A Meal I Would Have Grown Up With

Gooooooood morning!! Did everyone have a fantastic weekend? I know I did…here’s what was up over here:

I never made it back to “visit” on the blog yesterday, but did have a pretty productive morning, followed by a fairly relaxing evening. It was fantastic…a little football, a little reading, a Redbox movie (Jay chose “That’s My Boy” – not baaaad) and an easy coffee table dinner waiting in the crockpot.


Funny story…so I’ve actually had this chicken recipe hanging out on the side of my fridge for, probably, well over a year now. I have no idea why, but I just never think to make it. I look at it, I know it’s there, but that’s about the extent of that.


So yesterday morning before heading out to the grocery store, I happened to spot it again and decided to finally put it to use. I actually already had everything except for the chicken, so it was suuuuuper easy to throw together.

I literally just dumped everything into the crockpot on top of 5 small chicken cutlets, stirred it all around, and let it cook on high for about 5 hours. Jay said that when he looked at it cooking, it sort of reminded him of chicken and biscuits, so he requested biscuits to go with it. Since I already had some Bisquick on hand, I quickly mixed up a small batch while getting everything else ready.


My husband can be a pretty smart man, I’ll tell ya. It tasted absolutely delicious with the biscuits, and the chicken was so tender that it was practically falling apart. If you guys are ever in need of a quick meal in the crockpot, I’d totally recommend this one.

Along with our chicken and biscuits, I cooked up some baby carrots and green beans for some added veggies and color.


This totally reminded me of a meal that I would have grown up with…it has my dad’s name written ALL over it. Winking smile



I think I got a little heavy handed with the spinach this morning…


What started out as some scrambled eggs with spinach and feta cheese wound up being more like a spinach scramble. Definitely way more spinach than eggs, but I’m totally cool with that. It tasted awesome AND I’ve already got about 3 cups worth of fresh spinach in the ‘ol tummy. Sweeeeet.


On the side, I had a couple of protein apple chunk muffins with some peanut butter.


Lots of variety – gotta love that!


I decided that since we’ve only got three more days in the month, I’m just going to hold off on doing the last update to the challenge until this Thursday, November 1st. That way we can all just do a final wrap-up for the month.

Question for the Morning:

What sort of meals remind you of when you were growing up?

A few for me: chicken and biscuits (which my mom hated but made because my dad loves it), spaghetti with mom’s sauce and garlic bread, homemade pizza, roast beef with mashed potatoes and peas, meatloaf, chicken casserole (made with a Bisquick top), hot dogs with Kraft macaroni and cheese Smile


  1. says

    My mom used to make the same things ALL the time. Spaghetti was on the table 1-2 nights a week (no joke) and then she would go through phases. For a couple years it was panini sandwiches, then chicken tikka marsala, and sometimes grilled chicken sandwiches. Now that she is a vegan, she comes up with all kinds of random meals, but my siblings and I still tend to stay clear from spaghetti to this day!
    Chelsea @ Cardio and Cocktails recently posted..Halloween Party and Another Spooky 5K

  2. says

    Actually, all of those things. On Saturday, I made a crock pot roast chicken that turned out fantastic, and served it with green beans, roasted brussels sprouts (which needed to go back in the oven. Sooooo not done!), cheddar biscuits, mashed potatoes. Took me back, and I’ve got TONS of leftovers from the chicken. Only things I would’ve changed would be to add garlic to the brussels sprouts, and more salt to the chicken (apparently it’s hard to over-salt a chicken?). Having leftovers for lunch today with some brown rice.
    Beks recently posted..LiveFit Phase 1: Almost Done. Basically a recap

  3. says

    Most of the meals that remind you of childhood, remind me of my own childhood! Chicken and dumplings was one of my favorites, probably because I live anything doughy and carby, lol! I also loved my mom’s spaghetti and sauce, and my grandma’s macaroni and cheese! Again, loving those carbs! :)

    • Courtney says

      Haha, my dad didn’t do much for dinner either, but he makes a mean breakfast. Waffles and pancakes were his specialty :)

  4. says

    Totally unrelated but my boyfriend was actually IN the movie, That’s My Boy. He was the lawyer. Anyways, we never got around to watching it. This may be blasphemy since my love does make a small appearance….buuuttt….it doesn’t look that good. I have a sneaking suspicion you may agree. 😉
    Maria @powerpeanutlife recently posted..A Quick Study Break

  5. says

    That breakfast looks great! There can never be too much spinach…especially when combined with eggs and salsa or ketchup! 😉

    Growing up, my mom rarely ever cooked. My dad would cook Sunday dinners and one of my favorites was always his meatloaf. Unfortunately, I do not have many memories of meals during the week unless you count Hamburger Helper and frozen meals 😉 um…no thanks. I am so glad to be able to cook meals for myself and my family now so that I do not have to revert to dinners out of a box every night.
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted..Pizza for Breakfast: Breakfast Pizza Egg-Scramble Burrito

  6. says

    Chicken crockpot recipes are the best! The only time I’ve had chicken and biscuits was when someone recommended it at Cheesecake Factory and warned my boyfriend and I that the portion was huge..it was HUGE. We shared it and couldn’t even finish it. Definitely a comforting meal though!

    Growing up, my mom would always make me fried rice! I still request it when I go home..it’s so good! We also had some other asian-y dishes that I don’t think have English names. :)
    Connie @ Livin’ Lean recently posted..Happy 5 Years

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    I just love the simplicity of Crock Pot meals–if only the Crock Pot could wash itself, it would be perfect!

    I remember a lot of hotdishes (casseroles), Kraft mac n’ cheese, breakfast for dinner, and those tv dinners that came in the blue boxes…Kid Cuisines or something? My sister and I LOVED those and always begged my mom for them whenever we went grocery shopping with her! The nutritional stats of those are horrible though! haha

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    The more slow cooker recipes I see, the more convinced I become that I need to buy one… especially because my mom made a slow cooker stew over the weekend that was just to die for. And speaking of mom’s cooking, meals that remind me of growing up are Mac&Cheese, chicken fingers with mashed potatoes and corn, buttermilk pancakes, spaghetti noodles with butter and parmesan cheese, perogies, and tomato soup.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... i blame the gorgeous guy .

  9. says

    Growing up, we were always given fried rice for school lunches (with peas, carrots, Korean marinated beef, egg)… so I always think of my elementary school days when I eat that.
    Thanks for the easy recipe! I might have to adjust the amount of each ingredient because the slow-cooker we have in our apartment is a tiny 2-quart size.
    michelle kim recently posted..Off to the Morgan Hill Marathon

  10. Kacy says

    Saw this post and ran to the store during my lunch break and threw it in the crockpot at home- so now dinner will be waiting- so glad you posted this because I am exhausted and had no clue on what dinner would be.

    oh and I added a can of mushrooms too 😉

  11. Shannon says

    spaghetti with meatballs, hot dogs with macaroni and cheese, chicken pot pie, honey chicken and comforting chicken.

  12. says

    As a youngster I always craved for British Cod and Chips
    The cod wrapped in a crisp batter and chips covered in salt and vinigar

    Today in Finland it is Graavi Lax,or raw fresh salmon on black bread with lashings of butterr and Dill


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