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This post was actually supposed to go up a few hours ago – not quite sure what happened?! Ahh well…just a little delayed. But at least now I can say “Goooo JETS!”


Well, right now I’m most likely on my way back home from the Jets game (since I wrote this post this morning), so let’s hope that they actually did decent and it’s a good ride home. If not, well then you have permission to feel sorry for me. Haha.

So yesterday afternoon I got a text from my friend Mal asking if Jay and I were free to meet up for dinner at one of our favorite spots EVER, Brown’s. Jay was actually working most of the day so I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to make it, but once I let him know that Brown’s was a possibility, he made sure to get back home in time. Yippee!!

Around 7:30, we headed down to Brown’s, put our name in for a table, and headed to the bar to grab a couple of beers while we waited for Brian and Mal. They didn’t have my favorite Cherry Raspberry on tap, but they DID have Pumpkin Ale baaaaaack.


This made me a very happy camper.

(Side note: I was thinking this morning as I was typing this, “Okay, wow. My readers all must thing I’m a total booze-face.” This week seemed to include quite a bit of alcohol, but I promise…I’m not always this bad. I do like me a few beverages now and then though, so I’m not apologizing.) Winking smile

Shortly after we got our beers, our fantastic friends, Brian & Mal arrived, and about an hour later we got a table for dinner (Brown’s is ALWAYS hoppin’ on the weekends!).

The boys


The gals


We ended up ordering some potato skins to share amongst the table to start. I can usually go wither way with potato skins, so I had half of one to see how they tasted. They were definitely good. I probably would have gone back for more but I wanted to save room for my dinner.


And that dinner of choice was their Roasted Mediterranean sandwich, which came with eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, roasted red peppers, portabella mushrooms and provolone cheese on a Multi-Grain Ciabatta.


It also came with a roasted garlic aioli, which I ordered on the side and am so glad that I did…it was good, but WOW was it garlicky. Whew!


In true Brown’s fashion, I also got the sweet potato fries because, well, I don’t think I can ever eat dinner at Brown’s without having them. They’re just that good.

Hope everyone’s weekend is winding down nicely…did it fly by for anyone else, or is it just us? Sheesh!


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    Last weekend when I was out with friends watching the reds playoff game, I ordered sweet potato fries (naturally, because I’m mildly obsessed) and they were hands down the best kind I’ve ever had. They also came with apple butter sauce for dipping and it legit could have passed for dessert!

    Still, a week later, on cloud 9 from tasting those bad boys (clearly).
    Sarah B. recently posted..The Nap That Wasn’t

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    Your order looks so good….any time being out with friends/a beautiful day and a BEER no need to explain! Mmmm….especially a Punkin flavored one. 😉

    The weekend flew by and with this week being MEA ( kids have off Thurs./Fri. from school) I know the week will too….Hello Halloween!
    Kathy recently posted..Silent Sunday


  1. […] Jay and I had a lazy start to our Saturday, which was just what we needed. After lounging around for a bit, we got ready for the day and headed out to run some errands, including grocery shopping and Home Depot. Yes, I’m pretty sure almost all of our errands include a trip to Home Depot these days…I swear, we’re ALWAYS there for one thing or another. We spent a bunch of time working on the nursery (mostly on the closet) so after a few hours we decided to take a break and head out for a little date night dinner at one of our favorite spots, Brown’s. […]

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