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Good Morning! So was everyone’s weekend absolutely fantastic? Hopefully you’re all well and rested for the start of another week. Thanks to my 9pm bedtime last night, I’m feeling great this morning after another fun and busy weekend…

So late yesterday afternoon, we headed over to my parents’ house to watch the Jets game (I don’t wanna talk about the game). My mom said that she didn’t really have anything “sweet” prepared, and said that I could bring something like that if I wanted to.

Twist my arm, mom.

I went and got all crazy festive and decided to try out a new recipe…cookie cake.


I mean just look at that thing. It was SO hard not to dig in before going over for the game, and I was so excited to share it with everyone.


Unfortunately, I wish I had dug in beforehand, because it turned out to be totally doughy in the middle. Major recipe fail.


I made it thinking it would just be like one big, giant cookie cake like you usually see in stores, but it was actually more like the texture of a cake, if that makes sense. Or, depending on where you cut into, more like goopy dough.

Ahh well…crap happens. My dad still loved it (which isn’t surprising, because he ALWAYS undercooked our cookies growing up) and around the edges weren’t too bad. But next time, I think I’ll just stick to regular cookies.


When it came to breakfast this morning, indecisive was the name of the game. First I wanted oatmeal, then I wanted eggs, then I wanted an English muffin…yet somehow I ended up with cereal.


Hey, I’ll take it. It wound up being a pretty delicious decision.


We had a mix of Cascadian Farms Ancient Grains granola, Erewhon Supergrains Buckwheat and Hemp cereal, banana slices, chia seeds, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and almond butter.


Yum. Yum. YUM.

Oooooooooooo, our siding guys just pulled up! Time to give this house a makeover. I am SO excited!

Questions for the Morning:

What was your breakfast of choice this morning?

Did you watch any football this weekend?

Make me feel better…have you had any recipe fails lately? Winking smile


  1. says

    Wow that cake looks SO yummy! I’m with your dad- undercooked cookies are the best! My breakfast today was lame- an apple & nuts! For religious reasons I fast on Mondays, which means one meal a day. Besides that, I can eat fruit, nuts & yogurt.
    Khushboo Thadani recently posted..A load of crap

  2. says

    Protein Oatmeal cereal (from Fitnessista)- I combine oats, almond butter, protein powder and add milk then top it with berries, nuts, raisins and flax – so yummy!
    I made your Minestrone soup last night – so easy and delicious!
    Lindsey recently posted..One Last Celebration

  3. says

    I am eating warm oatmeal, I am in autumn mode now so I like my oatmeal warm/hot. I did actually watch some football this weekend which I never do. The Bengals game, since I live near Cincinnati, Ohio. ^_^ Have a great day sorry your cookie cake didn’t work out.
    Becka @ simplybecka recently posted..snooze button of life…

  4. kristin says

    Breakfast of choice this morning was a cup of coffee; make that 2 cups of coffee and soon to be 3.

    I have had plenty of recipe fails – brownies I made a few weeks ago came out the same way very gooey – its was like a chewy gooey but everyone still ate them which was a good surprise. Also my steak I made yesterday for dinner, very tough – ended up giving my dog most of mine :)

    I did watch a bit of the EAGLES (E-A-G-L-E-S) game while cooking dinner but I really didn’t have a choice thanks to my wonderful fiancé and daughter (they both hog the TV.) but hey atleast they won!

    Have a great day and good luck with your house remodeling

  5. says

    Girl, don’t feel bad! I tried to make homemade pizza and totally failed. I by accident used pasta sauce instead of pizza sauce, and it was a disaster! We jokingly call it “pazza” now, because it tasted a little off. That cookie looks really good though, so at least give yourself credit for that!

  6. says

    Breakfast this morning: overnight oats w/chopped apple, and pineapple greek yogurt!
    I had a major recipe fail yesterday – the corn starch I put in the pan with my apples was expired and turned into a nasty smelling goop!
    *Your cookie cake looks delicious – cookies with gooey centers are the best!
    Megan@funsizedfitness recently posted..Greetings from Texas!

  7. says

    I had my standard breakfast of oatmeal with peanut butter and an apple. Oatmeal is one of my favorite things ever, but I do feel like I get in a breakfast rut. Would love some suggestions!

    I tried to cook turkey burgers on the grill last week, and for some reason they just would not hold together! I have no idea what the deal was. Oh well, it happens!
    Natalie @ Free Range Human recently posted..Gone Girl

  8. Whitney says

    Breakfast was oatmeal this morning with soy milk.. yum! This weekend was all about football (as is every weekend now). I made a buffalo chicken dip in the crockpot for hubs to eat on during the games and he gave it two thumbs up!! I always forget how awesome the crockpot is! Sorry about your Jets… I didn’t have a dog in the fight for the game but I am not a Rapistburger fan! :)

  9. says

    I was completely planning to make a smoothie this morning, since I have a long day/week ahead of me, but I was too out of it to operate the blender, so I stole one of my dad’s sausage biscuit breakfast sandwiches from Aldi and a cup of coffee. Did the trick, despite not being the healthiest of options.

    And, while not a recent recipe fail, when I was a teenager, my sis and I attempted to bake cookies with Bisquick, thinking it was just flour. Didn’t turn out well at ALL! LOL. It was all runny and got burned while we kept them baking to firm up. I’m sure there were others in college, but that one will always spring to my mind when the words “Recipe Fail” are uttered. LOL
    Beks recently posted..Crazy crazy Cuh-RAZY week ahead!

  10. says

    It was a cereal kind of morning for me, too!! I had Puffins for the first time and they were so good!!

    I would say half of what I cook is a food fail but I am lucky enough to have a family that eats it anyway!! At least I do manage to balance out my many fails with a few winners every now and again 😉
    Suzanne @ Fit Minded Mom recently posted..Pain in the Neck

  11. says

    Oh man I would have been all over that cookie cake like white on rice! Undercooked cookies? YES, please and thank you.

    I was making dinner for the boy the other night and after a (seriously) stressful day of work accidentally had too much wine while preparing the dish (woops!). It wasn’t exactly a fail, per se, just a little bland and all over the place haha.
    Diana recently posted..STOOOOLEN!

  12. says

    I made a huge batch of muffins for an event this past weekend, and they were so flavorless that I had to tell people just to leave them on the table. I usually recipe test before a big event, but I was crunched for time and figured they would turn out just fine. They had zero taste and were realy dense. :-/ Oh well, live and learn!
    Allison @ Running Through Red Lights recently posted..Tri Like Angels: Land Rover TriRock Series Lake Geneva Triathlon

  13. says

    I definitely know how you feel with the recipe fail! I found a banana and strawberry bread recipe where you use greek yogurt. Made it and cooked it and was all excited only to find out I had used too many bananas and had a mushy mess in the center ! Into the garbage it went ugh .
    Michelle Levine recently posted..My eats from last week

  14. says

    My breakfast choice was oatmeal with pb and bananas. I watched the Pats and they lost :( Haven’t had too many fails lately, but also haven’t had enough time to try out new recipes so that’s really not an accurate answer! I have always wanted to try a cookie cake though! YUM :)
    stellina @ My Yogurt Addiction recently posted..Running & Knee Pain

  15. says

    Hey Courtney!

    This morning for breakfast I ended up having good ole cereal, too! Newman’s Own Flax Flakes, organic dried apples and cranberries, sliced strawberries, and a scoop of organic PB2 with unsweetened vanilla almond milk! Definitely try the PB2 in your cereal, SO good! Have a good rest of your day 😀

    Claire recently posted..A Delicious Meal

  16. Lisa says

    My worst recipe fail was when I made chicken marsala (which I had done numerous times before). I didn’t set the timer and let the sauce overcook. What I was left with was a brown sticky goo that stuck to the chicken (and the pan) and the pasta was overcooked because I tried to salvage the sauce. Not appetizing at all. I ended up throwing a frozen pizza in the oven.
    Love the pumpin with the “welcome” on it. Where did you find it? Can’t wait to see pictures of the siding.

  17. Shannon says

    Today for breakfast, I had an Eggo waffle, plain.

    I did catch some snippets of the Giants game, and I’m very happy they won yesterday! :)

    I don’t have any recipe fail stories to share with you, but I would have ate that cookie cake despite the fact it was doughy in the middle. I like cookie dough better than actual cookies- even though it’s not very good for you. 😉

  18. Cait says

    I had oats w/almond milk for breakfast. I was craving cold cereal but I was a cereal monster this wknd and ate the Chex that I had bought…which reminds me why I never buy cereal…I cannot control myself around it. AT ALL! ahhh

    I most definitely did watch fball this wknd.. but my team lost :(

  19. Nicole says

    I’ve done the cookie cake fail before. I’ve been meaning to try it again but putting foil around the edges as it nears the end of the cooking time so it doesn’t burn/cook too fast and the middle has time to finish baking (kind of like what some people do to protect pie crusts from burning while baking).

    As I always do with my baking fails – I turn it into ice cream topping! There’s nothing ice cream can’t fix! 😉

  20. says

    I had 2 eggs on top of some homemade bread spread with laughing cow cheese. I’ve really been into eggs lately!

    I watched a ton of football this weekend. I’m a Browns fan and we are terrible though!
    Stef recently posted..Monday morning.

  21. says

    Your cookie cake looked amazing! I would have been eating it with your dad :)
    Breakfast this AM: smoothie w/ blueberries, strawberries, banana, spinach, chia seeds, almond butter and almond milk. My recent recipe fail was chickpea burgers – they were so thin that they fell apart before I could get them in the pan :(
    Danielle recently posted..Weekend at the Finger Lakes

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