Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Illustrated Look-Alike Character Giveaway {CLOSED}

by Courtney on November 28, 2012


So a couple of weeks ago, I found an adorable little cartoon waiting for me in my inbox. Look…it’s meeeee. Most of all, I love how there’s a cupcake involved. Laura of sent it to me and we got to talking a bit about her design work. I mean, have you guys seen some […]


A Fun and Exciting Workout Challenge

by Courtney on November 28, 2012


It’s days like today when I’m glad I have more to talk about then just food. Want to know why? Well, because today’s breakfast was the same as yesterday… Ok, I guess they’re kinda different, but still. I had a couple errands to run this morning and snacked on a cranberry SOYJOY bar while I […]


WIAW Is Back!

by Courtney on November 28, 2012

Hey, hey! Look who’s jumping back into the WIAW party! I couldn’t believe that the last time I did a WIAW was back in May?!? I’ve been wanting to put together a WIAW for a while now, but I usually tend to share my food too quickly. But since I didn’t really get a chance […]