Wine Tour Fun!

Oh my goodness…SUCH a fun day yesterday!


After about a 3.5 hour ride, our car (Sarah, Jeff, Brook, Andrea, me, and Jay) made it out to the camp we were staying at to meet up with our other car (Kanika and Shaheen) and our hosts for the day, Scott and Liz (pictured right), who are newbies to the blog (Scott is Jeff’s brother). They were absolutely amazing hosts and did so much to make the day great – thanks again you guys!


We made it out there in perfect timing, so within about 15 minutes we were in the limo and on the road en route to our first stop of the day. Even though it wasn’t quite noon yet, that didn’t stop a majority of the crew from getting a head start.


By the time we pulled up to our first stop – Three Brothers Wineries – it was raining buckets. Literally, the water was flying off the roofs of the building in sheets.


We quickly got out and headed under shelter so we could get the festivities under way.


Three Brothers is actually made up of three wineries plus a brewery, so we were given a “Tasting Passport” to bring to each of the stops.


The first one we hit up was Passion Feet, which was suuuuper crowded (and full of bachelorette parties!).


I realized as I was just going through all of my photos yesterday that I really did not take any photos of any of the wine. Woops.


Once we finished up at Passion Feet, we trekked it back out into the rain (which, luckily, had slowed down to a drizzle) and into the woods to Bagg Dare.


The atmosphere in Bagg Dare was super fun – sort of bad ass and laid back at the same time…as if you couldn’t already tell by their names of wine.


Lots of fun ensued!


Our third stop, Stony Lonesome, never got documented, but that was probably my favorite winery of the day. They had a ton of different Rieslings to select from and their 1st Degree was definitely a favorite – I’m kicking myself for not picking up a bottle.

While we were there, I also ended up running into a blog reader (Hi, Kellie!) which was super fun.

Our last stop at Three Brothers was the brewery, War Horse. We had already been given the heads up on their Riesling Ale, and people weren’t lying…that stuff was delicious.


Jay and I ended up buying a couple 22-ounce bottles of that to bring home with us.

Our crew…having so much fun and feeling pretty darn good. Winking smile


Once we were finished at Three Brothers, we hopped back in the limo and ventured to our second destination of the day, Ventosa Vineyards. We didn’t have a reservation here, but they said they’d be able to accommodate us after a short wait, so we decided to order a couple of their pizzas and enjoyed them out on the back patio.



That pizza, by the way? Amazing. And not just because we were buzzed, I swear.



After what seemed to be a super short wait, we were called back inside and told that our tasting spot was ready.

Again, some more good wine was had by all, and once we were finished there, it was back to the limo once again, where more shenanigans ensued.


Have I mentioned how much fun we had yet? Winking smile

Our third stop of the day brought us to Fox Run Vineyards.



By this point in the day, most of the wines were starting to taste pretty similar. If you’ve ever had wine from out near the Finger Lakes, then you probably already know that the majority of the wine is pretty sweet. We actually learned that it has something to do with how the grapes grow out there, but that’s about the extent of my knowledge.

I wasn’t there to learn…obviously.


Love these guys and gals!


After Fox Run, we actually ended up making it to one more winery, Deer Run, before calling it a day (our limo time ran out). With our wine tasting done for the day, some of the group ended up going out and riding go-karts nearby and some stayed back at the camp. Towards the end of the evening, we had a good ‘ol cookout of burgers, hot dogs, chicken, salad, and plenty of other snacks.

By 9pm, everyone’s energy was dropping quick, and by 10pm it was time for bed. After getting up at 5am and drinking wine all day long, it was definitely a recipe for an early bed time. If my calculations serve me correctly, I believe we all ended up tasting about 40 different wines throughout our tour…

Needless to say, it was an absolutely fantastic day and everyone had a blast (and nobody got sick OR hungover, so it was a win-win!).

Now I’m sitting here relaxing on the couch and watching my Jets kick BUTT. WOO HOO for football season! Smile


  1. says

    I did a wine tasting tour in the finger lakes area and 2 of the ones I remember doing were Deer Run and Fox Run. I agree it was a blast for us as well.

    I am from upstate NY as well so I should be some sort of NY fan but I am a Packers fan all the way. Yay for football season!
    Laura @Running Maryland recently posted..Go! Pack! Go!

  2. Steffi says

    We have a lakeside place just north of Fox Run! They have a fun Garlic Festival there every August, too. You should definitely come check it out :)

  3. Kellie says

    It was great to meet you. Unfortunately I didn’t have as much food in me to “soak it up” so I apologize for my condition you met me in! They were definately not skimpy on their tastings either! Anyways, glad you guys had a great time!

    • Courtney says

      Hahaha, you were totally fine! I wouldn’t have thought anything of it…I was thinking the same thing about myself though. They definitely were quite generous! 😉


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