Drop A Few Hints

I am so not into vegetables today.

I don’t know what it is but I am juuuust not feelin’ em.

One thing I am feelin’ though? Oats in a jar. Big time.


Heyyy, did you notice my little Halloween guys back there? I put up the rest of our Halloween decorations last night and these cuties are definitely my favorite.


But really, I love all Halloween decorations.


Ohh, the things I would do if I actually had a mantle over a fireplace to decorate (damn you, Pinterest). Someday.

But back to the oats…I totally forgot that I had another empty PB jar to use (this one was actually ours, not from a friend) at breakfast, so I decided to use it for lunch.


I made up some of my recently-favorite Pumpkin Custard Oats and I don’t know WHAT happened, but this batch ended up wayyyy more voluminous than usual. I never fill up to the brim of an empty PB jar?!


Hey…I’m not complaining in the slightest. Winking smile

I topped off my OIAJ with some Love Grown Foods granola which, actually, brings me to a couple quick things…

First, I’m still waiting for one more winner to come forward from my Love Grown Foods granola giveaway. Make sure it isn’t you!

SECOND…I’m going to be a bit of a tease right now. Sorry…

I just found out yesterday that Love Grown is getting ready to launch a brand new product in the next couple of months. You GUYS…it sounds so awesome. And I wish I could share it with you now, BUT, Maddy did say that I could drop a few hints about the New Love Product for ya, sooo…

  • It is PACKED-FULL of nutritional benefits!
  • It contains NO Sodium!
  • It is perfect for ON-THE-GO

Do I have you intrigued yet?!? Any guesses? Smile


On another note, I’m SO looking forward to heading over to my parents’ house later tonight for dinner. Word on the street is that mom made homemade mac and cheese and I. Am. Pumped!

Hope everyone’s having a great Tuesday!


  1. says

    Love Grown Granola Bars? That would be pretty awesome if that is in fact what their new product is!

    Have you decorated your car for Halloween? I walked past a car on my way to the grocery store the other day that was so decked out it was unREAL. They had a gigantic spider that covered the whole roof of their car, the dashboard was covered in some black fabric, there were skeleton lights strung on the dash…it was insane. I’ve never seen anything like it. Maybe that could make up for your lack of a mantle? Hahaha.
    Bethany @ Accidental Intentions recently posted..Long Weekend

    • Courtney says

      Oh I just use my regular oatmeal recipes (today was the pumpkin oats linked above). The reason for the jar is so you get to soak up the rest of the yummy peanut butter! A little weird, yes. But don’t knock it til ya try it! 😉

  2. says

    The on-the-go element narrows it down a bit, so I’m going with granola bars as well?? I’m in the same boat with the whole vegetable thing today too…there’s always tomorrow!
    Emly Teal recently posted..NEW BLOG….

  3. Alyssa says

    Hi Courtney,

    Firstly – I love love love your blog. I have kind of a silly question inspired by the photo of your breakfast haha. I eat the same peanut butter as you (Skippy Natural) because it’s the only Natural Peanut Butter than I can seem to like – but I know the ingredients list includes palm oil and sugar -do you know, is this still better than regular Skippy? The question is kind of just for my benefit / curiosity. hahah. Thank you!

    • Courtney says

      Hey Alyssa! Thanks so much for reading :)
      I’d still consider the Natural Skippy to be better than the regular kinds, which have more additives, including hydrogenated vegetable oils. Palm oil is a saturated fat, and is not found in all natural PB’s (most that don’t have it require mixing), but I’m okay with that.


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