I Did Manage To Do One Thing

Well guys, today has been exactly what I expected it would be…LAZY.

I’ve barely done a thing over here today and I’m totally okay with that. Today was just one of those days that needed to be low-key.

Although, I suppose it wasn’t ALL lazy. I did manage to do one thing today…I made a homemade pizza for dinner, complete with scratch dough. How ‘bout that?!


I used Jessica’s Garlic Bread Pizza Crust recipe, which has been pinned on my Pinterest board for months now, and let me tell ya…if all the recipes I have pinned come out tasting as good as this did, then I really need to get workin’ on that!

I followed her recipe almost exactly, except I substituted half whole wheat flour for regular and cut back a bit on the extra butter for the crust. Even with cutting that back, this thing was still incredible.

We topped the whole pizza with sautéed peppers and onions, and then I also added some sautéed spinach and broccoli to my half.


I also cooked our pizza on a hot stone, just to make sure that it got nice and crispy on the bottom.



I had two pieces from my half and I can easily tell you that my favorite part was, by far, the fluffy, chewy, garlicky, buttery, cheesy crust. Oh em gee.


Talk about adjective overload there…sorry about that one.

So was it the healthiest dinner choice? Mmmmm, probably not.  But do I care? Nope!

Besides, I did add lots of veggies so that’s gotta count for something, right? Winking smile

Hope everyone’s enjoying the rest of their Sunday!


  1. says

    Not only has it been a lazy day for me as well but a lazy weekend and I have loved every minute of it!!! My life is usually pretty much on the go with two kids so sometimes it is nice to just sit back and do hardly anything at all.

    Now I have to go check out that pizza crust recipe……..
    Suzanne @ Fit Minded Mom recently posted..A Sweaty Mess

  2. Whitney says

    You really shouldn’t have to justify everytime you eat something unhealthy! Who cares…it’s your body and plus you are trying to gain weight! If people judge you then that’s on them :)

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