Good For The Soul

Happy weekend to you all! How are things shaping up so far?

Late yesterday afternoon, after dropping off some cupcakes (so great meeting you, Kelly!) I headed over to waste a couple of hours at the mall before meeting up with Heather for dinner. Hey, sometimes dinner with friends and a little retail therapy is good for the soul.


I’m running low on my favorite bronzer and black eye pencil so I had to grab those, but I’ve also been getting sored of bored with my usual eye shadows so I browsed around for something new.


I found this Sephora duo (intense black) which I’m looking forward to trying out. I love a grey, smoky eye.


After almost two hours of browsing around the mall, I started to run out of places to go so I figured I’d just head over to the restaurant a little early to grab a table.

My dinner date with Heather last night was at Lanie’s Café, which I’ve visited numerous times over the course of writing the blog. I just love this place to pieces.

Since I got there a bit early, I decided to order myself a glass of wine and just relax for a bit. Nothing like drinking alone at a restaurant, right? Winking smile


Heather arrived shortly after and we ended up chatting for quite some time before even taking a look at the menu…then again, I already knew what I was going to get so I was good to go.

First up: salad bar. I <3 their salad bar so, so much.


Next up: A Lanie’s favorite of mine: the Veggie Quesadilla.


They were of course delicious, but sadly, they just aren’t as “full” and pretty as they used to be. Ahh well.


I wound up eating half of them, boxed the rest to bring home, and ended up staying out with Heather for almost two hours. It was so nice to have a night out with my Nutjob!

After that, I came home, watched Thursday night’s DVR’d episode of Jersey Shore with hubby, then headed to bed because I. Was. Beat.



This morning, I took care of a few house related tasks before heading out to the kitchen to make some breakfast. To my horror, I was greeted with a fruit basket with NO bananas.


The hubby had to be up and out earlier for some work today, so he must have taken the last one with him. Darn him…

Thankfully, I managed to still have a delicious breakfast, sans ‘naners. Look what’s back…Kodiak Cakes!


I actually forgot that I still had some of these left in our pantry until I saw them again this morning, so they became the breakfast of choice. I topped them both with a little peanut butter, pumpkin butter, and some chia seeds.

Along with a delicious, hot mug of coffee.


It is certainly chilly up in here this morning, so the hot coffee tasted wonderful. We’re hovering in on a crisp 60 degrees in the house right now, and even though my hands, toes, and nose are like ice, I’m trying desperately to hold off on turning on the heat.

However, my willpower is verrrrrry quickly weaning…

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


  1. says

    Ugh..the dreaded “no banana” debacle. I have this weird thing where I HAVE to have my daily banana either with breakfast or as a mid-morning snack. There is nothing worse then going to the kitchen and finding out that there are none…or, that they aren’t ripe enough. I like mine with quite a few brown spots. Green bananas? No thank you!

  2. says

    I hope your weekend is shaping up better than your week. I have been thinking of you!
    Whenever you decide on your move to FL, please know that we can have TONS of girls nights out 😀
    Oh I was just thinking…you should (if you want, of course) do a tutorial on the smoky eye. I ALWAYS try, but I feel like I end up looking like a clown. I know you did a tutorial of how you do your make up everyday a while ago, but I don’t think that was with smoky eyes..?
    Holly recently posted..8.5 Months

    • Courtney says

      Thanks Holly!
      Haha, I’m not sure I even do a smoky eye correctly…I guess I’ll have to practice to make sure before sharing 😉
      The other one I did was just plain old shadow!
      (Oh, and I love your idea for girls’ nights in FL!) 😀

  3. says

    Do you have a heat lamp? I use mine when it’s just me in the house (because I feel the heating the whole house when only I’m in it is too much).
    When I used to have cats and the weather got cold, they would sprawl out near it, hehe.
    michelle kim recently posted..Fun Friday Recap

  4. Taryn says

    I too am getting bored with my eye make-up routine. I love Sephora but hate the thought of splurging on eye-shadow that I can’t rock like I hoped I would! Have fun playing with the new goods!

  5. says

    I checked back the three posts to see what the quesadilla used to be like….oh my god I would have been so disappointed especially if I’d arrived hungry, they changed so much! Once it still tasted good though! We’re at 50 degrees in Ireland….during the hottest part of the day, the heat is on!
    Michelle@Peachy Palate recently posted..Grabbed My Attention

  6. Lisa says

    It’s freezing here too. I think it was in the 40’s this morning, but now it has warmed up to the 60’s. Since it’s the first sunny weekend in weeks I put away all the patio furniture. Looks empty, but bring on the fall. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. says

    I heart Sephora. I always feel better with a little shopping spree there;)
    It gets so darn expensive though!
    Its finally starting to feel like Fall over here as well! I’ve already turned on the heat though, I couldn’t resist.
    Lisa recently posted..Spice And Stuff


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