When the Craving Strikes + Yoga Challenge, Final Recap

Hey, hey! How’s November starting off for everyone today? Super awesome, hopefully!?

So by around 10:30 this morning, my stomach was growwwwwling. Apparently breakfast didn’t do as well today as it did yesterday, so I fixed myself a quick snack.


Another bowl of cottage cheese with fresh pineapple and strawberries. Mmmm, love it.

Shortly after that, I broke up the morning with a nice and easy, 3-mile treadmill walk.

Today happens to be one of my slower days, in terms of client training plans and blog stuff, so I made sure to get myself away from the monotony of sitting at the computer all morning and got up and moving.

A little bit later, I fixed myself a little something for lunch…errrr, breakfast?


I couldn’t help it. A corn English muffin with pumpkin + PB + pumpkin butter + banana + chia seeds just sounded better than anything else I could have come up with.

Hey, when the craving strikes, right?


I’ll try to work on getting some veggies in this afternoon (they haven’t quite been on top of the priority list the past couple of days for some reason), but I’m not making any promises. Winking smile

I am, however, suddenly reeeeeeally in the mood to hit up Starbucks today, for no other reason except for the fact that I keep seeing the red holiday cups are back…

(photo courtesy of Molly’s Instagram – by the way, Molly, I agree with the motto!)

Why, oh why, do I get so sucked in to marketing ploys like this? Please tell me I’m not the only one?!


Alright, my friends. We are no longer in October, so you know what that means…

October Yoga Challenge – Final Recap!

Can you believe it? The October Yoga Challenge has officially come to a close. Compared to my challenge in June, I wouldn’t say that I had my best showing this month. Here’s a quick rundown…

My Challenge (final week and a half): Do 3 yoga sessions for the week

Actual: 2 yoga sessions complete

  • 10lb. Slimdown Xtreme Yoga DVD – 40 minutes
  • 10lb. Slimdown Yoga DVD – 20 minutes

Even after giving myself a week and a half to complete my final challenge, I still fell short. I don’t know what happened, but my desire and motivation to do yoga this month sort of trailed off. I suppose I could chalk it up to a few up and down weeks, or from the quick re-introduction to running that took over for a bit. But honestly, I just wasn’t feelin’ it.

But hey, you know what? It totally happens to the best of us, so I’m really not worried about it how things went. I still plan to do yoga when I feel like it…not because I feel like I have to do it, and I still really need to get my butt to a yoga class and use that Groupon a bought (still haven’t made it out).

I’m sure a few weeks from now, I’ll probably wind up all “OMG I love yoga and want to do it all the tiiiiime” again. But for now, I’m content with a few sessions here or there.

I’m really excited to see how all of you did with the completion of your challenge (hopefully a bit better than me!) so feel free to link up and share!


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  1. Molly L. says

    Yay- thanks for the photo shout-out! To be honest, the red cup craze that I saw on FB/Instagram when I woke up was the deciding factor for me as well :)

    But, the cardboard cup grip is still sitting on my desk to remind me to rekindle!

  2. says

    The red cups being back so early are so random! I got on on Sunday. It felt a little too early, but I was also pretty excited. But I went back the next day and sadly didn’t get one. Odd. I did one yoga class this month ha ha. I fail at this. I guess it’s better than zero.

  3. says

    LOVE the pink sneaks! I love breakfast for lunch, dinner, snacks, any meal really! Can you say waffles? Yummm. I really want to start doing some more yoga once xc is over. I’m going to make it my goal to go at least once a week. It’s so, so, so good for you!
    Sarah recently posted..Papermoon Diner and Thankful Thursday

  4. says

    I always feel so weird/wrong whenever I crave breakfast food (toast, pancakes, cereal) at any time other than the designated “breakfast time.” I suppose I should just start listening to my cravings more often!

    My last week and a half of the yoga challenge was successful. I completed my 2 sessions last week and have already completed one this week. I hope to continue incorporating yoga into my workout routine, but definitely do not want to feel pressured/stressed into forcing myself to do it…especially since it is supposed to be a relaxing activity! If I’m not into it one day, then I’m just not.
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted..WIAW: October 31, 2012 + Happy World Vegan Day!

  5. says

    ahh! haha, I’m drinking a spiced cider from starbucks and just realized that they’re already boasting their red wintery cups because of your post. :) And definitely, healthy eating and exercise is a must if we want to stay healthy, but once it becomes a “chain or bondage”, that’s no fun and it’s not good for our minds. So I think it’s really cool you’re being lenient with yourself! Sometimes that’s the harder thing to do.
    Ellie@Fit for the Soul recently posted..My Whole World’s About to Change

  6. Jillian says

    Thanks to your yoga challenge I did yoga for the first time this month and love it! I managed to go 5 times in 2 weeks. Love it! Thank you for the extra push its something I have been wanting to do for a while.


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