Just Gonna Put This Out There

WELL. Today has been…interesting.

Actually, no. I take that back. That sort of gives it a bad connotation, and I am so happy to say that today is actually a GOOD day. Granted, it did include one small part that I reeeeally could have done without, but I’ll get to that in a sec.

First up…breakfast. I’ve had this almost empty PB jar sitting around for almost a week now which, in my opinion, is just too long. So this morning, I whipped up a batch of pumpkin custard oats (minus the banana, because I forgot) and enjoyed that along with a mug of hot coffee.


This breakfast actually wound up being so filling that I couldn’t finish the whole thing. That, my friends, is usually crazy talk. I always finish my breakfast.

Then again, I think part of it may have been my nerves acting up, thanks to what I had to do next…


My poor Cody!

I’m just gonna put this out there…Jay and I are bad kitty parents. We have neglected to bring our little Codester to the vet since we first got him…about 3 years ago, when he was still our little fuzz ball.

Honestly, besides the infection he had when we first found him, he has never had one problem, and we just kept putting it off and putting it off. For at least the past year, we’ve been saying, “we really need to bring Cody to the vet,” and then we, well, forget about it.

Last week though, Jay happened to notice a couple of small cloudy spots on Codester’s eyes. They’re probably only about a couple millimeters wide, but as soon as we saw them we knew we needed to get them checked out. So I made the appointment and this morning was the day.

Now let me tell you that I am horrendous when it comes to seeing Cody unhappy and/or sounding sad (lord help me for whenever I become a mother). Getting him IN to his cat carrier was a 10-minute ordeal on its own, but then we got into the car…

And the sad meows started immediately. He got me feeling so bad at one point that I actually started tearing up because I felt so awful (I know, I’m a lunatic).


After what seemed like an eternity, we finally made it to the vet and he was a very good boy. He got his rabies shot and got his little peepers looked at. Thankfully, they tested negative for ulcers, but they’re most likely some sort of calcium/cholesterol/fatty deposits, so we have to keep monitoring him and bring him back next month. (Keep your fingers crossed that they don’t end up growing!) The vet mentioned that we mayyyy want to cut back slightly on the food for our hefty 13 pound tubster…like I said, bad kitty parents.

Cody and I went through the whole sad meowing ordeal the whole ride back – me talking to him as if he could really understand me – and then we finally got home.


I thought for sure he was going to wind up hating me all day, but I am happy to report that we are on very good terms right now.


He loves his mama…almost as much as his mama loves him. Winking smile


Once we got back home, I changed into my workout clothes and got ready to do a little yoga; I am feeling much better this week than I was last, and definitely ready to jump back into the yoga challenge! I checked out my On Demand channel and found a fast-paced 25 minute video to try out, which turned out to be not too shabby. It incorporated some various Pilates and strengthening moves too, so I liked the extra muscle burn it gave me.

Shortly after yoga, it was lunch time, and let me tell ya…probably one of the best fall salads I’ve made all season.


I wound up taking off all of the deli chicken from my leftover half sub from yesterday (and the onions), chopped it up, and added to a big bed of fresh spinach. Along with the chicken, I added half of a chopped golden delicious apple, dried cranberries, feta cheese, and some raspberry walnut vinaigrette.


I seriously want to have this thing for lunch every day for the rest of the week. Too bad I’m fresh out of leftover subs…

Alright, time to go back out and spoil the Codester some more. Can you tell I’m feeling terrible? Oy vey. Winking smile


  1. Erin says

    Well I am right there with ya…I found a mama kitty and 3 kittens about 2 months ago. Mama is ready to be fixed so I called to set it up but she must have a couple shots before that. So this afternoon she has to go get those shots THEN in the morning back to the vet to be spayed :( Poor girl, I feel really bad for her already :(((

  2. Amanda says

    Oh my, I feel for you. My cat HAAAATED car rides/trips to the vet. I used to cry every time. She’d howl (meowing doesn’t describe the noise she made!) so loudly, and she almost always pooped in her carrier too. I think the anxiety made her do it. Haha. Then, when she got older, she’d throw up in there, and I’d BAWL. It was sooooo sad. I’d just cuddle her for hours when we got home. You’re not the only kitty whimp out there!

  3. says

    I hate taking my cat to the vet too, his vet is out where my parents live so it’s about a 40 minute drive. He’s not too bad in the car, but like you I just talk to him constantly and he is extra spoiled for the rest of the day!
    Lisa @ Jogging on Coffee recently posted..Running Quiz

  4. says

    Awww girl! I hate bringing pets to the vet when you know there’s something wrong :( it’s the hardest thing. One time my dog ate a whole pack of Orbit gum (BAD because xylitol is poisonous to animals), and we had to have him stay overnight in the doggy hospital. Awful awful. I’m glad everything is going in a better direction now! Cuddle with that nugget as much as you can!

  5. says

    Awe! I feel you, I absolutely hate bringing my cat into the vet when I feel like something may be wrong! I feel terrible, since they can’t exactly tell you how they feel ha ha. My cat gets the sweaty paws and leaves little prints all over the car. I feel bad, hopefully Cody is fully on the mend and everything is okay! I’m glad your day is looking better now!
    Lisa recently posted..Comment on Happenings and a Workout by sarah

  6. says

    Awhhh don’t you hate those sad meows. They make you feel so awful! But he knows you love him…that’s just his way of ensuring he gets lots of attention. :)

    And that salad looks yummy! I love adding apples, cranberries, and other fruit to my salads.
    Elaine recently posted..Skinny Cupcakes

  7. says

    awwww poor Cody! Doesn’t it just break your heart? lol aww Cody seems like such a little thing compared to my cats haha! Jack was a whopping 22 pounds.. he’s lost weight though and is 17 now… we just cut out dry cereal. I secretly think it was just cause he’s so fluffy 😉
    Rachel recently posted..MIMM #11 RIP Big Toe Nail

  8. says

    We’ve been terrible with the vet the last couple years too. We actually just made an appointment last week for this Wednesday for them to get check ups… FINALLY! You’re a good mama – don’t you tell yourself anything otherwise! 😉

    That salad does indeed look delicious! I might have to make a copycat version at some point this week!
    Ashley @ My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries recently posted..Listening To My Body – A New Meaning

  9. says

    Aw, I feel the same way whenever I have to leave my puppy at home! My hubby and I went out all day Saturday and when we got back I seriously thought our pup was giving us the pissed off, cold shoulder since he was home alone all day :( Thankfully, unlike me, he forgets his heartbroken feelings and is all licks and cuddles .2 seconds later!
    Life’s a Bowl recently posted..Pumpkin Pie Pancakes

  10. Trixie says

    I feel like a terrible cat parent too! Our cat hates the car rides, and he will cry the entire 30 minute drive to the vet. And then, he had to get several rotten teeth out, and I felt so bad for not realizing his dental health was bad! Ahh…at least they seem to forgive us! lol

  11. says

    Yummy! The salad looks so good!
    I remember taking my cats to the vet’s office. We didn’t have a crate for both of them, so I wrapped one in a blanket. He cried all the way there. Another time, he just hid under the seat and cried until the car engine stopped.
    It would be interesting if there was a cat who enjoyed car rides… sticking the head out the window and everything 😛 (so far, I haven’t heard of any).
    michelle kim recently posted..The Long Run That Super Duper Wasn’t

  12. Alison says

    Now I don’t own a kitten or dog, but when I hear my friend’s little yorkie whimpering and barking in a different room because he’s lonely, I get so sad! When I babysit my baby cousins and they cry when they’re supposed to go to sleep, I wish I can just go and play with them for an extra hour. But then my aunt and uncle would not be thrilled.
    That salad is such a great idea. I have apples, feta, and cranberries. I also have some pork in the house….so that salad is happening soon.

  13. says

    I go through the same thing with my kitty! He hates riding in the car, but the last time he had to take a car ride (I was going out of town and had to take him to my parents house about 20 minutes away) I held him, wrapped up in a towel, while my boyfriend drove and he was a lot calmer. When I’m by myself, he just meows and meows and I feel awful! I spoil him with lots of snuggles and kisses until he just gets annoyed with me and goes on with his day :)
    Stephanie @ LiveCookLove recently posted..Austin City Limits Festival!!!

  14. Barbara says

    I don’t have a kitty any more but I remember those sad, LOUD cat car meows very well. Hopefully the ride to and back wasn’t long!
    P.S. You salad looks delish!

  15. says

    Awwwh, you are actually a good cat mama taking Cody in for his shots! Yes, kitties will throw a hissy fit for being kidnapped by extraterrestrials (anyone/thing outside of their safe house), so it is better to wrap their carrier in a blanket or towel so that they don’t see anything (besides maybe a peek of you).

    You are not the only one singing made-up calming songs to your crying kitty while on a car ride… It gets better after a few times because they are smart and learn (that they eventually get home again).

    Good that there seems to be nothing seriously wrong with his eyes.
    Silvia @skinny jeans food recently posted..At the farmers market

  16. says

    Glad to hear that Cody is okay! I completely know what you mean about not being able to handle it when your pet is in some kind of pain or distress. Thankfully, my pooch has been relatively illness free since I got her, but I remember taking her in to get spayed and being a complete wreck over the whole ordeal. I swear I ended up taking it harder than she did, but I just can’t handle it when I see an animal suffer.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... still disordered? not quite .

  17. says

    I’m totally the crazy kitty mama too. It takes forever to get them in the crate. I have one crate, two kitties. Not a good idea.
    And when they cry when we’re driving to the vet, it makes me SO SAD. I talk to them in my little voice and try to make them feel better. but uh yeah. they have no clue what I’m saying. I hope Cody’s spots don’t get bigger!

  18. says

    I got a kitten a couple years ago and sadly had to give him to some friends (who had other kittens he could play with) because I just wasn’t home nearly enough for him and felt horrible. But I remember taking him to the vet (which was a 2 minute drive down the street) was just heart breaking and I too would talk to him to try and assure him everything would be okay. Poor guy…
    Katie @ Talk Less, Say More recently posted..Music Monday // Power Songs

  19. says

    You’re not alone. We’ve gone the minimal route with our pup’s vet visits too. We went through all of the shots & vaccinations when he was a puppy & continue to keep up on flea, tick & heartworm medications but don’t regularly take him in for checkups. I like to think that all of the love he gets from us is all of the medication he needs! :) Hope Cody’s eyes are a-ok!
    Trisha recently posted..WIAW & Cancellations


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