Not ONE.

Not one trick-or-treater last night. Not ONE.

I sat around waiting, all snuggled up under my favorite blanket with my festive Halloween socks proudly on display…but nada.


Even Cody was bored with waiting around.


Ahh well. I can’t say that I’m really surprised. Wishful thinking I suppose. Winking smile

While we waited for some little ghosts and goblins to show up at our door, the two of us tag-teamed some dinner. Oh my goddddd, it was so good.


Jay reheated some of the leftover potatoes from Tuesday in a skillet (making them even better this time around).


While I prepared a couple of chicken and avocado wraps for us. I filled up two LaTortilla Factory wraps with leftover grilled chicken, about half of an avocado for each (I ate up the rest of it just plain), cheese (provolone for me), and a little bit of homemade garlic mayo that Jay whipped up (he literally just threw some minced garlic into the mayo).

Once they were wrapped up, I placed them on a griddle and let them brown up a bit on both sides, making everything in the center nice and warm.


They were definitely awesome.

After dinner, we caught up on some of our favorite shows and managed to dig into the Halloween candy stash a bit…


Those Twix were tastin’ goooood last night!

As far as breakfast goes, you guys aren’t missing much. I had a repeat of yesterday, but was too lazy to take the photos. It was just as good though, I promise.

FYI: For those of you looking to link up for the final week of the October Yoga Challenge, it’ll be up later this afternoon!

Questions for the Morning:

  • Did you get many trick-or-treaters where you live last night? Nope.
  • Did you dress up at all for Halloween this year?  Yup.
  • Have you enjoyed any Halloween candy yet? Winking smile You betcha.


  1. says

    Aw, that’s a bummer. I love your socks! And that dinner does look great. I went through a phase awhile back where I couldn’t get enough avocado. I had a random craving for it this week and bought a couple at the store but they haven’t been tasting too great. Finding good-quality avocados is SUCH a rarity around here.
    Angela @ Health’s Angel recently posted..Cube Life = Healthy Life?

  2. Monica says

    I feel your disappointment. We just moved to a new subdivision, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Usually we get over 300 trick-or-treaters, so I bought the same amount of candy, hoping it would be the same at the new place. Nope. 16 total. Including adults who I shoved candy at by the handful.
    At least I got to dress up!

  3. says

    Sorry you didn’t get a single trick or treater! I had about 10 and I thought my turn out wasn’t great.. I guess I should be thankful for what I got! :) I am actually not a huge candy person, but I did have a fun size pack of peanut m&ms and a Reese cup. Festive cupcakes, cookies, treats, etc are what really own my heart!
    Jana @ Newly Wife Healthy Life recently posted..WIAW: Spooky Halloween Supper

  4. says

    None?! I was sad with the 25 we got. Growing up our house would get 300 plus kids. Sadly, I think too many kids go to malls these days which is not the fun in Halloween.
    I did not dress up :( First time in years!
    I ate TOO much and need to detox! haha Feel sugar hungover today!
    Lindsey recently posted..Happy Halloween

    • Courtney says

      We used to get that many when I was growing up too! The doorbell would ring continuously for HOURS. I loved it!

  5. Maggie says

    Hey Courtney, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I just wanted to let you know how much you have changed my perception of healthy for the better. I used to think that the less bread, carbs etc. I ate and the more of everything else the better my body would feel. When in reality that left me hungry all the time. By reading your blog I have learned that it’s okay to have waffles for breakfast (w pb and banana) or a sandwich for lunch and that healthy doesn’t always mean just egg whites and salads.

    • Courtney says

      Maggie, that is SO great to hear! There was once a time in my life where I thought the same things as you used to. That being said, I am so, so happy that you’ve found a comfortable, happy way to be healthy…especially with waffles, pb, and banana :)

  6. says

    Oooh, that wrap looks yummy!! Love chicken & avocado together. I only got 2 groups of Trick or Treaters, for a total of 7 kids – and that’s only because they were my friends who brought their kids & their friends! I live at the end of a dead end at the top of a hill, no one wants to walk up it. I did not dress up for Halloween this year, but I did make my fur-baby a costume! Haha. And is Halloween candy for breakfast bad? Oops. Darn Junior Mints 😉
    Jillian @ Trail Mix Diaries recently posted..Happy Halloween!

  7. Alycia says

    Well, both good and bad, now you have candy in the house if a craving every strikes you! :)

    We took our 6 year old trick or treating last night, and he ended up with a crap load of candy! And its actually good stuff this year, not the cheapo stuff from the past.

    I dressed up for work yesterday as part of Fight Club. I had on a Fight Club tshirt, and gave myself a black eye, blood dripping down my chin, and a bandage on my forehead. When anyone asked what I was, I told them “The first rule of Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club”. It was so much fun!

  8. says

    Did you get many trick-or-treaters where you live last night? Nope. But we hid in the basement, so it was more because we’re a misanthropic bunch…and we wanted the candy to ourselves…

    Did you dress up at all for Halloween this year? I dressed up as myself, and it’s as scary a costume as they come.

    Have you enjoyed any Halloween candy yet? See question 1. 😀
    Beks recently posted..Happy Halloween!

  9. Marie says

    We only had 4 kids, kinda disappointing! It was our first Halloween in our new house and I bought 2 bags of candy. Not sure what I’m going to do with all of it!!

  10. says

    I love the idea of heating the wrap on the skillet – I definitely think I am going to try that out :) I actually dressed up as Snooki and purchased a little boy babydoll to be Lorenzo! It was pretty funny.
    Stephanie @ StephSnacks recently posted..Mayhem

  11. says

    That is so funny… I wonder why no trick-or-treaters come by ! I know so many people that also had no visitors ! Maybe the weather ? Or people being health conscious these days ? I live in an apartment so I knew there would be no visitors walking up a winding staircause to the third floor lol Oh well more candy for you !
    Michelle Levine recently posted..November Events in Boston 2012

  12. says

    We had a total of 4 trick-or-treaters last night, so disappointing! We live in a pretty busy neighborhood too, I was a little surprised we didn’t have more. Although I guess not really, since it’s not a very kid-friendly area. Needless to say, the 4 kids who did show up got their fair share of candy! Still a ton leftover, thank goodness :)
    Meghan @ After the Ivy League recently posted..A Day in the Life

  13. Shannon says

    We got 9 trick-or-treaters last night. More than what we usually get but still not a lot. There aren’t many little kids that live near me, so I was sort of surprised to see more than the neighbors at the door last night.

    Yes- I dressed up as a witch for school.

    Of course! I had about 3 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups after dinner.

  14. Marielle says

    Oh my gosh- we have so much candy leftover…we had about 10 kids, ugh. I named to find a way to give my candy away!

  15. says

    It’s sad but I answer “no” to all the questions! I live on campus in apartments so no trick-or-treaters. I didn’t even have any Halloween candy! But I had some dark chocolate from Trader Joe’s on hand, so I had some of that.
    I love the second picture with Cody. He really does look bored 😛
    michelle kim recently posted..Useless Biceps

  16. says

    I bought sooo much candy and we still had a full bucket when the end of the night came :( We had a couple of trick or treaters…but not many! Oh well, maybe next year 😉 Now, I am just worried about how to get all of this candy out of my house!

  17. says

    I have to answer no to all of these, too. I’m always such a Halloween dud. :-/ We live in an apartment, so we never have trick-or-treaters, I purposely didn’t buy any candy because I knew I would just devour it all by myself, and I never dress up (though my husband did have to dress up as a ballerina for a 5K last weekend, so I wore the tutu around the apartment for an hour–if that counts as dressing up!).
    Allison @ Running Through Red Lights recently posted..Ironman Motivation

  18. says

    I’m just catching up now 😀 been without power for a couple days because of the Hurricane

    Anddd even though trees were down and it was prob dangerous I got TONS of trick or treaters… those kids mean business! lol I’m sadly out of candy :/ I was able to snag a Mounds bar though haha
    Rachel recently posted..Happy Halloween!

  19. says

    NONE?? That sucks :( I got 4, which was a record for us! I live in a house right by my University, along with about a bajillion other students, so the kiddo’s usually avoid us! Not this year 😉 So glad I picked up random milk chocolate pumpkins for myself…If we didn’t find those…oh boy. At first my roommate offered them some celery that she was roasting! ha!
    Lauren @The Homeostatic Mindset recently posted..A Very Happy Halloween!!!

  20. Karen says

    For the last 2 years we have not had any trick or treaters, but every year I still buy candy! Last night we had 4, it was SO EXCITING!! Maybe next year!

  21. says

    We live in an apartment building so we don’t get trick or treaters. Instead we took our nieces and nephews around some local neighborhoods. I certainly stole way too many mini Twix bars in the process. :-)
    Katy recently posted..Trick Or Treat

  22. says

    We saw plenty of trick or treaters around but noone wanted to visit us?! Maybe our house looks haunted;) I don’t typically do the whole Halloween thing so I didn’t dress up or buy any ‘candy’ for the occasion.
    Bek @ Crave recently posted..The only way is up

  23. Laura says

    Ugh in all the years ive lived on my own, I’ve never had a trick or treater!! This was the first year i forced myself NOT to buy candy. LOL sad. But probably better for my waistline 😉

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