The Perfect Gift: A Personalized Signature Tree Giveaway

Last weekend while I was at Mal’s shower, I had the chance to catch up with my friend, Christina. You know – the super crafty one that creates gorgeous things all. the. time.

Well she told me beforehand that she had a surprise for me. A surprise?!? I LOVE surprises! As we were talking, she handed me a little box, which I opened up only to find this inside…


Yet another crafty creation of Christina’s…a personalized family ornament that even included my Cody!


Christina has recently started creating ornaments that can be personalized with anything from traditional families, to individual snowmen dressed and accessorized with their hobbies or careers (i.e., teachers, scientists, basketball players, etc.). She can also do ornaments for things such as Baby’s First Christmas, couples dressed as brides and grooms, pregnant snowwomen and their snow husband, grandparents and babysitters.


They come in three sizes: 2 5/8″ ($10), 3 1/4″ ($14.50) and 4″ ($16.50), or small, medium and large. The small is best for a single character, medium 2-4 characters and large over 4 or characters requiring a lot of details or accessories.


I am absolutely in love with these little ornaments, and I mean who doesn’t love having something special and personal on their tree? Smile

Of course, in addition to Christina’s ornaments, she’s still also creating her absolutely beautiful Signature Tree prints.


The tree prints (which are available in a variety of sizes) can also be personalized with family members, pets, hobbies or interests. Leaf and ink colors are also customizable, and prices are available upon request.


As Christina and I were talking over the weekend, we decided that we liked the idea of making a holiday tradition out of giving away one of her Signature Tree prints. SO, with that said, let’s let the holiday tradition continue!

**One lucky winner will win a personalized 8×10 Signature Tree Print!**

How To Enter (up to 3 entries!):

  1. (Mandatory) Leave a comment on this post telling me what kind of a tree you would most like to get and give.
  2. (Extra) Head on over to Christina’s Facebook Page, and leave a comment back on this post (not her Facebook page!) telling me which of her customized art pieces you like the most.
  3. (Extra) Tweet about the giveaway- “@SweetToothCourt is having the perfect holiday gift giveaway! –”

**The winner will need to give Christina their personalization info by December 1st if you need/want it for Christmas.

**Open to US residents only.


In addition to the giveaway, Christina is also offering 15% off any total purchase price (discount would be taken off their total prior to taxes and shipping). Just reference the code STSL15 when ordering.

**ALSO…keep in mind that orders needed for Christmas need to be placed by Sunday, December 2nd for guaranteed Christmas delivery. If you have any questions on products and/or pricing, be sure to contact Christina.


I will randomly choose the winner of the Signature Tree Print giveaway on Wednesday, November 21st. Thanks so much and good luck to you all!! Smile


  1. Heather says

    I’d love a tree print for my family! It’s my husband myself and our 10 month old :) oh, and I can’t forget our pup!

  2. says

    This is such a great giveaway! Thank you, Courtney :) I’m definitely going to get a few of those ornaments for the special people in my life. I think they’d love them! As for the personalized tree, I’d love to get one with four trees (one for my mom, dad, brother and I) and give that to them for Christmas. It would be so nice to frame & hang somewhere in their house.

  3. Megan says

    The tree print with my dog would be great for me and I would definitely give the family one to my mom. She’d love it!

  4. Jackie says

    Love the new ornaments! I would love to give a personalized tree to my sister and brother-in-law for Christmas this year! They are expecting their 2nd child on December 28th and it’s a boy (which hasn’t happened on our side of the family in a longggg time!).

  5. Jackie says

    I think my favorite piece is the pregnant snowman ornament! This would be great for my sister who is expecting child # 2 on 12/28 as well!

  6. Elizabeth says

    I would like the fingerprint guest tree. I am getting married next fall and it would be absolutely perfect for my wedding!

  7. says

    The date on that tree is my hubby’s birthday :-)
    I did a signature tree at my wedding, and can I just say this…I think you need a professional to stand nearby and print the guests’ fingers for them. Lots of smudges going on on my tree! I still love it though, of course!
    Ashlee recently posted..(Un)Pasta

  8. Megan says

    I would love the fingerprint guest tree! My sister is getting married soon and that is such a cute idea as a gift for her!

  9. Jenna U. says

    The trees are beautiful! I am expecting a daughter in January so it would be nice to get one with her name on it to hang in her nursery :)

  10. Maya says

    I would love an oak tree or maple tree. Growing up, my parents’ house was in the woods surrounded my oaks and maples.

  11. jamie says

    i’d get a tree made for my parents for christmas– with our family on it and our family dog from our childhood) all of the kids are all over the country so i think it would be nice to get them this as a reminder!

  12. Renee Langmeyer says

    I would really love the tree print with my dog (our baby) and me and my husband’s names! I would love to give a tree print to my mom with her deceased mom’s name.

  13. says

    I love your ornament! It is super cute and would be a great gift for anyone!
    I would love to do a tree print of our three family dogs and give it to my parents for Christmas! :)

  14. Haley says

    I would love to have a tree print made for my grandparents or my boyfriend’s sister and her husband and their dog! The ornaments are soo cute, too!

  15. Casey H says

    I just moved out of my parents’ house and I know they miss me! I’d love to give my mom a tree print so they won’t feel too lonely :)

  16. kristin says

    What an amazing artist! I will be contacting her as well; i think this would be a great gift for my daughters teachers for christmas.
    i would like one with my family name on the tree.

  17. says

    These are so neat and I love that they can be personalized! I would love to get a tree print with my two dogs on it to take with me when I move out of my parents house SOON (I graduate in December and the job search process has begun). I am ready to be in my own place but will miss my doggies like crazy!
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted..WIAW: November 14, 2012

  18. Ashley says

    I would LOVE to win a tree. I have been looking for ideas to get my husband for our one year anniversary and it would be so cute to have a tree with out dog under it and our wedding date.

  19. Tracey says

    Super Cute! I would love a tree with autumn colors with our names and wedding date (just married a moth ago). i would get a mat to put around it and use the leaves my guests signed for my wedding wishing tree to put around them and then frame it. i have been trying to figure out how i want to display them and this would be perfect!

  20. Krystina says

    I checked out her work on both her website and facebook page. My fiance and I are getting married in July and the Fingerprint Guest Tree is such a cute idea!

  21. Jessica says

    I can’t beleive how talented she is! I’d love to get a family tree in brown and blue and i’d hang it in my bedroom — it would add the perfect amount of decoration.

  22. says

    Oh my, these are wonderful! I love the one with the dog and all the family names as well. My 10 year old precious doggy has cancer and it is doubtful that he will be with us this time next year. He has been such a large part of our lives and this would make a wonderful memory of my 4 legged child!!
    Suzanne @ Fit Minded Mom recently posted..A Bit Obsessed

  23. Carol T. says

    Wow!!! These are wonderful. Christina is so very talented. I would love one with my husband and two dogs… thank you

  24. LC says

    There is something so appealing about the little dog under the one family tree, that I just had to mention that I love it even though we don’t have a dog : ) I would just love a simple tree with the old fashioned carved heart with my hubby and my initials

  25. Kara says

    This personalized tree would be a perfect Christmas gift for my sister and brother-in-law! I think I would order one similar to the dog one but with their two cats laying under the tree instead :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. Fallon says

    Id love a print of my immediate family. My parents, 2 brothers and myself. We will all eventually get married and start our own families so this would be an awesome gift to give my mom to always remind her she is our #1.

  27. kolya says

    A tree print commemorating my mom’s life and passing this month would be so wonderful…I would have my father and grandmothers included too. It would be so special for my bro and sis and myself as we mourn her passing.

  28. kolya says

    A personalized ornament for my 10 yr. old nephew (we share the same birthday though decades apart!) would be awesome with some of his hobbies and their new golden retriever on it!

  29. Jordan K says

    Her designs are so beautiful and unique! I’d love to do a tree for my upcoming wedding to serve as a guestbook! That would be so cool!

  30. eliza says

    I love the trees so much. My fiance and I just got the invoice back from our caterer and Ive decided to get a second job to help afford our wedding. This would be so wonderful if I were to win one of trees for my house. I cant pick which one I love most!!

  31. Amanda L says

    My mom is so into genealogy and learning her family history lately that a family tree for her would be a perfect gift! She would love it so much, this is such a great giveaway!!

  32. Tori L says

    I’d love to win one of her beautiful tree pictures with the heart in the middle with some initials, and I’d give it to my hubby for Christmas!

  33. Jackie says

    I just got married last Friday, November 9th so I would love a tree with my new family: my husband, dog, and myself. This is would be such a great start to our new life together

  34. Kate says

    I love these! We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary next year & I would love a tree with our family & dog on it. I would also love to give one to my mom!

  35. Allison says

    I absolutely love her artwork!! I would love to receive a tree once I am married with my new family and I would love to give a tree to my friend who is getting married next year!

  36. Sarah says

    I love the family trees I would get one of my family and give it to my parents for Christmas. I also have a friend who will be getting married soon and I’d love to give one to here to remember her special day!

  37. Vanessa says

    I just bought a family tree for myself and I love it! I would like to win a family tree for my sister in law and her family!

  38. Michaela says

    I’m getting married in March so these would be perfect for an alternative to a wedding guest book! I love the multi watercolor theme!!!

  39. Amanda D says

    I love the trees!! I think I’d like just a tree with an A + J ‘carved’ on it for my boyfriend and I :) There is no art in my kitchen right now and it would be so nice to have something sweet and personalized like this.

  40. dee says

    Her work is so beautiful!! I’m a very broke college student, and would totally love to win a print for my brother as a wedding gift (he’s getting married in January)! He proposed right between two arched palm trees on the beach in Key West, Florida! I think that would make for a lovely tree print for them to remember that day :)

  41. Lara F. says

    I would love to give a family tree to my parents. They are full on empty nesters this school year, and I know they’d appreciate it.

  42. Beth says

    Those snowmen couldn’t be any cuter. I would love a family tree one for my family. If I was giving one, the initials on tree would be a perfect wedding gift!

  43. jennifer says

    Love the trees, they are gorgeous. Would love a personalized one for my husband and I …its our 7 yr wedding anniversary! Great giveaway!

  44. Elizabeth says

    Those are so cute. I love them. I would like to have a personalized one supporting my favorite football team. The Detroit Lions !!!!

  45. Daybelis says

    I would love a tree print that represent my small, but close family ( my mom, stepfather, and sister) Thanks for such a great giveaway hun!

  46. Jill says

    I would love a tree print in the beautiful colors of Fall for my family. My husband and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary next year!

  47. says

    Even though you posted about toffee cookies recently, this is my favorite post of recent! Those trees are so beautiful, and I wanna say thanks for sharing them. I would love a tree with one thick trunk and lots of colorful leaves!

  48. Dana H says

    I would love to give the family tree to my parents… I have been thinking of a sentimental gift to give, and this would be so so so perfect, her artwork is breathtaking! xo

  49. Amy Risner says

    Thank you SO much for this post! I just contacted Christina and ordered a large globe for my mom and dad with their little wiener dog on it!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

  50. says

    I’d love to get the tree with the pink leaves because I love pink- or the one with the green, blue and purpley colours (next to it). Those prints are absolutely amazing- like wow! And how cute are those balls?!
    Bek @ Crave recently posted..Fudgey Brownies

  51. Brenda says

    I would like a tree as a guest book at a wedding reception. One of my BFF’s is getting married this spring, and it would be perfect for her big day!

  52. Kara says

    I love that print with the dog at the bottom of the tree! But I also love the wedding invitations (I think that’s what they are) that have the leaves blowing off the tree and say “fall in love”.. so cute!

  53. Michelle says

    Your friend is so creative! I would love a signature tree print for my boyfriend & I.. I would also include our newest addition– our dog! I’ll definitely be checking out her website/facebook page! :)

  54. Alicia says

    What a strange coincidence – my husband and I were just looking at custom family tree prints to give his parents for their 40th anniversary. I love all of these trees! It would be nice to get one for us too, to celebrate our 12th anniversary.

  55. Amy P. says

    I would love to give one of these trees to my husband for our five year anniversary! He should hopefully be home from his deployment by then.

  56. Sarah says

    I would love a tree for my best friend and her husband-to-be- as they prepare for their fall wedding next year= perfect!

  57. Crystal says

    I would love the family trees… I would get it for my parents married 38 years and my dad now takes care of my mom everyday… He would love it & he is awesome!

  58. meredith says

    I would most l;ike to get a tree print like her upper left corner one with the puppy dog in it (represents my family!) and I would most like to give a tree to my inlaws for their upcoming 45th wedding anniversary!

  59. meredith says

    also, mt favorite item of hers off her facebook page would be the signature trees, followed closely by her wine glasses.

  60. Erin says

    My boyfriend and I just started collecting pictures and paintings of trees with our names on them! This would be the perfect addition to our collection!


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