I Really Did Need Them

Sooo, if you follow me on Instagram, then you probably already have a pretty good idea of what was happenin’ for breakfast over here this morning…


P.S. – SO excited that I finally know how to get screenshot photos on my iPhone 5. Ohhh the things I still have to learn.

But yeah…back to those waffles. How incredible are they, right?! I love how I can always count on Target to persuade me to leave with some sort of impulse buy.

Only, I’d be willing to argue that I did really need those waffles. Winking smile

So, of course, (after spending a little over an hour attempting three different no-bake cookie recipes this morning) by 8am it was time for the waffles to make an appearance.


I toasted up two of ‘em, and topped them with a pumpkin + peanut butter combo, banana slices, chia seeds, and a drizzle of maple syrup.

After my first bite, I wasn’t quite sure what I thought about them. They were actually quite a bit more “pumpkin-ish” (<—you like that, mom?) than I expected. But once I got down with that, I decided that they’re pretty much the best things EVER.


Cody wasn’t quite sure what to make of ‘em either. He was about ready to pounce on them right while this picture was taken, if you couldn’t already tell.


Little stinker…luckily he knows what’s good for him. Winking smile

Questions for the Morning:

Are you completely over the pumpkin craze yet?

When’s the last time you left Target ONLY with the things on your list?

What’s the last item you bought that you “really did need!”?


  1. Julie @ Sweetly Balanced says

    I actually need to make a trip to Target soon!! I feel like they offer so much more varieties that other stores do!!
    I tend to buy a lot of things that I don’t need… Kind of like the new lululemon tank I just bought in THREE colors… Probably one could have done the trick. Ooops!! :)
    Julie @ Sweetly Balanced recently posted..Not a Star in the Advanced Class

  2. says

    1) Fall just started! So the pumpkin craze is just beginning :)

    2) Never. My wallet hates Target.

    3) The White Chocolate Candy Corn M&Ms, along with 3 bags of candy corn. They are only sold this time of year so I figure a splurge was justified!
    Elaine recently posted..Baked Spaghetti Squash

  3. says

    I have been seeing these pop up all over the place & the blog world.. YUM!!! I can imagine they were damn good! I freakin love target and spend at least 100 – 200 when I am there, so ridiculous. So yeah, I never leave with just what is on my list..never. hmmm, I ALWAYS need like 3 of everything – I have serious fears of “running out of things” ha. So my shopping cart on iherb.com is ALWAYS full with random weekly items..especialyl NuNaturals Stevia.. cannot-get-enough!
    Eva @ Committed2Nutrition recently posted..Monday. Pictures are worth 1000′s of words.

  4. Allison says

    those waffles are so good. admittedly, I found them at Shop-Rite at the end of August and bought them right then and there even though it was way too early to start the pumpkin craze lol. I made a small batch of the pumpkin rice krispies yesterday though i had to wing it as my store only had normal marshmellows but still very good and my team loved them.

  5. says

    I love Target and I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that they’re coming to Canada in 2013!! I am totally in the middle of a pumpkin-loving craze right now – I just bought some pie pumpkins so that I can try making my own puree….all I need is some spare time to actually do it.
    Andrea @ Vegvacious recently posted..What I Ate Wednesday

  6. Rachel S. says

    I bought those same waffles this weekend, and I also bought the pumpkin cream cheese. I never make it out of Target with whats on my list, I never make it out of any shopping trip with whats just on my lists. : )

  7. says

    Ahhh I love the look of this! Those sound amazzzzing. If we had these available in Canada, I’d be going out in a second to buy them too! I’m still very much in the pumpkin “craze”; in fact, I plan on making some pumpkin protein pancakes this weekend! I also recently bought some pumpkin chips and am sad to say that they are AWFUL. Just brutal!
    Ashley @ Sweat for Sweets recently posted..09.23.12 weekend wrap + weekly plan

  8. says

    I remember when I was in college, I really wanted a Super Target in my town. We had three (yes, THREE!) Super Walmarts, but only one regular Target, attached to the mall. Sadly, groceries were bought at Walmart. Love Target sooooo much!

    I’m loving pumpkin right now. My BFF came for a visit/road trip this past weekend, and on her last morning with me, we celebrated with Disney Princess waffles (I have a Cinderella waffle iron. It’s the greatest thing EVER!), but I tweaked what I normally did (Bisquik shake n’ pour. Hey, it was college. *shrugs*), and made pumpkin spice waffles from SCRATCH. They were amazing. :-) Time intensive, but amazing.

  9. Nicole says

    I spent minimum $50 at Target every.single.time. How do you spend under that? OH not being implusive haha I need to try those waffles! I’m obsessed with everything pumpkin. Made a pumpkin smoothie, and your pumpkin & banana bread (which was delicious, amazing, you get the point… thank you!) all in one weekend :)

  10. says

    While I am not over the pumpkin craze, I will probably slow it down a bit just so that I am not sick of it come the end of November. I think a couple of pumpkin foods/drinks throughout the week isn’t so bad. Now pumpkin every day….I might not last long if I did that!

    My last purchase that I needed……Love Grown Granola. Yep, I needed it. That is my story and I am sticking to it :-)!!
    Suzanne @ Fit Minded Mom recently posted..WIAW #15 = Semi Couch to 5K

  11. Nicole says

    Dear Cody,
    I love your facial expressions! Do you have a brother that can come hang out with me in California? I need a buddy!

  12. says

    The pumpkin craze is JUST starting haha! Target is definitely dangerous for the bank account, but I don’t have one near me anymore (or that I can walk to in the city)! That might be a good thing..
    Connie recently posted..WIAW & GIVEAWAY!

  13. Jessica says

    Oo I must get my hands on those waffles!

    The last item I bought that I reeeaaallly needed was a package of Pumpkin Spice Mallows Marshmallows (this morning)…to make those pumpkin spice rice crispies (which happened right when i got home from the grocery store) XD haha

    They were delicious by the way!

  14. Shannon says

    1. I’m not crazy about pumpkin, but I do like me some pumpkin pie once in a while.
    2. I think I’ve always left Target with something that wasn’t on the list to purchase. There’s a bunch of cool stuff in that store; I can’t help it! :)
    3. Candy Corn!

  15. says

    The pumpkin thing is new to me, as I’m from Scotland and we don’t get a lot of pumpkin-based treats there! This is my first fall living in Canada and it’s everywhere! I can’t get enough!

  16. Laura says

    I have a serious pumpkin problem!! Ive tried those Eggos, and they’re great! Pepperidge Farm also has a pumpkin cheesecake cookie that was delicious 😀


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