Who Wants Some Chocolate? {Giveaway CLOSED}

Gooooood morning, my friends! Already Thursday…who knew?!

So I had actually planned on starting my morning with a workout, but my early morning hunger won me over…the workout will just have to wait.

Instead, I enjoyed a nice hot mug of coffee while I waited for breakfast to cook up in the toaster.


Two waffles with PB, banana, and chia seeds today. Always a winner.


I’m actually thinking that, in addition to my reps for the Closeout Workout Challenge, I may attempt some yoga today. It’s probably been since October since I last practiced so I may try to give it a go. We’ll see what happens.


Today is turning out to be one of those days where I, oddly enough, don’t have all that much to talk about. Luckily though, I have something else to share which I think you guys may enjoy much more than my ramblings…

So the other day when I shared my recipe for the White Chocolate Cranberry Candy Crunch? You know, when I also told you about the incredibly delicious Santa Barbara Chocolate Co.? Well apparently they read my review and LOVED not only what I made out of it, but also what you guys had to say about it, too.

They were so blown away, in fact, that they asked if I would do a giveaway for them. I said, “Of course I will do a giveaway for my readers! I love them!” Winking smile

One lucky (very lucky, if you ask me!) STSL reader will win (4) chocolate bars,

AND the 1lb California Collection of chocolates.

Ohhhhh man, I am telling you…whoever wins this is in for a serious treat! (Giveaway is open to US residents only – sorry!)

To Enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post with anything chocolate relatedhow much you love it, your favorite kind, a favorite recipe, etc…
  • (optional) Tweet about the giveaway: “I want to win some @SantaBarbChoc from @SweetToothCourt! – http://wp.me/p1g6nA-bc2″

(Since they were so generous to offer the giveaway, feel free to give ‘em a follow on Twitter too.) Smile

I’ll choose the lucky winner tomorrow, Friday December 7th. Good Luck!


  1. Brooke says

    Chocolate is basically the best thing ever. So yummy and comforting! And I will definitely have to try your recipe, delish!

  2. Holly says

    Oh. My. Word. I would LOVE to win this. During my years of restriction, I NEVER ate chocolate. I am glad to be in a place where I do allow myself to eat it and it would be wonderful to win this!

  3. says

    I love trying new kinds of chocolate. If it sounds like an unusual combo, I am there and ready to try it. I truly don’t understand people who don’t like chocolate (I have a coworker at job #2 who doesn’t, and I tell him he’s a weirdo every time we discuss it. LOL).

  4. Carolyn says

    Yum chocolate! Sign me up. I am a chocoholic and love lots of kinds but my favorite is usually milk or dark chocolate with nuts.

  5. Juliene says

    this giveaway is perfect. I have been craving chocolate but haven’t yet given in to the temptation, mainly because a snickers just isn’t cutting it. these would be delicious!!

  6. Megan says

    I love all kinds of chocolate-milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate…I’m an equal opportunity chocolate consumer :)

  7. Amy P says

    Mmm looks delicious! My grandparents give me a box of chocolates for Christmas every year. As a kid I remember hating that they didn’t come with a ‘map’ so I’d poke holes in the bottom to make sure I didn’t get a coconut one!

  8. Angela I. says

    To say I am a chocoholic would be an understatement. I would crumble if I did not have dark chocolate to turn to in the darkest hours… actually in any hour.

  9. Faith says

    Oh my gosh I do! I’m a total chocoholic, especially for ones that have nuts in them. Pecan clusters are my absolute fave!

  10. says

    I am totally a dark chocolate fanatic, though I can’t say I’ve ever encountered a chocolate I didn’t like! 😉 These look amazing and so perfect for the holidays!

  11. Amanda says

    I thought I loved chocolate until I met my fiance. This would be one of his Christmas presents, definitely. I’d make him share though! :) My favorite chocolate is Hershey’s. I will eat everything else, but Hershey’s is the BEST.

  12. Katie K. says

    Chocolate will always be one of those foods that puts me in a such great mood! Everyone gives me a hard time for loving dark chocolate but… what can I say? It’s my favorite!

  13. Kerry says

    I’m loving all things mint chocolate now but was also surprised they make holiday Cadburys…not the cream ones but the chocolates w/the crunchy shells.

  14. says

    I am a self-diagnosed chocoholic. It’s to the point of being a problem! My current heart throb is the new Lindt dark chocolate coconut bar (insane) and my ole’ faithful TJ dark chocolate sea salt almonds. Sigh. I’d love to try these!

  15. Rachel says

    I am seriously addicted to dark chocolate. I have a square of Trader Joe’s 72% dark chocolate everyday… except this week it has been more like 3/day because it’s final exams week! I have my last exams tonight so I might need some more dark chocolate to celebrate too 😉

  16. Maggie says

    You can never have too much chocolate! I have recently made the terribly terrific toffee recipe you posted! SOO GOOD! and addicting

  17. Amber says

    I love love love chocolate! During the holidays I love using white chocolate to cover pretzels, make bark and just eat!

  18. Heather says

    I love chocolate every now and again! I could eat it all the time, but try to limit myself! I have never even tried dark chocolate so I’d love to give that a go! Around Christmas time, I definitely get my fill with M&Ms and chocolate chip cookies!! Mmm Mmm!

  19. Katie says

    I love chocolate! I’ve recently redeveloped my love for HOT CHOCOLATE and probably have one cup a night. With lots of whipped cream of course. :)

  20. Kelly Williams says

    I eat chocolate every.single.day. I don’t think I could go without it. My favorite is any dark chocolate!

  21. Jordan K says

    Santa Barbara Chocolate Co.’s chocolate looks SO good! I am a dark chocolate fanatic myself, preferably dark chocolate with sea salt. I can’t get enough of that stuff!

  22. mom#to#three says

    LOVE chocolate! And that box of candy looks amazing! I would try to put it under the tree as a gift to myself . . . :)

  23. Michelle says

    I cannot wait to try the white chocolate bark recipe. White chocolate and cranberries are one of the best combos I can think of! I would be delighted to try those amazing looking chocolates by the Santa Barbara Chocolate Co.!

  24. Kristin M says

    Love chocolate! Any kind I’m not picky! :)
    Can’t wait to try your white chocolate bark recipe and who nice of Santa Barbara to share! :)

  25. kristin says

    Wow – how delicious do they look! I actually started licking my computer screen 😉

    Chocolate – well one who doesn’t love chocolate – my favorite chocolate is truffles I just love how they melt in your mouth so yummy.

    Thanks for the giveaway and congrats to whoever wins this one.

  26. Kristin says

    I LOVE chocolate!!! Milk and white chocolate used to be my favorites but I’ve been really into semi sweet lately. :o)

  27. Casey H says

    Is there anything better than chocolate at Christmas? Other than family and holiday cheer and the season of giving and presents… nope, nothing better than chocolate.

  28. jackie says

    I love love love chocolate definitely my fav, free chocolate would especially be appreciated during this busy time of finals in college :)

  29. Chloe says

    I may or may not start my day with chocolate every morning….Trader Joe’s has caramel chocolates to DIE for! Dark chocolate with ooey gooey caramel inside…mmm. They’re in a little round tin by the registers, and only 30 calories per wedge! That is, if you can stop at one 😉

  30. Jacque says

    I love really dark chocolate! I try to always keep some in the house, but my boyfriend always eats it all. If I won hopefully it would last us a while! Yum!

  31. Emily H says

    I just tried your Nutella Chocolate Chip cookie recipe and it is by far by new favorite go-to chocolate recipe. Yum!!

  32. Danielle says

    I love chocolate! Even chocolate ice cream in the winter. My husband does not like it, so it’s one treat that I can selfishly keep all to myself.

  33. Erica says

    I love that Cadbury came out with milk chocolate balls. The mini-eggs are my ultimate Easter candy and now I can enjoy them at Christmas too!

  34. Jackie says

    Hmmm!!! When it comes to chocolate, I will eat just about any type! Lately, I have been on a big kick of chocolate, caramel and salt! Anything with that combo is my favorite!

  35. Liz H says

    I live in Sabta Barnara and have never heard of this and I’m a little upset about it! Haha. We have See’s candy over here in CA and I am a little bit obsessed with their chocolates . Mmm I might have to stop by today for a “sample”

  36. Tracy says

    I have a chocolate addiction. My husband and I often go to Whole Foods or World Market to check out their chocolate collections. They have wild combinations that we love like smores, candied apple, and peach infused. So good!!

  37. Mandy says

    This chocolate would be the best addition to my banking fun on Christmas Eve! Plus, I need a little chocolate pick me up every day so this would help contribute to my stash!

  38. Ally says

    I hated chocolate growing up, but now I absolutely love it! A piece of dark chocolate at the end of the day is the perfect little treat.

  39. Jayme says

    Oh man…you had me at the words “chocolate giveaway!” I consider myself one of chocolates biggest fans. It makes it’s way into at least one of my meals every day in some shape or form! And especially with my finals coming up for college, chocolate therapy is the only sure fire way to prevent me from going insane! Haha, so basically winning this giveaway would make me one happpyyyy girl! :)

  40. Caitlin says

    I love chocolate so much! I can’t wait to go home for Christmas and make tons and tons of cookies with my family, that white chocolate cranberry bark you made would be an excellent addition!

  41. Kate says

    What an AWESOME giveaway! I am obsessed with chocolate (and all desserts for that matter). I am really loving chocolate with sea salt on it these days…Trader Joe’s has an awesome caramel filled bar. YUM.

  42. Lindsay says

    Mmmm… I love chocolate anything. Brownies and chocolate chip cookies have to be my favorite. When my sweet tooth comes out during the day, I have been trying to incorporate dark chocolate though.

    What a great giveaway! It looks delish

  43. Tori K says

    I’m visiting Disneyland right now and there is chocolate everything alllll around! They are gonna have to roll me outta there!

  44. Torry says

    mmmm there isnt anything much better then chocolate – tonight i am making a few of your goodies that involve chocolate. i cant wait to try them!!

  45. Chelsea says

    hi i m chelsea and im a choco-holic. I love everythingggg chocolate- but MY FAVORITES combine sweet and salty. Salted chocolate caramels. fudge with sea salt. salted toffee. REESES PEANUT BUTTER CUPS. holy crap what time is it?!! is it too early to eat chocolate?!!!

  46. Mallory @ Have Your Cake and Eat it says

    Ahh! If I win I think I would send the box to my dad who lives in Jacksonville, FL for Xmas! I won’t get to see him and it’s always tricky sending gifts so far – I’m sure he’d love these though!! YUM

  47. Becky Henderson says

    This pregnant girl can’t get enough chocolate right now! I love dark chocolate in any form. My favorite way to eat chocolate though is just a plain piece of dark chocolate with some milk or wine. Yum!

  48. Krystina says

    I love everything chocolate! I’m training for a half marathon right now, and every time I train, my sweet tooth intensifies by like 4584375987%. I could definitely do some damage with these chocolate goodies!

  49. Kelsey says

    I love Chocolate but not as much as my grandmother who would die for 1lb of chocolate!!! We can use it for our holiday baking!

  50. Karen says

    I LOVE Chocolate!! After dinner, I must have a piece of chocolate. My favorite is probably a minty chocolate but I do love milk chocolate with vanilla cream. I would bring that box of chocolates to my parents for Christmas Day for the entire family. Happy Holidays!!

  51. Haley says

    I love chocolate, but only buy it when I have to use it in baking, or am taking it to a party to share with others ;)!

  52. Audra says

    I love chocolate, anytime and in anything!! Baking with it makes desserts twenty times better in my opinion but its a little slice of heaven all on its own too :) this giveaway is awesome!!

  53. Amy says

    I pretty much attack the seasonal Dove Peppermint Bark—-when they first show up at Target…………….dark chocolate and peppermint bark=Delish!

  54. Kaitlyn says

    I could literally eat chocolate every single day for the rest of my life, ESPECIALLY dark chocolate! It’s delicious + loaded with antioxidants?! Yes please!

  55. says

    When I was reading your post on the chocolate before I wanted some SO badly!! I rarely ever buy gourmet chocolate for myself because I’m a broke college student, but it would be so fun to win it!!! Plus, this brand of chocolate looks amazing!!!

  56. alisa says

    I love British Kit Kats – they’re creamier than the American version. Such a treat when my cousins visit the U.S. from the UK.

  57. Kerry Cartledge says

    I JUST finished eating a Cookies and Cream cupcake (Your recipe) that was ABSOLUTELY delicious! I love chocolate in any form but I would have to say, this is definitely one of my new favorite ways to enjoy it. :)

  58. Angela says

    Chocolate is my absolute biggest weakness when it comes to sweets! I love all of it! Dark, White, Milk, I don’t discriminate! :)

  59. Laura H says

    Yum! I used to put chocolate chips in my Cheerios. Yep, sounds weird but it’s so good. You have to put raisins in too. It adds to the bowl of deliciousness! Seriously, it was so good. I haven’t done it in years but maybe I should try it again!

  60. Leigh H says

    My daughter and I love chocolate, chocolate peanut butter and white chocolate. Our favorite thing to do with the chocolate is to add it yummy ice cream!!!

  61. says

    I love anything that has to do with chocolate – current obsessions include (but not limited to: muddy buddies homemade chex and lindt white chocolate truffles made w/ vanilla bean (in a purple bag), so good!!

  62. Sherri says

    Chocolate?! Sign me up for that giveaway! I’m going for a Dove chocolate promise right now just because talking about chocolate makes me want some. :)

  63. Julie says

    I LOVE chocolate and would love to spread some holiday cheer baking with these bars (and the chocolate box for me 😉 )

  64. Lindsey says

    Chocolate is my go to for a sweet treat especially of the dark variety. I always have some at home and at work and love trying new flavors

  65. Natalie Rae says

    When I was younger white chocolate was my favorite. But, as my taste buds matured, I grew to love dark chocolate, and chocolate in small savory quanities :)

  66. Kristen says

    OMG CHOCOLATE! I’M IN!!!!!! I love white chocolate drizzled over anything/everything salty. Love! Thanks Courtney!


  67. Dania says

    I love chocolate to pieces.
    Chocolate chocolate bo bhocolate bonana fanna fo fhocolate fee fy mo mhocolate. Chocolate.

  68. Lily says

    Ahh! What an awesome giveaway! I really love anything dark chocolate. And as Christmas is almost here, I always ask for one of those dark chocolate orange. Best. Thing. Ever.

  69. crystal d. says

    Last night my “treat” for the night was a chocolate covered graham cracker with marshmallow and caramel. Man was that sucker good. Which I had about 5 more of those!!! I also had a chocolate malt the other night that was to die for!!!

  70. Sue says

    I love all chocolate. I am going to make your white chocolate/cranberry candy this weekend. I can’t wait. It looks so good.


  71. Jamie says

    I’m a self-diagnosed chocoholic, like many people who have commented so far 😉 I’ve been loving mint chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chips and pb in oatmeal, and chocolate chips in strawberry greek yogurt. Any day I can add chocolate to my diet is a good day indeed :)

  72. Staci says

    I LOVE Dark Chocolate!!!! I have a chocolate snack every day after dinner to satisfy my sweet tooth. I would love to try this new to me brand of chocolate!!!

  73. Lisa says

    OMG! What an awesome giveaway! I love, love, LOVE anything chocolate-related, so this is right up my alley. I actually am going to make the white chocolate cranberry crunch this weekend after I have all the ingredients. Thanks, Courtney (and Santa Barbara Chocolates)!!!

  74. Molly C. says

    This giveaway is amazing. I never go a day without chocolate… ever. My favorite type is dark chocolate that I buy at Trader Joe’s because it’s such a great price. I would LOVE to win this!!!

  75. Sri says

    Oh that just looks heavenly…drools…haha I love me some chocolate and would definitely share the wealth with my chocolate loving friends. :)

  76. hayley says

    ohhhh how yummy! i cant believe i lived in sb for 5 years and never heard of them?!? i must have been living under a rock, jeeze!
    side note- have you tried the salted caramel chai tea from trader joes?? i think its something you’d love. if you havent, get some. or i’ll send you some. either way, you need to try it 😉

  77. Hanna says

    Of course, I LOVE chocolate! If I won I would totally be sharing with family and make some type of chocolate bark to hand out, too!

  78. Christine says

    Dark chocolate and coconut, chocolate and peanut butter, really dark chocolate, chocolate with sea salt….. I love it all!

  79. Katelyn says

    I am a self proclaimed choc-o-holic! My motto is the darker, the better!!! Yum! That 1 lb box would cause me some serious trouble :)

  80. Nikki A. says

    This is quite possibly the best giveaway i’ve ever encountered! i really really really hope i get selected :) i lovvveee chocolate, dark chocolate is my favorite!

  81. Haley says

    How much I love chocolate.. a lot! I did a Hot Chocolate 15K with my cousin in November and the motto was “Will Run for Chocolate” so yea I really like chocolate!

  82. Katie S says

    YUM, dark chocolate! I’m making Christmas cookies this weekend with my sister and I can’t wait to dig into the chocolate chips!

  83. Megan says

    I’m obsessed with anything chocolate, especially when paired with peanut butter or pretzels!! just waiting for m&m’s to make a pb pretzel flavor!

  84. Ashlie says

    I love chocolate!! My favorite thing to make with chocolate has got to be brownie pie and then I top it with some vanilla ice-cream.

  85. Darci says

    Who DOESN’T love chocolate?!?! I am hoping to win these treats to reward myself for all of my hectic holiday shopping that I am doing!

  86. Lauren says

    Chocolate chocolate chocolate! I was wishing you would have a giveaway with this company, your post the other day looked amazing!

  87. Rochelle says

    I love chocolate so much! My boyfriend and I sit and share chocolate almost every night after dinner, for a sweet treat. It’s kind of “our” thing. In addition to my chocolate dessert most nights, I also love to bake me some delicious chocolatey goodness. Hmmm, I wonder what all I could do with those 4 chocolate bars…

  88. Kelsey Y. says

    Dark chocolate is, by far, my favorite treat to indulge in.
    But, as much as I love it, I would have to say my boyfriend is OBSESSED with chocolate. These would be a great little gift to him, and for us to share together!

    • Kelsey Y. says

      Left put a tweet out in the Twitter world !
      And just wanted to also comment we had the SAME, exact breakfast this morning! With white chocolate wonderful PB!

  89. Alyssa says

    I absolutely love EVERYTHING chocolate!!! I am currently pregnant and my go to food is dark chocolate, I cannot get enough of it.

  90. Nicole says

    I love chocolate sooo so much! One of my favorites is to take chocolate chip cookies (fresh from the oven) and have it with vanilla ice cream. Oh my gosh – it’s 9:25 a.m. right now, and I’m ready for dessert! :)

  91. roselyn page says

    Well, chocolate, what can I say? I put it in anything I can. And, today was St. Nick and he even know to fill my stocking with chocolate.

  92. Lisa says

    Extreme chocolate lover. If I don’t have any in the house it’s never a good thing. And the fact that the chocolate is organic is even better.

  93. Jen N. says

    I’ve been having serious chocolate cravings lately… mostly anything chocolate chip related, but I wouldn’t mind that box of chocolates to satisfy my craving. :)

  94. Lori says

    I grew without a taste for chocolate even though the rest of my family loved it. Then, two years ago when we were planning our wedding the stress of it somehow made me obsessed with chocolate. Weird, huh?

  95. Ryan says

    Dark chocolate, all the way. I keep a bag of dark chocolate chips in the freezer and snag a handful (or 5) when I need a little something sweet!

  96. Pamela says

    Yum! Chocolate is always good. At the holidays it’s AMAZING! I would love to try using this in a recipe…or just setting it out on the table to graze on all day long!

  97. Caitlin says

    oh that looks so good! chocolate and a caramel is one of my favorite treats; it never fails to put a smile of my face (:

  98. Leslie says

    Oh my gosh…I’m in my 21st week of pregnancy and little girl is giving me a HUGE sweet tooth, especially chocolate yummies like in your post. DANGEROUS!!!
    Leslie recently posted..Blogpost Clamor

  99. Nicole F. says

    I eat dark chocolate almost every single day. This is an amazing giveaway! It may be embarrassing but I easily keep a few different bars on hand, some plain, some with fun mix-ins, and I always keep some Godiva squares in my purse : )

  100. Leah says

    I’m not a huge chocolate fan….hard to believe I know. But there are certain times of the month that I crave in! I love it with peanut butter.

  101. says

    My daughter has three things on her Christmas list: a furby, a pet vet station , and chocolate. We don’t do snack cakes or candy bars in our house but she and i both love a good chocolate :)

  102. Caroline says

    It’s a bit chilly here in Upstate NY – I could use some Mexican Hot Chocolate to warm me up – my favorite :)

  103. says

    AHH! I love chocolate(ALL KINDS) with a passion! I love anything with peanut butter, MINT, toffee, nuts, ect. And I love dark, milk, and white(even though white isn’t technically “chocolate”, I still considerate to be).
    So basically anything and every kind of chocolate, I will gladly eat it! 😉
    Lily recently posted..Birthday Party Outfit

  104. Amanda Thompson says

    My brother lives near Santa Barbara, I will have to ask him if he knows about these little gems!! Maybe he’ll bring me some dark chocolate for Christmas!!

  105. Marin says

    Yummmm! It looks amazing even just in pictures! My favorite chocolate treat lately is the cookie-butter filled chocolate bar at Trader Joe’s. So. Crazy. Good.

  106. Caitlin F. says

    I don’t know what it is about this holiday season, but my sweet tooth is at an all time high. Case in point: Went to Trader Joe’s for hummus and walked out with 2 bags of chocolate chips, dark chocolate sea salted caramels, and dark chocolate PB cups. Forgot the hummus. Haalp.

  107. Meredith B. says

    I absolutely LOVE chocolate, but I especially love dark chocolate! My daily treat is usually a couple squares of the stuff after dinner.

  108. Arianne says

    The only words I have about chocolate…I’m obsessed. Snickers are by far my all time favorite, but in all honesty I could never turn down any chocolate!

  109. Jessica says

    I raelly like chocolate in any form but am especially enjoying some hot chocolate as temperatures start dipping!

  110. Naomi says

    Oh chocolate…how I love it :) My current favorite is dark chocolate with sea salt–I just love that sweet and salty combo. I have been having some mad cravings for chocolate chip cookies lately, so hopefully I can get some of those made this weekend too

  111. Mariève says

    I’ll have for dessert one single piece of any kind of dark chocolate (usually 85%). Sweet enough to satisfied my sweet tooth!

  112. Amanda says

    Oh my goodness I love everything chocolate! My favorite would definitely have to be any kind of chocolate that has almonds. Sooo good!

  113. Lauren M. says

    Best giveaway ever! I love chocolate! I have recently been buying a dark chocolate mint variety that I found at fresh market and its been putting a hole in my wallet – $5 for a bar! With that being said, I would love to win this :)

  114. Natalie says

    I mayyyy have a slight addiction to all things chocolate. Dark chocolate anything is my FAVORITE! and winning this giveaway would be quite the little birthday treat (December 7!!) 😉

  115. Anita says

    I have a soft spot for white chocolate even though it’s technically not chocolate haha. A childhood fave was mint chocolate fingers! Nowadays, I get my chocolate fix in cocoa powder oatmeal sweetened with Stevia…calming way to start the mornings. :)

  116. Claire K says

    I’m a junior at Tulane, and college is hard. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate and anything with toffee, is not only a delectable treat but holds the key to my keeping it all together! Dark chocolate makes me smile.

  117. Lindsey says

    Love chocolate!! My favorite recipe is to take sugar cookie dough and roll it flat to back, then when it comes out, spread orange marmalade all over it and top with chopped walnut and drizzles chocolate. Yum!

  118. Emily Olson says

    I luh luh luh LOVE chocolate!!! Don’t tell anyone, I’m supposed to be “eating healthy” but I went to the store today and bought chocolate pudding and chocolate covered pretzels and now I’m happy :). Two days without chocolate, now that’s depressing.

  119. says

    I have the worst luck when it comes to winning things but I am going to be overly optimistic about this one because I REALLY want that box of chocolates. Oh my goodness, that is like a box of heaven for my taste buds and tummy!!!
    Suzanne @ Fit Minded Mom recently posted..MIA

  120. Rachel says

    I can’t get your white chocolate bark out of my mind, definitely one of the best uses of white chocolate I’ve seen in a while!

  121. Meg says

    I love chocolate so much that I’ve thought about doing one of those chocolate spa services – like a facial – but then I remember that I’m just going to want to eat it! So I would love to receive this chocolate and go ahead and do just that.

  122. Rebecca says

    I usually love dark and milk chocolate and am not a huge fan of white chocolate, but I had an amazing white chocolate, macadamia nut, dried cranberry cookie today that totally made me change my mind!

  123. says

    My boyfriend makes fun of me because I feel like I need to eat some sort of chocolate every single day. It’s an addiction that I never want to get rid of!

  124. Anna says

    I love all kinds of chocolate, especially any kind of dark chocolate with caramel. My secret chocolate guilty pleasure will always be a Twix or Snickers bar though 😉

  125. dee says

    Yum!! I almost always have a bag of dark chocolate chips at home.. I never get around to baking with them, though! Oops! 😉

  126. Kara says

    I always keep a little bit of dark chocolate in the house for when a craving hits! But this giveaway would be so convenient for baking with Christmas right around the corner :)

  127. Angela T says

    Chocolate is my weakness. I try my best not to keep any in my house but it fails every time I go to the grocery store :)

  128. Jen says

    Mmm. I love chocolate. I was never a fan of dark before but I think I’m coming around..LOL. I can’t wait to make the white chocolate cranberry treat you made. Yum!

  129. Katie M says

    I love white chocolate straight up, and milk/dark chocolate is great when paired with fruit. What can I say? I like the sweet stuff!

  130. Alyssa says

    I feel like my day is never complete without a little piece of chocolate after dinner…or anything sweet really 😉 I’d love to add Santa Barbara chocolates into my daily routine!

  131. Billie Jean says

    I LOVE chocolate! I have it every day, sometimes a few times a day! My favorite right now is Newman’s Own Orange Dark Chocolate:)

  132. Kristen says

    Chocolate is my #1 weakness. Some of my favorite combos are peanut butter and chocolate, caramel and chocolate and of course chocolate ice cream! I am definitely a chocoholic!

  133. Rebecca says

    I am in love with anything chocolate – and whoever’s idea it was to put it into a mug to drink it – is my fave person evers.

  134. Seema says

    I love dark chocolate! :) esp with nuts and salted caramel – it’s my current favorite combination of sweet and salty!

  135. Jen W. says

    LOVE CHOCOLATE – semi sweet, milk chocolate, white chocolate. Add a spoon of peanut butter and I’m in heaven!

  136. Taylor says

    Chocolate is the ONE thing I can’t give up! It’s just soooooo good! Life wouldn’t be the same without it ;).

  137. Jerica says

    I LOVE dark chocolate. Especially dark chocolate with any sort of nuts in it. As a graduate student, I’ve been surviving off of chocolate and coffee lately so this would be an amazing giveaway to win!

  138. Anna says

    I love chocolate so much! It’s seriously my favorite treat, and I make sure I have a piece of chocolate every day. I’d like to think it is my anti-depressant during the cold winter months! :-)

  139. Karen says

    I love dark chocolate. I have been enjoying caramel cone ice cream (nightly) with dark chocolate maranatha almond butter on top and it is so good!

  140. Isis Gaber says

    My mom has a ridiculous love of chocolate, and this giveaway would be perfect for her and I to share over the holidays. There’s nothing like mother-daughter bonding time with chocolate!

  141. Melanie says

    I’m dying to try out a new chocolate cookie for the holiday season, your baking is inspiring me to find some new recipes!

  142. Lydia L. says

    I want to wiiiiiiiin!! My favorite way to eat chocolate is straight off a candy bar, or chocolate pudding…or in cookies..or chocolate milk..okay I love it all!!

  143. Kate says

    4 chocolate bars? yea that’ll last about three days… haha! I guess could *consider* sharing the truffles :) tis the season!!

  144. catherine says

    thanks to my amazing dad, I grew up loving dark chocolate and pretty much anything with chocolate. keep up the great work on delicious recipes.

  145. catherine says

    thanks to my amazing dad, I grew up loving dark chocolate and pretty much anything with chocolate. keep up the great work on delicious recipes. yumm

  146. Taylor says

    Everyday after dinner I have a little piece of chocolate, juuuust to satisfy my sweet tooth. I can’t go a day without chocolate of some sort!

  147. Michele says

    Dark chocolate is the best…especially dark with sea salt caramel!!! My two children won’t even eat anything else. I usually have to buy some just for me and hide it in the fridge or the freezer so they won’t find it!!! Some things are just too good to share :)

  148. Emily E says

    i LOVE chocolate, i mean i literally eat it for breakfast during the month of december, and want to try to make those flourless cookies… having this will help!!

  149. says

    Once I discovered dark chocolate (as a grown up), that’s what I prefer. Oh, I’ll eat milk, bittersweet, semi-sweet and all manner in between if I must, but dark chocolate is always my first choice. Throw in some almonds or peanuts and I can’t resist!

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