What Our Car Ride with Cody Sounds Like

Good news! I survived the trip to the vet this morning AND Cody got a clean bill of health. The vet said that the spots on his eyes haven’t gotten any bigger at all, and she also said that he probably can’t even tell they’re there. Now let’s just hope that they stay that way for a while now, since we wouldn’t want anything to go wrong with this face.

The car ride itself was actually a teeeeeny bit better than the last time. He was still as vocal as ever, but having Jay there definitely helped keep me a bit more calm (he finds it more humorous, which is kind of is…I think he’s having a kitty heart attack the whole time). I took a little video of our car ride, so you guys can have a peek at him in action…

The sound is a little low, so you may need to turn it up.

The meowwwwww. So sad, right? Ugh. It’s the worst. He also got another vaccination while we were there, so thankfully, we don’t have any other vet trips for quite a while now. He’s happy, I’m happy, we’re all happy about that one. Winking smile


Cyber Monday

Once we got home from the vet, I spent some time working on a couple training plans, and also managed to get a little Christmas shopping done online. Actually, I got a lot more done than I expected, which has me super psyched. Typically, I’ll find something, then question it until I talk myself out of it, but not today! Boom, done.

Anyone else find any good deals today??


There was really no question on what would be for lunch today.


More leftover turkey and veggie soup


And another slice (chunk?) of sun-dried tomato and mozz quick bread.


Just as good, if not better, than last night. Mmmm mmmmm.


*Quick heads up:

I’m having a special Cyber Monday (week) deal with my online training packages this week…

**Buy any training package and receive a 4-week strength package FREE (a $30.00 value!).** You can use the strength package as an add-on to your own, or use it as a gift!

Catch you guys later! Smile


  1. says

    Aww poor Cody! My cats do the same thing, only it’s MUCH louder. Seriously, they summon up all their lung poor and meow like we’re murdering them. That and both of them start licking their lips like crazy. It’s funny and pathetic all at once 😉
    Shanna, like Banana recently posted..Not enough pictures

  2. Mary Beth says

    I feel your pain, I had to carry my parents’ cat out of the house during a (thankfully false) fire alarm while house sitting last month. The howling kills me, I feel like such a meanie for trying to keep them safe!
    Mary Beth recently posted..3 for Thursday

  3. says

    Awe, poor little Cody ha. My cat is like that too. And gets super sweaty palms and leaves little sweaty marks all over the car, it’s adorable, but I also feel bad. Oh man, today is dangerous for me! I have no self control with online deals!
    Lisa recently posted..Weekend Festivities

  4. Rochelle says

    I’ve been looking for a good deal on a 31-inch rumble roller. Amazon has one for $70, but that’s the best price I’ve seen anywhere. I was hoping *someone* would have them on sale for Cyber Monday, but I’m not having any luck. Courtney, did you happen to stumble across any?

  5. says

    Glad to hear that Cody is doing well! And he seriously sounds like the saddest little thing in the car. Awwr. But it’s all for the best :) I haven’t actually started doing any Christmas shopping yet, but I definitely should. I always end up waiting until 2 weeks into December and stressing myself out trying to get everything done in time, but I also kind of love the excitement that comes with that last minute rush 😀
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... a marvelously strange monday .

  6. says

    awww lol that’s so sad! i hate how cats meow in car rides, makes me always want to let mine out, but now i especially won’t, my friend said she let hers out and it started frothing at the mouth, scared the crap out of her and she’ll never do it again! oh how they make us feel guilty lol
    Chelsea @ LittleOneRuns recently posted..I’m Back!!!

  7. Kattreena says

    Hey, Courtney! I’m not sure if I’m missing it, but is there a 4 week cardio only package? Talking to m fiancé about my Christmas gifts haha the cardio with the strength deal would be perfect! :)

  8. jackie says

    OMG my cat does the SAME thing! My husband and I recently moved and I honestly thought our cat was dying during the 3 hour car ride. It was sad to hear his ‘cries’ & a little scary, so I can totally relate. I also thought that he was going to lose all of his teeth trying to ‘bite’ his way out of the cage; he also pressed his face up to the cage door, like Cody does. The best part about playing this video was my cat came running over to the computer to find out where the meows were coming from…ha!

  9. says

    Haha that is both tragically sad and hilarious at the same time! I just took my little kitten to the vet for her first shots, and I nearly burst into tears when I heard her screams :( Our next appointment is this week, hopefully it will go better! She’s going to be getting a lot of cuddles…

  10. crystal d. says

    Oh poor little Cody!! My cats sound the exact same way whenever we go for a car ride! It is sooo sad and it just breaks my heart. I just want to hold them and cuddle them for the whole car ride! So happy that Cody got a clean bill of health and he is going to be ok. Such a cutie pie!!!

  11. says

    My cat sounds the same way when she’s in the car. I always try to talk to her or put my hand in her cage to make her feel better. It never works, and she will cry just as loudly. I swear they are trying to make us feel like they are dying!
    Shelly recently posted..Busy Week Problems


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