Hello! Good morning! How’s everyone doing this morning?

So last night I cooked up a new-to-us dinner, and WOW. That ish was spicyyyy.


I ended up buying a package of the new Campbell’s Skillet Sauces on Sunday, since I had a coupon and it was only going to cost me like, a buck. I picked up the Creamy Chipotle flavor since it said to pair it with chicken, which I already had on hand, and you’d think the “chipotle” would have been warning enough for me.

Whewwwww! I will say that it was actually pretty tasty, but there was a lot of water consumed with last night’s meal. I might buy it again, maybe in a different flavor, just to have on hand since it was ridiculously easy to make, but we’ll see.

I served the spicy chicken on top of brown rice and cooked up some green beans on the side.


I actually feel like that’s one of the more balanced meals that I’ve cooked in quite a while now?

A couple of hours later, I found myself pretty hungry again, so I wound up making myself a mug of cereal to snack on while watching The Voice.


Did anyone else watch The Voice last night and think that Christina Aguilera was being super snotty?! Jay actually can’t stand her, but I’ve always liked her so the show usually ends up including bouts of Jay calling her names and me defending her…but last night? Mannnn…I don’t know what her deal was. She was ruuuuuuude.


Yesterday’s waffles tasted awesome…so they’re back again today.


Along with some coffee, for good measure.


Hey, why mess with a good thing, right? Winking smile

Lots to do today…time to get movin’!

Question for the Morning:

What’s your favorite after-dinner snack?


  1. Minda says

    Haha, Clark and I thought the exact same thing last night! We ended up turning the channel because she was being so rude. She’s just jealous of Amanda Brown I’ve decided 😉

  2. stephanie*s says

    I love christina as an artist and usually have stood up for her as well. However- last night she was so rude and acted like her guy is the only one worth watching. Man, I almost had to fast forward through her speaking (we DVRed it and watched around 9)

  3. says

    Hey Courtney! Okay, so I LOVE spicy food. I may need to try some of that sauce. Did you know that dairy products are more effective than water in making your mouth feel better after consuming spicy foods? :) Just an interesting tidbit there. It’s a great excuse to chase things down with ice cream.

    My favorite after dinner snack is usually a piece of dark chocolate. But I’ve been known to grab the cereal box, too.
    Haley @ The Saucy Apple recently posted..Deck the Halls (Or Not So Much)

  4. Nicole says

    Totally agree about Christina! What is her deal? After a few comments did you notice the cameras didn’t go to her! HA!

  5. says

    Did you watch The Voice last year? She was REALLY B*itchy to one contestant from Adam’s team and she got ALOT of flack for it. While she was pretty rude last night, it didn’t compare with last year. I think she is just feeling intimidated by the other teams!!

    I like spicy so I am going to have to try out that sauce mix!!
    Suzanne @ Fit Minded Mom recently posted..It’s a Keeper

  6. Megan says

    Did you watch the voice last year? I love Christina but sometimes she is a snot, last year she was really bad and I almost didnt want to watch it, this year she’s been pretty good, and I think she caught herself a bit because she seemed to stop herself unlike before…

  7. Megan says

    what brand of waffles do you like best? i remember reading about which kind you like in another post but can’t remember the name!

    • Courtney says

      Right now I’m eating Eggo nutrigrain and love them! I also really like Van’s, but you only get 6 to a box with them…with these, you get 10 :)

  8. Aubrie says

    haha we can’t stand Christina either! Too funny she always has to bring up herself doing better or bring down someone before giving a compliment. But agreed she was worse last night :)

  9. says

    I only watched one performance on The Voice last night and I definitely think she was kind of snotty but I’ve found she generally is. Definitely a major diva but it doesn’t surprise me one bit. I just wish she could be more supportive of people. I swear there’s got to be a reason her people haven’t lasted…
    Katie @ Talk Less, Say More recently posted..I am a runner.

  10. Nikki A. says

    my go to snack is yogurt or cottage cheese with peanut butter and fruit and some kind of cereal or granola mixed in. sooooooooo good, i’ve been having it most nights of the week for months and months now and i still find myself looking forward to it :)

  11. Naomi says

    My favorite after dinner snacks are an apple with peanut butter or a mug of cereal. Lately it’s been frosted shredded wheat!

  12. Taylor says

    I’m attributing Christina’s cattiness to the fact that she’s down to only one of her vocalists being left! Quite a sad reason to beat up on others, but possibly true?

    Speaking of The Voice….don’t you love Melanie?!? I think he is adorable! Though Carson and Adam both opened their mouths and inserted their feet last night in regards to their comments about her break-up… :p

    Btw- the dinner looks yummy! I recommend roasting green beans with coconut oil :) delicious!

    • Courtney says

      Oh, I knowwwwwww! It was such an awkward moment and I felt so bad for her because all she could do was shake her head. Poor thing looked like she was going to cry :(

  13. Amy says

    I tried Campbell’s Skillet Sauce in the Sesame flavor and didn’t really like it. :( It was alright. I have one more of their sauces in my pantry but have been hesitating on using it.

  14. Shannon says

    I don’t have after-dinner snacks anymore. My retainers must go in at 6:30 and be worn for 12 hours straight. So what I do is an after school snack. My after school snacks are not usually healthy, sometimes they’re a cookie or a bowl of ice cream. However, I don’t have after school snacks every day…just once in a while.

  15. says

    My favourite after dinner snack is my creations- wholegrain oats, yogurt, bit of trim milk (to mix everything up), cut up fruit- apple, banana, pb drizzled :)

    Oh and we had a super spicy dinner last night. My wussy bf had to add cream to his- green curry is hot stuff!
    Bek @ Crave recently posted..Body Acceptance


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