Too Cute and Cozy to Pass Up

Wow. Talk about a full, busy day! It’s just now 5:30 and this is the first chance I’ve had to sit at my computer….whew!

Our day started nice and early, since both Jay and I had full agendas today. Before anything though, I made myself a quick breakfast.


I received a pretty sweet package in the mail yesterday filled with two of Thomas’ limited edition cranberry products: english muffins and bagels. They both looked good, but I decided today was a bagel sorta day.

I can happily say that these are fantastic with both peanut butter AND jelly. Winking smile


Once breakfast was taken care of, I headed out to take care of a couple errands: grocery store, mom and dad’s house, and liquor store. Jay and I are having a few friends over tonight for a little Christmas party, hence the crazy busy day.

By the time I got back home, I was super excited to see a special little package in the mail for meeeee.


I ordered this adorable hooded, sparkly sweatshirt last week off of Rue La La and have been waiting for it to get here ever since.


There was actually a ton of stuff I was loving on the site last week, but this top just looked too cute and cozy to pass up. The sparkles are kinda hard to see in the photo, but I swear they’re there. I can’t wait to wear it!


The rest of our afternoon around here pretty much consisted of cleaning, both upstairs and downstairs. I told Jay that we really need to have friends over more often because our house always looks so nice when we actually clean it…who knew? Winking smile

One of the things we both got a great kick out of today was while cleaning downstairs. Jay pulled this cabinet out away from the wall and, wouldn’t you know, there was quite a bit of treasure under there…


Apparently we found not only where all of Cody’s toys go, but also where all of our ping pong balls went…which I guess are also now Cody’s toys. He’s such a character.

So Jay worked downstairs for a bit while I worked upstairs and finished up cleaning out our back room. It’s looked like crap for months now, but we’re finally making some progress!


Little did I know, that while I was working upstairs, Jay was actually hard at work down in the basement getting things all “festive” for tonight. I looooooved the surprise of the lights!


I told him we just have to keep them up all year-round, especially around the bar. I love lights!


I don’t have much more in terms of food to share with you guys today, since I’ve been grazing for the majority of the day while cleaning, prepping food, and getting ready. Now that I’ve sat down for a few minutes – 14 minutes, to be exact – it’s about time to head back out to the kitchen and finish up the food.

We’ve got lots of good stuff on the menu tonight…including my first ever attempt at fondue! Jay bought me a fondue set two years ago and, well, this is our first time opening the box. Oops. Winking smile

How’s everyone else’s Saturday going? Awesome, I hope?!? I’ll check back with you cool cats later on – gotta jet!


  1. says

    LOVE the lights in the basement! But I’m such a sucker for christmas lights. I have them up year-round in my room in my parents house. It’s been one of my favorite things since moving back home to have them. 😉

    And I might be even more excited for those english muffins now. My dad went out while I was at work today and picked them up. It’s on the agenda for breakfast tomorrow.
    Katie @ Talk Less, Say More recently posted..The Importance of Sleep

  2. Holly says

    hahaha! We moved the couch the other day and found at least 3 dozen bottle caps our cat Alice had hidden under there!

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