Things Making Me Smile This Week {9/23}

I’m really enjoying these posts lately. Not only are they fun a little change up, but they also let me reflect back on the things from the week that were positive, fun, hilarious, and/or happy. So here’s what we’ve got this week…

I finally found my festive fall frames!! For some reason, I stored them in a totally separate closet from the rest of our fall stuff. What was I thinking?!?

To see how I made that frame, for wicked cheap, check out this post.

SOYJOY came out with two new flavors recently: Cranberry and Dark Chocolate Cherry.


How awesome is that, right? They are both so, so good.


I’ve got to include these again because, well, they make me smile anytime I eat one.


Of course, we’ve got to include this week’s Pinterest finds…

Source: via Courtney on Pinterest


Source: via Courtney on Pinterest


And last but not least…the siding on our house is DONE! Open-mouthed smile

Here’s some before and afters:



We’ve still got a few little detail things to finish up, and we’ll still need a new back deck, but we’re definitely lookin’ better than we were and I am so, so happy it’s finished.

Alright…time to get back to this stinkin’ Jets game. I hate when they go into overtime – I get so nervous!


  1. April miller-Rose says

    Lol I love that! “Two trips is for the weak!” Totally how I think when I’m unloading te groceries from the car:P an your new siding looks phenomenal!!

  2. Ali says

    Hahaha… could not stop laughing at the shopping bags. I so do that! Why, it’s like it would kill me to make two trips to get the groceries in. Every time though, I practically cut off the circulation in my fingers to get everything in the house at once, phew! Totally cuteness and LOL at the cat and the Nutella, ha! Loved that.

  3. Melanie says

    I LOVE the harvest/family/blessing picture! I was wondering where I can get one to hang in my house. Do you know?

  4. Sue says

    Good morning. Are the frames you used for your Fall pictures square? I do counted cross stitch and I used to be able to find square frames all over the place and I’m having a really hard finding any square frames now. I looked into having some made but they would cost too much considering it didn’t cost me very much to make the actual picture. I usually don’t go to Michael’s but thought I might if they had square frames that weren’t too expensive. Thanks and have a great day.


  5. EG Gal says

    Were you pleased with the company who did you siding? If so, would you mind sharing their name. We need new siding and we live in East Greenbush.


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