Homemade Soup and Bread

Good Mooooorning! Did everyone have a fantastic weekend? I know I sure did…here’s what was going on around here:

Much to my surprise, after a very busy weekend, I didn’t think I’d be in much of a mood to do any sort of cooking last night when it came to dinner for me and the man. I was *this close* to suggesting takeout, but after a weekend full of treats, wine, and Dunkin Donuts breakfasts two mornings in a row, a nice home-cooked meal actually sounded like perfection.

So I headed out to the kitchen…and wound up not only making homemade soup, but I ALSO cranked out a fresh loaf of bread, too.


Who knew?!

My bread of choice was my Hearty Oat Loaf, which I hadn’t had in forever. (Holly, I always think of you when I make this for some reason!). This bread is fantastic because it doesn’t require any yeast and is done in less than an hour. It’s perfect…


…especially when topped with some homemade honey butter, which I most definitely did. (I literally just whip up butter and honey to taste…SO good).

The soup actually came together as I went, since I wasn’t really sure when I wanted to make. I started by looking at a recipe but realized I didn’t have about half of the ingredients that it called for, so I just sort of kept adding things to the pot.


I felt all professional and stuff. Winking smile

And since it turned out great and got four thumbs up between me and the hubs, I was very grateful for the fact that I kept track of my measurements for a recipe…which you can check out right at the bottom of this post. WOOT!


It was a pretty early night to bed last night, so I was up ‘n at em at a pretty decent hour this morning. I got my workout in right away (my sweaty mess walking workout plus a few upper body exercises) and then came back upstairs to make some breakfast.


Today’s deliciousness included some simple scrambled eggs (1 egg + 1 egg white, a little milk, some dried basil, topped with ketchup) which just totally hit the spot. As much as I love adding lots of fresh veggies to my scrambles, sometimes the simple stuff is just where it’s at.


I also lightly toasted another slice of my hearty oat loaf and topped it with some peanut butter and strawberry jam.


Another reason I love this bread – it’s great for dinner AND for breakfast…and most likely a mid-morning snack, too. Winking smile


And now, just in case you felt like making some soup this week…

veggies and noodles soup



I’m thinking this is going to be great leftovers for tonight’s dinner, since we all know that soup always tastes better the next day.

Question for the Morning:

With fall weather approaching, I’m suddenly craving soups and stews…what are some of your favorite soup, stew, and chili recipes? Feel free to link up and share! I’m looking for some new ideas this season. Smile


  1. says

    That hearty oat loaf bread looks delicious AND easy. It’s always a plus when you find a recipe that doesn’t call for yeast. And the squash and carrot soup recipe you have on the same post looks amazing. It has fall written all over it :)
    Elaine recently posted..Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

  2. Courtney says

    I made soup last night too! Very similar to yours. The only real difference is that I put some shredded chicken in mine and used orzo for the pasta. YUM! The best part is that I made enough to have for lunch all week. Bonus!

    • Courtney says

      Courtneyyyyy!! Haha, hubby would have liked some chicken too but we didn’t have any ready to go.
      Hope all is going well for you!! 😉

  3. lisa says

    Where did you buy the adorable soup bowl and plate? I would love something like this for serving soup and bread or salad. Going to make this meal tonight, thanks!

  4. says

    I love love love soup. Too many times during the hot summer I made soup because it’s so delicious. I’m super happy it’s getting colder out so making soup actually makes sense.

    I altered a recipe for Southwest Chicken Barley Soup recently that’s really good and wrote about it here if you want to check it out!
    Katie recently posted..Creepy for CrossFit

  5. says

    Soup is definitely one of my favorite fall and winter foods! I just made some chicken taco chili last night. No exact recipe, but I threw in some chicken, diced tomatoes, black beans, corn, spices (chili powder, cumin, oregano, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika), and chicken broth. It was great served with some cheesy beer bread!
    Stef recently posted..30 & a weekend re-cap.

  6. says

    That soup looks delish! I made my husband go to the store with me this weekend just to buy ingredients so we could eat soup, like, every day this week! My favorites are a homeade Zuppa Toscana (lightenend up, of course), butternut squash soup, roasted tomato soup, chili mac, and cream of mushroom! My mouth is watering now…
    Allison @ Running Through Red Lights recently posted..Dash For A Splash

  7. says

    I’m LOVING this fall weather!! It’s making me so happy that I can’t really concentrate on studying..all cramped up inside. What a rough life;) I love this turkey chili recipe by Jamie Eason. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/jamie-easons-livefit-recipes-3-bean-turkey-chili.html. Instead of making it on the stovetop, I throw everything in the crockpot. It’s so goood, and of course, it makes the house/apt smell amazzzing!
    Connie recently posted..Miracle Noodles

  8. says

    I’m down for any soup that can be made in a Crockpot because it’s so easy and it’s ready by the time I’m done with the day. I need to look for a healthy chili recipe (but I think you have a chili recipe, right?).
    michelle kim recently posted..My First 5K Race

  9. says

    Oh my goodness, that soup looks so delicious, especially with this sore throat that I am fighting!!

    I am looking forward to a pot of chicken and dumplings and some potato soup as the weather gets cooler. Yum!!

    Suzanne @ Fit Minded Mom recently posted..Today Makes Eight

  10. says

    SORRRY I JUST saw this :/ I’m catching up on my blog reading now :) I have missed you- and I love that you think of me when you make that bread….it’s probably because I LOVE it so much! I cannot wait to make it again SOON- although I could honestly consume the whole thing myself in about 2 days…because I will eat it for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Haha! :)
    Holly recently posted..The REAL Stuff.

  11. Lisa says

    I made your hearty oat loaf and it was a hit…we loved it! I was wondering what you have found to be the best way to store it? thanks!


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