Let’s #getafterit With a Reebok Giveaway {CLOSED}

As you guys know, I’ve been working a bit with the awesome guys and gals over at Reebok lately, thanks to my friends at FitFluential. Over the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity of receive some amazing Reebok products, ranging from socks, to workout clothes, to sneakers.

This month, with October being breast cancer awareness month, Reebok decided to share a couple of pieces from their Pink Ribbon Collection. Being a proud sponsor of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, Reebok will actually donate more than $500,000 this year to help combat breast cancer. I really do love when I hear of companies (especially those I feel so strongly about) donating towards a great cause. It just makes my heart happy!

So I just have to go ahead and share the couple of pieces I got from Reebok over the weekend because I am honestly, 100% in LOVE with them. Especially these Reebok Pink Ribbon Pants…can you say COMFY?!


Not only are they adorable with the extra pink details, but they are easily the most comfy pair of sweatpants that I now own. Not even kidding. And these days, since I’m working a whole bunch from home, sweatpants really tends to be the name of the game.

I can honestly tell you that I would go out and buy these full price all on my own…and if they made them in other colors, I probably already would have done just that.

The other item I got sent to try out is the Reebok Pink Ribbon 1/4 Zip Top.


(sorry for the funky lighting – super dark out with a mini lamp right next to me makes for not a good photo)

I love how the top is lightweight and a snazzy bright pink color…but most of all, I love it for its thumb hole sleeves. Hence the big thumbs up from Yours Truly. Winking smile

So, funny enough, the pants and top weren’t the ONLY things that came shipped to me over the weekend…somehow, I wound up with a few of these awesome #getafterit t-shirts.


You know…the same one I sported just a couple of weeks ago with that cheesy smile.

Yeah, nowwwww you remember. Winking smile

Well, guess what? These t-shirts are not for me…they’re for YOU. As long as you enter to win one!


I was sent three women’s + two men’s t-shirts (but one went to hubby) so I’ve got the following up for grabs:

  • (1) mens XL #getafterit t-shirt
  • (2) womens M #getafterit t-shirts
  • (1) womens L #getafterit t-shirt


To enter to win a t-shirt:

  • Leave a comment on this post with 1) your size, and 2) something nice to say Smile
  • For an extra entry, you can also tweet the following: “I’m ready to #getafterit and win a new @Reebok t-shirt from @SweetToothCourt! – http://wp.me/p1g6nA-aJz”

I’ll choose the lucky winners on Wednesday, 10/17. Good Luck!


  1. Kayla says

    I love the positive and awesome things Reebok is doing for women! Yay! Medium for me :) I hope your week is going better!

  2. says

    I think these are the cutest shirts! I actually just went to see if I could buy one in case I don’t win LOL! I’d love to be entered to win a medium :)
    And something nice directed at you, and not a shirt… you (Cody) and LolCats are pretty much the only things that have ever made me want a cat.
    Caileigh recently posted..Ontario University Fair 2012

  3. Juliene says

    Size medium. I love the pants. I have some pink ribbon clothing that I love to wear all the time. Comfy, cute and for a good cause!

  4. Veronica says

    I’d like the women’s medium (or large would also be okay!). I continue to read your blog daily and love it!

  5. Beth says

    I tried your cookie dough cupcakes this weekend, and they are a hit in my household. It was also the first time using applesauce instead of oil in baking, and I am hooked. It was the second recipe of yours that my husband has loved, and he is not a healthy food person by any means. =)

    I wear a size medium and I feel like a #Getafterit shirt would help motivate me in my early morning workouts.

  6. Audra says

    Women’s medium! I love your blog!! It inspires me to eat healthy and exercise for me but to also save room for the good stuff… Like cupcakes :)

  7. Jennifer says

    Love your blog Courtney. The pink looks great on you! So nice to hear when companies are supporting such a great cause. My grandma passed away from breast cancer 11 years ago, so supporting breast cancer awareness and research is near and dear to my heart. I would love a medium shirt.

  8. Audra says

    Women’s medium. I love your blog! It inspires me to eat healthy and exercise for me but to also leave room for the good stuff, like cupcakes :)

  9. Molly says

    id love a medium!!! would be a great reminder of how i need to get after it! you are so inspirational to so many courtney! :)

  10. Katie says

    The shirt looks great, I would love one! I hope you have a better week this week, it’s no fun having TWO bad weeks in a row :-/ women’s medium would be fabulous!!!!

  11. Shannon says

    I also love it when companies care enough to contribute to the greater good. What a great cause, and what a great promotion! Thank you for this opportunity, Courtney! PS. I’m a size Medium :)

  12. Meghan says

    I agree, I am thrilled that Reebok is donating to a cause that I also support. I have been, as many others, affected by this disease and I certainly will be sharing the links to these cute new clothes. Thumbholes=HECK.YES.
    I would take a medium :)

  13. Kaitlyn says

    Breast cancer education and awareness is actually my sorority’s philanthropy, so it is very dear to my heart! I’d love to support it even further by rocking one of those medium tshirts. 😉

  14. Angela says

    Those #getafterit shirts are just awesome (size M please!). And remember, if you’re having a bad week, just think about how much better a really great week is going to feel :) The bad times make you appreciate the good.

  15. Ashley says

    I’d love a woman’s medium! I am so glad to hear of your kitty parenting skills. We are the exact same way! This week you are already kicking the yoga challenges butt!

  16. Hannah says

    I love that you love pumpkin as much as I do! Yay for fall!!! Size M is perfect (though, with training, hopefully a S in the future!) Hope you have a great week!

  17. Alycia says

    Such a cute outfit! I love the pants and shirt. Thumb holes are a new obsession of mine. They are just spool comfy.
    I would love to win the men’s shirt for my hubby. Maybe he would even share. :)

  18. Lauren says

    I have been wanting one of these since you posted it recently (women’s medium!). I love Reebok and I think they have really come full circle with trendy workout clothes and their tremendous support for great causes and charities.

    Also – loved your post about Cody! I also talk to my kitties in the car to try to calm them down! Glad he is ok too!!

  19. Vicky says

    I also support the pink ribbon as I have known a few women who have battled with breast cancer and I salute them for bravery. It would be awesome to get a women’s size large!

  20. Maggie says

    Size Medium. Those sweatpants looks SO comfy. You have been such an inspiration lately, especially with everything that you are going through regarding HA. I am going through the same situation and it’s always refreshing to get someone else’s perspective on things, especially if I am having a bad day.

  21. says

    Medium and I love your blog! I especially love the treadmill workouts. I have to run inside a lot because when I can work out it’s still dark out. Your treadmill workouts keep it interesting!

  22. Laurel C says

    I’d love a women’s medium! I’ve been seeing these Get After It shirts around a few blogs, and I’d love to wear it running and to the gym!

  23. Nicole Piontkowski says

    I would love to win one of these! I am very big into fitness – I train at a speed school 6 days a week as well as play field hockey during the fall and track during the spring. It would be awesome to represent Reebok wearing this :) Plus I always come to your blog for workouts! Today I did the Pyramid Treadmill workout :)

  24. Caitlin P says

    I love all the reebok gear in your post, it’s all flattering!
    Size medium!

    Also even though I’m not officially following the yoga challenge, I used you/your challenge as motivation today for much needed yoga, so thank you!
    Caitlin P recently posted..The best kind of weekend.

  25. Amy Brush says

    I look forward to reading your blog everyday! My story with food and fitness is related to yours, and still struggle a little with disordered eating thoughts. Reading your blog about healthy eating and fitness with occasional indulgences is helping me heal everyday! I love your outlook on life!
    I’d love a medium!
    Have a great week!

  26. april says

    i’m a size medium. i think it’s really sweet that you’re doing this giveaway – gotta love promoting breast cancer awareness! :-)

  27. Kaitlin says

    Crossing my fingers for a medium!! :) Love reading your blog.. so many great recipes and stories.. you’re really an inspiration!

  28. says

    Two nice things:
    1.I baked creamy style homemade Mac n cheese
    For dinner and it was super tasty.
    2. Last time I was in reebok we scored a pretty sweet deal (buy two pairs of tennis shoes get the third pair free) and my whole familia (hubs, me n kiddo) got new zigs!
    I wear a size Medium

  29. says

    1) I’d love a M in Women’s!
    2) Every time you post a picture of yourself with your glasses on, I’m always like, “I love her glasses! I want them!” So……if you don’t mind me asking, what kind of glasses do you have?

    Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  30. Alyssa says

    I love the shirt! And am in the market for some since tank top season is over 😉 I would love a medium!

    Happy Monday!

  31. Tracie says

    Size medium! You are such an inspiration to my journey of weight loss. Your log has been motivating and moving! Thank you!

  32. Jessica p says

    You inspire me! I also need to gain weight to get my period back. It’s hard…but so worth it for our future families :)

  33. says

    I unfortunately don’t have much nice to say on this dreary Monday – it has been one of those days where everything seems to go wrong, from a parent not showing up to a scheduled early morning conference last minute to a dinner that did not pan out well. Bleh. But I guess your blog helps my night be a little bit better?

    I would love a medium!

  34. Christine says

    I’m a medium and my BF is an extra-large 😉

    Love your blog! hope you and cody have a good rest of the week!

  35. Jessica says

    I love that pink 1/4 top!!! Is it in stores? By the way I’m a small but would wear a medium so feel free to pick me! :-)
    Jessica recently posted..YurBuds

  36. Cindy says

    I love your blog these days! I love that you’re sharing real experiences and your current struggles with over exercising.

  37. Lisa says

    I’d love any of the women’s sizes, but preferably a medium.

    I think you are awesome by the way and love reading your blog! :-)

  38. Laura says

    thank you so much for your time and expertise! I have thoroughly been enjoying your blog, trying out new recipes, chia seeds, and thanks to you my new found love for yoga! I know your had a rough last week (days), but don’t forget what an inspiration you are to all of us on a daily basis. Size medium :o)

  39. LibraryLynn says

    I got everything on my to-do list done! Now that is something very nice to say and little girls best day in the world (according to her) a new American Girl Doll catalog showed in the mail.

    I would love anything free so size M if it runs long or L if anything runs small. I am not picky.


  40. Jordan K. says

    I love the Reebok #getafterit t-shirts! So cool! I could wear a Meduim or a Large(ladies) 😉

    I’ve been reading your blog on a daily basis for the past year and a half or so, and etyou always have great recipes, thoughtful posts, funny pics (love Codester) and an all around great attitude towards healthy living! Truly and inspiration you are!

  41. Susannah says

    A medium or large for me! 😉

    I looooove how in love you are with Cody. I feel the same way about my cat, Sophia. Cats truly have personalities all their own and make life fun!

  42. Vanessa says

    I just thought i’d say i’m super inspired by your dedication to yoga…i’m def. a weights and HITT loving girl, and more so now than ever, I could def. use some yoga in my life! :)

    I’m a size M!

  43. Lynne says

    I’ve been super inspired by your yoga challenge and have been practicing 3 or 4 times a week! I would love a size medium :)

  44. says

    Awesome giveaway! I would wear a medium, but heck, I’d make any size work with one of those if need be. 😉
    You are one of my absolute favorite bloggers and I hated hearing that you were having a rough time last week. It made me sad! I hope things look up for you real soon, Courtney! :)
    Angela @ Health’s Angel recently posted..I’m A Big Girl Now

  45. Hannah says

    I’m a medium and would love to rock this shirt. Unrelated, I asked my roommates what cookies they wanted me to make and they unanimously requested your chocolate butterscotch cheesecake cookies. Thanks for the recipe!

  46. Lydia L. says

    Medium. And I have to say after reading your last post about your cat, I honestly thought to myself “she is going to be an amazing mom someday.” As a mom myself, I can just sense these things in people now, even through a blog :-)

  47. Laura says

    These shirts are awesome – I’m a size medium! P.S. You have great taste in local places to get beer… Browns is great but if you have have time, check out the McToberfest from The VanDyke in Schenectady. Best Pumpkin beer I’ve had this year!!!

  48. Liz H says

    Love reading your posts everyday I look forward to your happy attitude. Would love one of these super cute shirts in a medium!

  49. Lauren says

    I can’t stop thinking about all that chocolate that you reviewed a few days ago….the toffee one better get in my belly asap. I’d like a size medium please! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  50. Naomi says

    Reading your blog always makes me smile…so much inspiration and so many delicious recipes, all in one place. I hope you are having a better week!

    Size medium

  51. Elizabeth says

    Medium, please. A new shirt would be super helpful in getting my exercise mojo back :)
    And I love your blog :) Very honest and relatable. Thanks!

  52. Lauren @ Call Me Mrs. Rapp says

    Your blog makes me happy and hopeful each day! Aaaaand I’m a size medium. :) Happy Monday, Courtney! :)

  53. ali says

    I love these shirts! Size medium PLEASE!! You are so cute in your Reebok gear :) I would live in those sweatpants too. I am now obsessed and may have to go get a pair immediately.

  54. nicole s says

    1. Womens Large
    2. The weekend was AMAZING. Beautiful weather and great times with friends. Much to be thankful for!

  55. Josie says

    Medium please :) I love your blog and read it every day. So happy that you are having a better week :).
    Btw, I think you are an awesome mama to your fur baby, Cody!! He’s such a cutie. I have two furbabies (cats), they’re so much fun and yes I talk to them in the car while I’m driving them to and from the vet, it’s funny :)

  56. Allie says

    I can’t WAIT to workout like a normal person after this (never ending) pregnancy! It would sure be fun to have a cute new shirt (size M) for even more inspiration! Hope you are having a great day!

  57. Kristin S. says

    I’m a women’s size medium, but could also do the men’s XL for the boyfriend!

    Also, I’m so glad Cody had a pretty good report at the vet! I hate having to take my cat in as well! Fingers crossed his eyes get better!

  58. Megan says

    Large and in charge ;] Lame much? Perhaps. I found your post about Cody earlier today, my two fur babies react the exact same way when you put in the carrier and it absolutely melts my heart. You’re not the only one :]

  59. Casey H says

    Courtney- I love reading your blog. It’s very inspiring and I really admire how you are able to own and share (and stay so positive about) so many details of your life with your readers. It really is a treat to find a new blog post in the middle of the day while I work from home (though I’m sure my employer disagrees!). Keep up the wonderfully inspiring, funny, and heartfelt work – and thank you for showing your support in the battle against breast cancer. I would love a size Medium, and I am @caseyeholmes.

    PS- Cody looks just like my cat from childhood!! Thank you :)

  60. Kristin S. says

    Size medium; Courtney – i think the saying on the shirt is great because you really abide by the “get after it” mindset in living a healthy life and inspiring the rest of us to do so as well!

  61. Ashley says

    you are so awesome and always inspire me to keep going after it. Nice to relate to someone else who can e honest with the ups and downs!! Love to win this shirt!!
    (Womens M)

  62. Kelsey LaPaglia says

    Medium and after checking your blog frequently throughout the day, I am always encouraged and enlightened whether its your workouts, recipes, or funny videos like the Ellen one from last week!

  63. Emily says

    I hope this week is better than the last for you! I bet all those Reebok goodies helped :) The shirts are super cute! I wear a women’s size medium!

  64. Melanie says

    I would take a medium if chosen! I haven’t had many reebok clothes in the past but hope to add some to my wardrobe in the near future!

  65. jamie says

    As much as I would want one of these tshirts for myself I’d have to get the men’s XL for my man! He’s the hardest worker in the gym and my inspiration for training!

  66. Kelli says

    I love that they are supporting such a great cause. Those sweatpants are awesome, I want a pair :) I would be a women’s M or L.

  67. Kevin says

    Mens XL please! Glad the temperatures didn’t drop, back to perfect running weather! #getafterit Thanks for the give away.

  68. April Miller-Rose says

    Small…Medium would work 😉 you continue to inspire me each and everyday! I look forward to reading your blog posts every day! 😀

  69. Chele says

    I love seeing big companies do good things like this….especially something like breast cancer since it’s something that affects so many people in one way or another!!! Also, those sweatpants look super comfy :)

    I would probably be a woman’s large.

  70. Caylin says

    Everyone reading this post should do something unexpected for someone in their life today. Make their day better with simply a smile!

    (Size medium womens)

  71. Lara F. says

    Something nice to say: “You have to be willing to get happy about nothing.” – Andy Warhol
    ^So true. I am trying to live this way.

    I’m a (women) Medium

  72. Sarah says

    Your blog has inspired me to get healthier now, and start treating my body with the respect it deserves rather than the perfection that is unobtainable. I realized that if I do not take care of my body now, I could suffer the consequences down the road. You are an inspiration to the blog world :)

    oh, size medium

  73. Kristin says

    what a great cause to donate to. Thank you Reebox! I know so many people who had/has breast cancer including my Mother, this cause is one that truly means a lot to me.
    Sz . Med or even the mens my other half would love this shirt!

  74. Shanna says

    Medium or large:)

    And, one of my favorite sayings of all time, it is a beautiful day and it is GREAT to be alive:) <—-purely good vibes there:)

  75. says

    Another reason to love Reebok! Their running shoes are the best I’ve owned. I feel drawn to purchase items from companies who donate to great causes and I’m glad that Reebok is doing just that. If I win I’d love a women’s medium :)

  76. says

    I would probably be a medium! I made oats in a jar the other day..only because I see you doing it quite often, and now I am obsessed! Now if only I could eat nut butter jars extra fast (which typically isn’t a hard thing).
    Britta recently posted..Pumpkin’s Still Here

  77. Leigh h says

    Size m I love all of the media attention that breast cancer is receiving this month! It provides a lot of support to those who are struggling

  78. Karen says

    Wow, such cute clothes, I love those sweatpants! You can never own too many sweatpants, especially cute ones with pink :)

    (women’s size medium)

  79. says

    What a great cause Reebok is doing teaming up with Avon Walk for breast cancer. I’d love the medium T!
    Love your blog. You’re one of the few that I can check during my morning work break and my afternoon work break!

  80. Gabrielle says

    I love your blog! I’ve been a faithful reader for a year now :)
    Oh and I’d love to win the medium size t-shirt 😉

  81. Emily says

    I am a size medium. This morning when I ended spin class my instructor had us turn to the person next to us and say “you are awesome” because everyone should hear that everyday. So Courtney, you are awesome!

  82. Amanda says

    Love the shirt! I am a medium. Btw the way, I made glazed carrots the other night…delish! Thanks for the inspiration :-)

  83. Brianne says

    I was looking at buying one! I think they are so great! I LOVE the pants you have too…they look so comfy! Im a Large since i cant stand tight workout clothes :)

  84. Megan says

    Medium or Large. I am really trying to get after it! So the shirt would be great. I love reading your blog everyday, keep up the great posts!

  85. Ashley says

    I’d love the womens medium. The pants look amazingly comfortable!!! It is a beautiful fall day in Albany today! I hope you enjoy it.

  86. Ali b says

    I’ be never won any giveaway ever! I love workout clothes and would love to finky win something!
    A women’s size medium please!

  87. Kristin says

    I’d love the large one and I absolutely love your blog and how you keep it very real and positive!! Hope you have a great day Courtney :)

  88. Jessica says

    I love the pretty purple color!! I wear a size medium, but if I am chosen and the womens shirts are already spoken for the hubs wears an XL!

  89. Jennifer says

    Love the cause behind their pink line and love the get after it Tee! … and of course, love the blog!! Size M.

  90. Georgia says

    Love to read your inspiring words! I have only been into a healthier living style for the past six months. I would love the men’s XL shirt! It looks cool and it would help me stay motivated to continue on this path I have chosen. Keep up the great work!!

  91. kristina says

    Love your blog and the recipes- I need to make that chicken parm pizza for my hubby asap! I think I’d be a medium in the shirt. :)

  92. Marie says

    Those shirts are super cute, and it’s great that they’re supporting Breast cancer awareness :) I’d need a size medium.

  93. Rachel S. says

    Those are such cool shirts! I would want the men’s XL, and I am so going to make that chicken parm pizza. It looked so good.

  94. Laurel says

    Your blog always puts me in a better mood. I hope things are getting better. Large women’s for me. Oh, I love your chicken parm burgers, I cannot wait to try the pizza!

  95. Krystina says

    I love this shirt! I would need a Medium.

    And I wish I was able to wear sweatpants all day. I occasionally work from home, and being in comfy clothes definitely makes the day so much better!

  96. says

    Hmmm…something nice? We’ll, this is tough because my hubby just left on deployment : ( But the nice thing about this, is I can do some “belated spring cleaning” while he’s gone and work on some house projects to surprise him : )
    Size medium please : )
    Jenn recently posted..Loving you.

  97. Jackie says

    Size Medium. I love that Reebok suports such an amazing cause and one that is very close to my own heart. Love your blog!

  98. says

    Whaddup Courtney?!

    I’m a size L because I’m in college and fitted t-shirts are non existent around campus! Haha. One of my AGD sister’s mother has breast cancer and I think it’s great to donate to the cause – makes my heart happy, too!

    P.S. Have you tried peanut butter powder before? Sooo good!
    Claire recently posted..Small Talk

  99. Katie says

    I would love a medium tshirt. My mom is recently recovered from breast cancer, and it is a very important cause for me.

  100. Kristen says

    Any update on the changes you’ve seen after starting apple cider vinegar? I started a week after you did, drinking 1 tablespoon every morning and I haven’t seen any changes. Just wondering how it’s working out for you!

    Oh and I’d love a women’s medium shirt! =)

  101. Rochelle says

    These shirts are so cute! And yay to Reebok for donating to such a good cause! I’m actually running a couple 5ks this month to support the cause, as well. My best friend is a breast cancer survivor!!!

    And I would love to sport a men’s XL shirt! I like my workout tops to be baggy.

  102. Gabby says

    I would love love love a medium.

    I need to re-inorporate that #getafterit mentality into my workouts! I am, however, grateful for the fact that I’ve been so compassionate with myself during these less active couple of weeks.

  103. Nancy says

    I would love one in medium! I definitely need something to exercise in, might make me do more!! Love your recipes, I have made the Chicken Parm Burgers and they are delicious!! All your recipes come out so good, I rely on them all the time!! Keep up the great page!!!

  104. Kristen says

    I always look forward to reading your blog at lunch – it seems so real which I love! I’d love to win the shirt in a medium!

  105. Nicole says

    I love those shirts, I would feel so bad ass with it on :) haha size medium! I’m looking forward to the yoga challenge this week I’ve been slacking as well, we can do it!

  106. Sarah says

    LOVE that Reebok is supporting breast cancer! And especially love the purple shirts! It would be awesome to win a Large shirt!

  107. Natasha says

    Size medium fits me! And your blog is awesome, I get alot of ideas for food and desserts that my husband and I love!

  108. Nicole W. says

    Love that Reebok has clothing for breast cancer awareness. Being a person who has been touched so closely by breast cancer, any company that is willing to support the awareness is a positive company in my eyes. I wear a size medium.

  109. Kalena says

    I love your blog! Thank you for keeping it real & acknowledging lousy weeks & that life isn’t always picture perfect! Size Medium:)

  110. Tiffany says

    I love your blog. You are so honest and motivating. You inspire me to be myself! (Size M – to Canada if it’s open to us)

  111. kristen @ livinlifeinlouie says

    great giveaway!
    I can wear the M or L.
    I hope you and your little furry friend are having a better day :)

  112. Suzanne says

    I think Medium would be best for me. Although Large could probably work too. AND my husband is an XL. So I guess what I’m saying is that I’m flexible :)

  113. Kym says

    I cannot wait to make that pizza. My mouth was watering just from looking at the pictures! Glad to hear that Mr. Cody is ok!

    P.S. I would love to have that shirt!! (Women’s medium). I have been planning to order one since you posted a pic of it the first time! Super cute!

  114. says

    You got lots of goods over the weekend, thanks for sharing! I’d love to rock a [medium] #getafterit shirt at the gym- I’m trying to incorporate more strength training activities into my sweat sessions and that shirt would be great motivation!
    Life’s a Bowl recently posted..Marvelous Monday [MIMM #2]

  115. Lauren M. says

    I love that reebok is supporting such a wonderful cause! I would love to support reebok by wearing a medium #getafterit shirt to the gym (or let’s be real, I wear workout clothes almost anywhere)!

  116. Jenny says

    It is so awesome that Reebok is supporting a wonderful cause! I would love to win the #getafterit shirt in a large!

  117. Shannon says

    1. Women’s M
    2. My family cooked and tried your Lighter Mac n Cheese with Chicken and Tomatoes last night. We substituted the fat-free milk for whole since it’s the only kind we buy, and we took out the spices. Let me just say it was the most delicious homemade macaroni and cheese that I have ever eaten in my 16 years of living on planet Earth. Hol-ly COW, it was crazy good. So good that my family ate every ounce of it. I’m most definitely putting this recipe in my recipe book for when I go to college/when I’m on my own. Thank you so, so, so, so, so, so much! I really wish we had leftovers because I would be eating it right now. My brother says thank you especially since he thinks I’m weird for reading blogs- he thought your mac n cheese was delicious. 😀

  118. Noelle says

    I could probably do either the Medium or the Large! I love reading you’re blog…gives me inspiration to eat healthy (most of the time) and exercise. Cody is so cute too!!

  119. Ally says

    I would love a small :)

    I’m always so excited to #getafterit with my workouts this morning. And even though I don’t have time for Crossfit everyday anymore, I can still make the most of the little time I have!

  120. Susan says

    Your chicken parm pizza looks awesome and I’m definitely going to make it. If I win, I would like a medium please.

  121. Amy says

    I love reading your blog, i respect you for being open about things going on in your life, even though it may not always be easy! I wear a medium!

  122. Lauren says

    I would love a medium shirt. They look so comfortable and like they would be great for lounging, working out, or doing homework!

  123. caitlin says

    Medium! I love their shoes, I wear them for every workout at the gym. They are hot pink and make getting up at 5:30 doable.

  124. Lindsey F says

    I’m a medium, but I can always rock a large :)

    I love the positive motivation that Reebok is promoting and their support of breast cancer.

  125. Jamie says

    You are super pretty and have the cutest blog – it is one of my daily staples! So thanks for being awesome :). And size medium!

  126. Haley says

    I’m a Medium! I think it’s great that you have been getting back to running lately Courtney! I’ve just recently been in the running spirit and it just feels so great! Keep up the good work and have a great day!

  127. Heather says

    After reading for your blog for the past few months I finally decided to join the YMCA to get in shape. Your blog inspired me with your approach to exercise and healthy eating. I appreciate your honesty and candidness. I would love a Large shirt to start my new journey.

  128. says

    I love the #getafterit line and it’s great that Reebok is supporting such a worthy cause. Also, can I just say that the yoga challenge has been amazing so far? It has changed my outlook so much. Thank you so much for hosting it.

    I’m a medium, by the way.
    Becki @Fight4Wellness recently posted..WIAW #6: Tofurkey!

  129. Kaelin says

    I have heard good things about this shirt! I would love to win one! Size small.

    I am glad you are feeling better this week Courtney.

  130. Courtney S. says

    I would love to win the size L women’s shirt! Because… your blog inspires me to work hard to become a size M :-)

  131. Danielle says

    I would love to win the women’s M or L! The large would go to my wonderful mom :) ps. i love your blog, big time, and i’m so happy you’re back into running! It’s my favorite stress-reliever!

  132. Danielle says

    I would love to win the women’s M or L! The large would go to my wonderful mom :) ps. i love your blog, and i’m so happy you’re back into running! It’s my favorite stress-reliever!

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