Mother-Daughter Night at TSO

Well goooood morning and happy FRIDAY to you all!! How’ everyone doing this morning? Although I’m a little bit tired after a late night and early morning this morning, it was totally worth it after last night’s concert.


But I’ll get to that in juuuuuust a sec.

I had plans to pick up my mom for the concert around 6pm last night, and by the time 5:20 rolled around, I realized that I should probably make myself some dinner. Seeing as though it was basically last minute, my choices were limited…but the choice I did make was so. freakin’. delicious.


I put together a grilled egg, provolone, spinach, and turkey bacon sandwich (with a little ketchup in the middle, of course!) and I cannot even tell you how much it hit the spot. I need these in my life more often…whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, OR dinner.


Once that was scarfed down, I was out the door to get mom and then head to the TSO concert!


We, surprisingly enough, got there a bit early, so we grabbed our seats and just hung out and chatted for a bit.


We also picked up some popcorn on our way to our seats, so we snacked on that throughout the night. It was some pretty darn good popcorn, too. Smile


The first half of the concert was good, but was actually a bit slow for my liking. My favorite thing about Tran Siberian Orchestra is the music/instruments, and it seemed like a majority of the first half was singing. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the singers were phenomenal, but I needed something a little more upbeat.


By the second half, however, things definitely perked up a bit and all of my favorite songs were belted out in full force.


And they even ended the concert with one of my favorite songs of theirs, Carol of the Bells, which TOTALLY made the show.


Definitely a great night out with mom!!

Now, this morning, I’m actually back at mom and dad’s and blogging to you all from here before we head out for the day. It actually worked out perfectly because I had to stop over quickly this morning at the new job to pick up some paperwork…


Looks like I’ve got some weekend reading material ahead of me, eh?

Speaking of the new job, thank you so much for all of your wonderful congrats and well wishes. They really do mean a lot! I also, after reading, probably should have clarified that the new job is not any sort of “wedding” or “party” planner (although that does sound fun!). The planning piece is only a small part of the job, as most of the job duties (from what I can tell) are actually mostly acting as the executive assistant for the execs of the company.

Honestly, being back there again this morning just further proved my excitement for the new changes coming my way. The company just seems absolutely amazing, and anyone I’ve encountered so far is so nice. I feel incredibly blessed to have found, what I think will be, an amazing opportunity! Smile

Alright, looks like mom is giving me the “let’s gooooo, Courtney” eye, so it’s time to jet – I’ll catch you all a bit later!

P.S. – I’ve gotten a heads up from a few of you saying that the blog is showing an old post from 12-12 when you bring it up. I checked things out with Ryan, my tech guy, and he said things should be all cleared up. If you’re experiencing this (annoying) problem, clearing your browser history should do the trick. If not though, please feel free to email me and let me know – gotta make sure this is all cleared up!


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    You guys are so cute! I remember one year, my mom and dad took us to a Manheim Steamrollers concert and all I kept saying to them was “this place smells like old people”. Oh, how the times have changed, haha. Have fun shopping today! Your momma is absolutely adorable and the best for always being there with you!

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    Sarajevo 12/24. not carol of the bells. *winks*
    My dad and I have gone to this show for the past 9 YEARS, it seems crazy, but this years was different, so that was fun, but I also likedthe second half better than the first. I actually thought the STORY was really sad this year! Much more so than in the past!
    Emily N recently posted..Workouts and 2013 plans


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