Christmas Par-tay Time

So much food…


Like, seriously…a lot of food.


Including some adorable Pinterest finds!


And drinks…lots of those, too.


Unfortunately, the one thing I was most looking forward to, my cheese fondue, ended up turning out like crap. The stupid fondue burner kept burning the cheese, and although we attempted the turn it on/shut it off thing a few times, it finally burned the whole bottom of the pot. We threw in the towel after that one, which was even more of a bummer because that cheese wasn’t cheap!


Oh well…the rest of the party was SO much fun that the fondue didn’t even matter.


Can you spot the creeper in this photo?? I literally laughed out loud as soon as a I spotted him.


Me and my co-host for the evening.


The girlsssss.


Part of our party also included a Chinese Grab Bag. It was optional to partake, but most people ended up getting in on it, which was really quite amusing.


We actually didn’t wind up doing this until later in the evening, but we figured we ought to do it sooner rather than later, since some of the party-goers were having a bit of fun downstairs…



I won’t name names. Winking smile


The gift I ended up with from the grab bag was this adorable microwave soup bowl + soup.


It was Sarah’s gift and she was worried that it was something that an “old lady” would want but I love it. Definitely a cute find!


The party eventually fizzled out late last night around 1am, and although I have a kitchen filled with dirty dishes and empty bottles, it is totally worth it. It was a great night with some awesome friends! Smile

Now it’s time to go brave that kitchen…


  1. Anna Leeson says

    Looks like it was a great time with food, drinks and friends! Does it get better?! The creeper is beyond hilarious :) Love the soup bowl, any idea where she got it?

  2. says

    Our family always does a Secret Santa gift exchange on Christmas. On Thanksgiving we all put our names and 3 items we want in a hat and draw names. We have so many people in our family that it would become way too expensive to buy a gift for each person. The gift exchanges are always fun though!
    Danielle recently posted..Pizza, Pizza

  3. says

    Looks like fun! My boyfriend and I had an ugly sweater recently and I cooked up lots of things courtesy of Pinterest and Jessica at How Sweet it Is…

    Two questions- Where did you get that adorable throw with the stockings? And, is Chinese Grab Bag the same thing as a White Elephant exchange or Yankee Swap (I grew up in the Midwest and we called it White Elephant, but when I lived in Boston it was called Yankee Swap).
    Elizabeth recently posted..The problem of being a bibliophile in a library

    • Courtney says

      I’m not sure what a Yankee Swap is, but it’s basically where you draw numbers and have the chance to choose an unopened gift or steal a gift from someone who already opened it. It’s a lot of fun!

      And I actually have no idea where the throw came from…it took it from my mom and dad’s house when I moved out years ago. 😉

  4. Lauren says

    I just made those reindeer cookies from pinterest on Saturday! And I’ve seen those santa hat brownies on pinterest too, they turned out super cute! Looks like a fun party :)

  5. says

    Awww this made me miss our annual Christmas party. We haven’t had one in a few years since my son’s birthday is now about the same time :/ Your food looks fabulous…don’t cry over burnt cheese :)

  6. Nancy says

    I love the soup bowl!! Been wanting to get one, don’t like the all white ones! This one is so pretty I am going to see if our Marshall’s have them. My luck they won’t, but it is just too cute!!Lucky you!!

  7. Taylor says

    I have that exact same bowl and LOVE it! I also grabbed the next size up but that one has pastel colored birds on it :) TJ Maxx (and Marshall’s!) is great for that stuff. The party looked like a blast – and Cody made me LOL as well.


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