally. I’m so excited!

Other happenings today included squeezing in this quick workout, getting a surprise visit from the “Little Bro,” baking a batch of these cookies for Jay to bring to work this week,


FINALLY hanging some picture frames up in the living room,


and a couple of our Ikea shelves.


We’re *so* close to finishing up this living room I can taste it. Winking smile

When it came time for dinner, I quickly sautéed up a zucchini (also from the garden – they’re still comin’!), heated up a couple mini sweet potatoes, and reheated some of our leftover chicken tenders from Saturday night’s bbq.


I also couldn’t help but slice up a small tomato to have with dinner.


Sprinkled with just a little bit of salt…oh man, it was soooo good.

As for the rest of the evening, Jay and I are planning on renting the movie ‘The Lucky One’ which I am SUPER psyched about. I’ve only been waiting for oh, I don’t know, almost five months to see it.

And I’m pretty sure there’ll probably be a cookie or two involved too. Winking smile

How was everyone else’s Labor Day? Do anything fun??



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