The Coffeefruit {Giveaway Closed}

We’re all enjoying a little extra sunshine over here today.


Although I think Cody has been getting a bit more of the Vitamin D. Winking smile

I, on the other hand, have actually been working on hard on some client training plans today. I was so excited to have three different clients renew their program with me for another eight weeks…I really wasn’t sure how the online training would go, since everyone is motivated differently, but so far things are going really, really well.

I’ve also actually been toying with the idea of possibly offering a 30-day challenge of some sort to kick off the fall season…still have some things to figure out, but what do you guys think? Would ya be interested?


Around late morning, I took a break to squeeze in about 40 minutes of yoga, showered up, and put together a quick lunch.


I combined a can of tuna fish with one wedge (<—totally just typed wedgie, ha!) of The Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese, about 1 tbsp light mayo (I love mayo – not ashamed), feta cheese, and some diced up onions, peppers, and cucumbers.


A bit different from my usual sweet tuna salad, but a welcomed change…although it did end up being a little heavy on the onions. Woah. I need a mint.


I ate my tuna salad along with some TJ’s tortilla chips, which ended up working out perfectly for scooping, and a bottle of bai5 Antioxidant Infusions that I was recently sent to try.


bai5 is a line of low-sugar beverages that contain only 1 gram of sugar (organic stevia and all-natural Erythritol) and only 5 calories per bottle.


Every bottle is infused with antioxidant power from the coffeefruit, which I learned is actually the outside casing of a regular coffee bean.


Turns out, the coffeefruit is full of health-enhancing properties and antioxidants…am I totally behind the times on this little tidbit, or is it news to you guys too?


I was sent four out of the seven different flavors from the line to try: Panama Peach, Costa Rica Clementine, Congo Pear, and Sumatra Dragonfruit.


The only flavor I have yet to try is the clementine, but I can tell you that the other three are delicious. For anyone who has a bit of a sweet tooth like Yours Truly, then I would absolutely recommend giving these a try.

If you have yet to find them in your local store (I haven’t seen them yet) you can shop for bai5 online on Amazon or visit the Store Locator to find retailers near you.

OR…you could enter my giveaway to win your very own 8-pack variety sampler of bai5. Winking smile

To Enter: Simply leave a comment on this post telling me which flavor you’d be most interested in trying.

*For an extra entry feel free to follow bai5 on Twitter and leave an extra comment (with your Twitter handle) letting me know that you did.

I will choose THREE lucky winners (open to US residents only) tomorrow evening, Wednesday, 9/12. Good Luck!

**The giveaway is now closed – thank you to all who entered! The three lucky winners are:


#297: Jennifer

#46: Jen

#162: Sara


Disclaimer: I was sent product in exchange for a review and giveaway. All opinions, as always, are my own, and facts provided were taken directly from the bai5 site.


  1. says

    The Panama Peach sounds great…..I loving all peach flavored things right now.

    A challenge sounds great….I just switched to working out without the benefit of a gym membership. A challenge would be a great motivator!

  2. Kristin says

    I would love to try the Sumatra Dragonfruit!! I’ll have to keep an eye for these at the grocery store. They sound great!

  3. says

    You are not behind on the time, I had no idea what a coffeefruit was! I’m still amazing that a coffee bean can be used for so many things… anyway, it’s too bad that you haven’t tried the clementine flavor, because that’s the one I would love to try!
    Sara@MagiaePasta recently posted..Switching Things Up

  4. Sue says

    The Congo Pear sounds great. Thanks for the giveaway!! I would love to give these a try. I have an awful sweet tooth!!!


  5. says

    I’m actually doing my own personal 30 day challenge on my blog right now to prepare for a fall beach trip. Sometimes setting a short-term goal is just the right motivation to shift things into high gear!

    The Pear sounds amazinng!

  6. Emily H says

    Panama Peach sounds really delicious, but I would also like to try Congo Pear – it is a flavor option you don’t normally see with products, and I would love to give it a shot!

  7. Brooke says

    I love anything and everything peach so I would love to try the Panama Peach!! I never knew about the coffeefruit either!

  8. Kimorella says

    These are a FANTASTIC source of delishawsomeness! Found them totally by accident, when looking for a low sugar,low calorie accompanyment to my take out meal… I was more than pleasantly surprised, EVERYONE should try these! The Congo Peach rocks!

  9. says

    Ahh I tried these recently, they sell them at Royal Farms gas stations, and they are my new favorite beverage. I’ve only had the Mango one (its delicious) but would love to try the dragonfruit!
    Kaitlyn recently dolce vida

  10. Alexandra says

    Very cool! I’d love to try the Panama Peach! ALso, I’d definitely be interested in a 30 day challenge to kick off fall if you were to do one :)

  11. Caroline says

    I’d love to try the Costa Rica Clementine! And I think you can actually find these at Uncommon Grounds… I’ll have to go try them next time I’m in the mood for a bagel :)

  12. says

    I did know the fruit had loads of health properties, but I didn’t know it actually got used by companies to make drinks with 😉 Super cool! As always, you guys in the States are way ahead of us Dutchies, and I think I’ll have to wait a little while longer until it’s for sale here. I’ll definitely try it once it gets here too! :)
    Leanne recently posted..Savory Zucchini Bread – gluten free – candida diet proof – light & fluffy – oil free

  13. Kristen says

    Sweet tooth? You mean the type where I need a Dove Chocolate after every meal? Hmmmm =)
    I think Congo Pear and Sumatra Dragonfruit sound fabulous! Would love to try either in place of (along with?) my choclate.

    Thanks for the review – Love hearing about new products!

  14. Destiny Ervin says

    I would like try them all, I love the idea that they have all-natural sugar in them!
    I think I would first like to try the pear! I have been wanting a juicy pear lately!

  15. Chelsea L. says

    I’d love to try the Congo Pear! I’m generally leery of drinks sweetened with stevia because they tend to have that stevia taste (know what I’m talking about?) and I can’t stand it, but I’m always open to something new :)

  16. kolya says

    I read about these (apparently being pushed for weight loss…like everything lately!) but they sound great and I’m trying to kick my diet Coke habit. I think the clementine sounds the most refreshing (:

  17. carol ross says

    Would love to try the clementine. Absolutely loved the Dragonfruit, my favorite so far. I would recommend trying all the delicious flavors!

  18. Becca says

    I would love to try the peach. So intriguing I have never heard of that before!

    Also would love a 30 day challenge! Ni love how your workouts are so versatile for beginners to use!

  19. Amaura says

    Congo pear sounds amazing! I just stumbled across your blog (sweet tooth? this blog is for me!). Finding a drink made from coffee beans was just an added bonus. I’d love to win, but if not I need to hunt this stuff down!

  20. Steph says

    The Panama Peach sounds AMAZING! I love all peach drinks.

    I also REALLY think you should do a 30-day challenge. It would be a great motivator for everyone :)

  21. says

    Congrats on having clients renew their program! That kind of stuff gets me fired up, because there is nothing like working on an independent project and experiencing pay-off. That’s great!

    I’d love to try the Malawi Mango flavor!
    Sarah B. recently posted..Where Were You?

  22. eisha says

    Hi Courntey! I would love to try any flavor!!!!!
    And I would also be very very interested in your yoga challenge from you!!!!!

  23. anna says

    glad that you have tried them. I would like to try the peach. I have had the other 3 and they are very good. I like your recipe for tuna, do you have it written out??

  24. says

    I’d really like to try the Dragonfruit. I’m trying Bai for the first time right now and the flavor I have is Mango. It’s pretty good. Want that Dragonfruit, though! And you’re lunch, as well! LOL. Looks and sounds delicious especially with the side of chips! MMMM! I may make it tomorrow! Thanks for the idea!

  25. Sienna says

    Out of the four you listed I’d like to try the Dragonfruit. Out of all their flavors I’d like to try the Mango. These look good!

  26. April Brown says

    I would love to try the Sumatra Dragonfruit…It just sounds exotic! And I could day dream of being on a luxurious beach somewhere in the carribean while I drink it! :) My next choice would be the Clementine or Peach…I’m a citrus kinda gal!

  27. Kelly says

    I would love the pear one! I’ve always tried to find straight pear juice in the store but never have any luck. I love pear!

  28. Maggie says

    The dragonfruit one sounds so good! What an interesting idea to make a drink out of the outside part of the coffee bean!

  29. Lexi says

    it’s always such a challenge to stay hydrated. and water tastes so blah. i would love to try the clementine one. sounds light and refreshing!

  30. Haley says

    Panama Peach sounds awesome! I’m all about the peaches because they have been so much better than the apples this year because of the drought!

  31. says

    I would love to try the Congo pear flavor! I love pears in the fall and think this would be delicious pared with some sort of pear chicken salad with feta cheese!!! Yum!

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