An Unplanned Tangent

Funny story. And since today’s lunch was a boring, not very pretty looking salad that went unphotographed, then let’s get to that story, shall we?

So last night, as I was watching my shows, I also happened spend a little time scrolling through my Instagram feed. As I continued to scroll through, it seemed like I kept seeing more and more of this delicious, goodie-filled package that all of these awesome ladies were receiving.


After the first one or two, I was like, “Oh, that’s awesome!” but the more I kept seeing it, I have to admit…I was starting to get a little jealous! (which I mean all in fun because I certainly get my fair share of goodies in the mail – I’m just sayin’).

So wouldn’t you know, this afternoon my doorbell rings.

And guess what showed up at my front door.


WOO HOO!! I’m soooo excited to have received a goodie box filled with stuff from some of my favorite companies, along with some new-to-me ones too…


Extra sweet potato chips are always welcome in this house.


So are cute, warm, wool socks since Jay likes to make me freeze refuses to turn the heat up over 65 in the winter…


And, well, Justin’s peanut butter cups? Come to mamaaaa. Winking smile


If they’re anywhere near as good as the last Justin’s candy bar I had, then I know I’m gonna be in for a treat. These will be gone by this evening…I can guarantee you that. And I can also guarantee you that I’m not going to feel one ounce of guilt over it.

It’s funny, really. As I read more and more on the internet, I’m noticing that a lot of people and/or publications are starting to really pay attention to diet and/or sugar intake. I’m not judging any of these people at ALL, because I too am guilty of being under the same mindset – “Uh oh, holidays are coming! Better really cut back on my meals so I can enjoy sweets.” or “Only having sweets X amount of times each week.”

But I don’t know. This year, it’s different. Maybe it’s because of everything else that’s been going on this year. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown to be a bit more comfortable with being more lax about my diet and exercise (which I must say, really is a breath of fresh air most of the time to not have that “worry”).

Then again, maybe it’s because I just don’t give a crap anymore, and if I want some peanut butter cups or a couple pieces of leftover Halloween candy, then I’m going to have them.

As we go into this holiday season, I’m thinking of everything in moderation. Nothing is off limits. If I want sweets, I’m eating sweets. If I wind up eating chocolate in some form or another 7 days a week, then so be it. And what’s funny is that I actually trust myself to do this in moderation now, since there are no “rules.”

So I guess what this whole, unplanned tangent boils down to (the words just kept flowing from my fingertips, what can I say?) is this (aka, my little words of wisdom for today):

Let yourself enjoy what you want. Just don’t go buck wild on it all the time. Mmmmkay? Winking smile


  1. Fizz says

    Love this!! I’m coming to this realization in my life too. No hard and fast rules actually makes me better at moderating what I eat. You really can have your cake and eat it too. Awesome thing to recognize!
    Fizz recently posted..Hearty Lentil Soup.

  2. says

    I’m so jealous of those little survival kits! They look so fun. I haven’t tried any of the products in them, but I can imagine those peanut butter cups are amazing! Great job on that realization Courtney! Rules are so restricting and I think it makes us want to break them more, by just allowing ourselves treats when we like, then we don’t feel the need to gorge ourselves. Your food philosophy has grown so much and it’s amazing to see the growth you’ve made!
    Lisa recently posted..What I Ate Wednesday

  3. Claire @ Keeping Up With Claire says

    I JUST blogged about this this morning. I think it’s so sad how people lose sight of what the holidays really are about because they’re more concerned with not gaining weight or eating a piece of candy. They are meant to be enjoyed and no one should feel guilty for what they eat. Enjoy the chocolate-if it were me, it wouldn’t make it till the evening! 😉
    Claire @ Keeping Up With Claire recently posted..Thoughts on Thanksgiving

  4. says

    Everything in moderation is definitely the right attitude! really want to try the dark chocolate justins peanut butter cups; they don’t have them on iherb though :( that box of goodies is like Christmas coming early you lucky duck, enjoy every bit of it!!
    Michelle@Peachy Palate recently posted..A simple revisit

  5. Alexandra says

    Anddd this is why I am a loyal blog reader of yours :) I totally understand the importance of an overall healthy outlook on life but I think people waste SO much time worrying about what they are going to eat and what not to eat that they lose sight of the importance of life and the holidays! Life is just TOO short to pass up meeting friends for drinks or having a delicious meal with the family! On that note, I cant WAIT for Thanksgiving!!

  6. says

    I think that your mindset is spot on, especially for where you are in your life. For me, it is all about accountability and being truthful with myself about what I need to be doing to be healthy. This month I am doing no sweets but that’s because I was having wayyyy too many sweets and I wanted to reset my way of thinking. After 2 weeks of no treats, I find myself craving less sugar for the sake of sugar. I want to be able to indulge but with things I really want, not everything that comes in my path :).
    Chelsea @ Cardio and Cocktails recently posted..Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes

  7. says

    Thank you so much for writing this Courtney. I realized the same thing a few days ago and was starting to think I was the only one partaking in sweets and whatnot this year. I’ve always been a big believer in everything in moderation, and while I understand what a lot of people are saying and trying to do, but it’s not something I want right now haha. Glad to see I’m not the only one :)

  8. Whitney says

    I have to play devil’s advocate and say the ” I don’t give a crap” mantra is why our country is so obese. I’m glad this works for you and I’m glad that you don’t obssess over food like you may have in your past, but I don’t think everyone should throw all the caution to the wind. I think the last line is the better mantra. “Let yourself enjoy what you want. Just don’t go buck wild on it all the time”.

    • Courtney says

      I totally get what you’re saying. My “I don’t give a crap” mentality was geared more towards the fact that if I want a peanut butter cup, then I’m going to have one and enjoy it…not have 5 of them in one sitting…which would go hand in hand with my last line. :)

  9. says

    Those goodies look great! I love your mindset on things and even though its tricky to think like that, once you do life is so much easier!
    Lyric recently posted..WIAW

  10. says

    All of these snacks look SO good! I need to find out how to get myself some of those :)
    I completely agree with you- I’ve seen a lot of posts about eating healthy during the holidays but the holidays are about being thankful for what we have: good food, family, a healthy body- it is really sad to see so many people who don’t want to use the time to appreciate these things, instead focusing on what they can’t have.
    So here’s to you on appreciating what the holidays are best known for: good food!
    Sarah recently posted..WIAW: Cooking up a storm

  11. says

    Totally agree. So interesting that we crave everything we won’t let ourselves have..and then when we do your body just falls into line!

    I gained about 10 lbs after my wedding, so I need to lose it..but it definitely will not keep from indulging on anything and everything over the holidays!

  12. says

    Love your words of wisdom. I kind of went buck wild on Stacy’s pita chips (the gingerbread ones). Yikes! I could barely even enjoy them because I was wolfing them down so fast and looking for the biggest, crunchiest looking ones!
    michelle kim recently posted..OMG, So Yummy

  13. says

    Now I’m jealous 😉 I never get delicious surprises in the mail. But I completely agree with your words of wisdom. I used to be super strict with my diet and never let myself have any fun. Pft. Not only was I miserable watching everyone else had a good time while I tried to force down huge amounts of veggies in an effort to feel ‘satisfied,’ but all of the obsessing over trying to eat the ‘perfect’ diet was probably doing me a lot more harm than good.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... blindly going in the right direction .

  14. says

    LOVE this! I truly believe in living. There is SO much more to life than our food, exercise and the way we look. Ladies, there is more to YOU than being looked at! Enjoy yourselves, enjoy your family and friends, enjoy everyday. Choose people over diets, for example…a friend going through the trouble of cooking a meal and having you over…give thanks for her and her gestures, enjoy the food instead of declining certain foods due to your rules. (Of course, this is different if you really do have an allergy).
    Jenn @ Be YOU at Be Me recently posted..Changing the status qou with YOU!

  15. Naomi says

    I am coming to the same realization myself. And I have found in the past that if I tell myself I can’t have something, I am just going to want it more, and then when I do have it I will stuff myself and feel miserable. I am sure many other people can relate to that too. Also, I am beginning to learn that I need to appreciate my body and what it does for me instead of criticizing myself for eating one too many pieces of chocolate. At the end of the day, that really isn’t what matters, and it’s high time I take that idea to heart. Thanks for sharing!

  16. says

    I have to say I completely agree with your take on sweets and indulging. It’s funny how when we give up our so called “rules” and give ourselves permission to indulge when we feel like it, the urge seems to disappear! Thanks for sharing your stance!

  17. says

    There’s this book called Intuitive Eating that you should REALLY read if you haven’t before. It talks a lot about the same types of things you’re mentioning– never making anything “off limits” because then it makes it SO much more tempting and eventually developing a natural “balance” of eating.
    Since I read the book, I’ve relaxed SO much with my diet and eating habits. Who wants to live under self imposed rules 24/7!?
    Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance recently posted..Early Bird Special

  18. Donna says

    I like how you think! I’m under the same mindset right now. What I really, really hate about calling things off limits is that I tend to stress every time I get invited out because I know that I won’t have what everyone else is having. What fun is that??? Tomorrow night is girls night out and we’re hitting up a dessert bar, now really, how could I say no.

  19. says

    Thank u for this post. I’m at a point in my life where I’m sick of stressing over food. I’m sick of thinking about what ok going to eat when I’m going to eat it and on and on. I am 5’5 and 95 lbs and I’m life less, unmotivated, tired and just struggling. I’m working on getting healthy, getting my period back because I’m only 30 years old and just feeling good about myself everyday. I’m sick of my whole day being based around whether I feel fat or skinny that day. I’m so tired of it. It’s time to let go and live. Life’s to short. !!!! Thank I Courtney! Xoxo

  20. says

    Yea I’m still jealous of the packages and I’m pretty sure one isn’t coming… But I will be eating sugar. I’m going through the same thing this year – not worrying so much about every little detail, every morsel I eat. If I want some, I’ll have it and not feel guilty!
    Katie @ Peace Love & Oats recently posted..Thursday Thoughts

  21. says

    I so follow this also! You said it better than I could though 😉 It’s all balance and moderation. I think when people obsess about eating it, it makes them more like TO eat it and then feel guilty after- and then they eat it again. It’s a viscous cycle really. I’m glad you’ve found this happy place where you can enjoy the food you want and not go overboard (apart from the occasional absolutely ‘normal’ overindulge every once and a while).
    Bek @ Crave recently posted..There’s No Better Way To Start Your Day

  22. Karleen says

    I couldn’t agree with you more Courtney! No rules for myself and moderation!! I recently got a new desk job and there’s always candy or sweets in the office! It’s too pointless to much ‘rules’ on yourself cuz you’ll wanna do is break them and possibly binge. No rules, no guilt this year!!


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