All Your Baby Tooth Questions, Answered!

Lots and lots to share with you all today! First of all, I cannot thank you all enough for your incredible comments and support after yesterday’s big announcement. I’m so excited to share this journey with all of you as I go along. That being said, I don’t have intentions of turning this into a pregnancy blog. Sure, I’ll definitely give bump updates, and I know I’ll talk about things since it’s now my life, but I don’t plan on getting suuuuper detailed about anything. I think some things just need to stay amongst family.

Now, I know many of you had questions, and I have lots to share, so here’s LOTS of Q&A’s for you. Enjoy!!

How did you find out you were pregnant? I took a home pregnancy test. I was feeling pretty hopeful that month, and I had a good feeling. The morning I was planning on taking it though, I realized I didn’t have a test, so I had to run out to the grocery store at 6:30 in the morning to buy some. Why would I do that, you ask? Well, because Jay was leaving me for a week for work later that morning and we wanted to know before he left so we could at least celebrate for a few minutes!

What kind of Pregnancy test did you take? First Response.

How many? Two…and no denying those dark lines!


What were your 1st symptoms? Sore boobs and some cramping. I also analyzed every. little. symptom. possible (which is the worst thing to do EVER), but those were the two big ones. I also had a little bit of spotting four days before I found it, which may have very well been implantation spotting.

Who did you tell first? The daddy-to-be, of course!

Who was with you when you found out? Just me, in the bathroom. As soon as I got the results, I had my reaction (see below) then I went back into the bedroom, laid down in bed right next to Jay, and just smiled with a huge, cheesy grin. He knew right away. Winking smile

My 1st reaction: I literally jumped up in down with my hands in the air while in the bathroom mouthing “YAYYYYY!!!!!” I must have looked like a total goofball….actually, I DID. I had the mirror to prove it.

Was your baby planned? Yup!

How far were you when you found out? I found out on Sunday, November 11th, which was just about 4 weeks.

How did your parents/family react? Awww, they were so great! It’s the first baby for both sets of parents, so it’s a pretty big deal, haha. We first told my in-laws, by wrapping up a onesie that said “Worth the Wait.” There were definitely some tears and fantastic reactions that night.

We told my parents the same night with the little Jets jersey you’ve already seen.


I just wish it wasn’t a Sanchez jersey. Winking smile


We told my brother a few days later on Thanksgiving. You guys can actually see that one because we took a video!

How did you tell your friends? Oh my gosh, this was SO much fun!! We told different friends at different times, whenever we knew we were going to see them, since we wanted to make sure all of our close friends knew before making a big public announcement. I think my favorite, however, was when we told our big group of friends at our recent Christmas party…Jay set the timer, came back down, and said “Okay everyone, one, two, Courtney’s pregnant!!”


I am absolutely in LOVE with this photo and will cherish it forever. It was such an amazing moment, and we loved being able to share it with them all. Everyone’s reaction was priceless (and if you can spot Sarah, you can probably tell that she already knew what was happening). Smile

But you just got a new job? Do they know? Of course! After I was offered the job, I made sure to tell them about my situation before I accepted (I certainly wasn’t looking to pull a fast one on anyone). Luckily, they still very much wanted to hire me, are very supportive about the pregnancy, and are willing to be flexible when it comes to a maternity leave, which is nice. I was nervous, honestly, to have two major life changes happening at the same time; but as soon as I found out they were still on board, it made accepting the job a no-brainer.

Will you still go on your trip to Mexico in February? You betcha!! We already looked into it and got the OK from the doctor. Plus, I’m also not the only one who’s going to be pregnant on the trip, since my friend Andrea is also expecting. We already decided that we’ll be sipping our virgin strawberry daiquiri’s and getting our money’s worth at the buffet.


Details on Baby Tooth

Due Date: July 21, 2013

Do you know the sex? Too early, but anyone I’ve talked to who “gets those vibes” tells me it’s a boy. Obviously, I’d be happy with either – would love a girl for all the “girly” things, would love a boy for him to be a momma’s boy – but we’ll see…

Will you find out the sex? Abso-freakin-lutely. And luckily, Jay and I are on the same page with that one.

Any names? Ahhh, we go back and forth a LOT on these…thank goodness we have some time, I suppose!

Were you trying long? Since early this past summer.

Any Ultrasounds? Yup! Here’s one from our 8 week appointment.

8 weeks

At this appointment, we actually saw Baby Tooth MOVE, which was just UNREAL. He/she was dancing up a storm in there with his/her flickering heartbeat…but the dancing made me think it’s got to be a little lady in there. Winking smile

Our next appointment is at our 12 week mark on January 7th. Can’t wait!

Have you heard the heart beat? Yes, and it was the most incredible, amazing thing EVER.

Who do you think it will look like? I have no idea, but we both decided that we hope Baby Tooth gets Jay’s feet. I have gross, ugly long toes, and Jay actually has like, perfect feet. Yes, I’m serious…and I hate feet. Jay was quite the blondie with hazel eyes as a baby too, so that could be interesting, since I’m dark, dark eyes and brown hair. Gahh, so exciting to think about!

Will the baby have siblings? Yup! Big Brother Cody.

Let’s just hope he’s not a bad influence. Winking smile

Have you felt the baby move? Not yet…anxiously awaiting the first kicks!



How do you feel? First, let me start by saying I feel INCREDIBLY blessed, lucky, and ecstatic right now; but let me tell you…I completely underestimated how crappy something the size of a grape can make you feel. I’ve been pretty tired, like, all the time (hence zero desire for workouts, especially early morning) bloated and, err, backed up as all get out, and a little queasy. But like I said…I’ll take it ALL.

Do you have morning sickness? A little bit. Most of the time I feel like crap when I wake up in the morning (almost like I’m hung over every. single. day. I wake up), but that was probably the worst between weeks 6-8. I keep a sleeve of saltines by my bed to snack on first thing, which helps. I’ve also found if I wait too long to eat, I start feeling queasy, so I’m usually eating at least every 2-3 hours. Haven’t gotten sick yet though *knock on wood.*

Do you have any cravings? Believe it or not, most of my cravings have been SALTY. Do you guys remember the night I HAD to have my Chipotle? That was a craving like no other.

Other cravings:

  • Tortilla chips and salsa
  • I crave a Whopper from Burger King at least 3 times a week (crazy, right? considering I haven’t had one in at least 6 years maybe?)…haven’t caved on that one yet
  • Bread, toast, more bread, more toast…all with butter or peanut butter
  • Crackers…or mini saltines
  • The popcorn at the TSO concert last week was like heaven in a bag.

Do you have any food aversions? My first aversion I had was COFFEE, and it was so, so sad. Not sure if you noticed, but I hadn’t had any in probably 2-3 weeks. I couldn’t go near the stuff! But I actually had some at work for the first time this week, and it tasted amazing.


Other than that, I really am not feeling veggies all that much lately, especially raw. They just aren’t doing it for me…which I have let on a few times. Winking smile

But wait…weren’t you drinking alcohol? Haha, nope! I can see why you might think so though, since I did do a little strategic placement over the past few weeks…

A little mocktail from Saturday (Sprite, cranberry, and pineapple juice)

Wine at dinner on Monday night? Not mine!

Drinking straight from the bottle on Thanksgiving? Sparking grape juice, baby. Had to make sure I was covering the label.

The last drink I actually had was on October 26th, which was a scrumptious glass of white wine. I savored every last sip, since I knew it was possible something could be a-brewin’ that weekend.

Do you have any mood swings? I didn’t think so, but I had to check with Jay, and he agreed – no mood swings! I am, however, a pretty emotional mess sometimes. Crying comes very naturally to me these days.

How far along are you now? 9 weeks, 4 days…which I know is still considered fairly early. I tried so hard holding off to announce, but I just couldn’t. It was getting too hard to hide. Apparently, some of you were already catching on. Winking smile

Like I said…I had lots to share today!!


  1. Danielle says

    I am reading this post with the biggest smile on my face! I am so happy for you, and as someone that has been trying to get pregnant it makes me feel so happy to see it happen for SUCH a great gal! I seriously can not wait to follow along with your journey…and I am hoping it leads to more recipies to satisfy those cravings 😉

  2. says

    I totally knew something was up, but didn’t want to leave it in the comments :)
    CONGRATS again Court & Jay! I am so thrilled for you guys, and would not mind TONS of pregnancy updates- they are my favorite!!!
    SO I had the SAME symptoms as you- could not even SMELL coffee or I would vomit. Ew. I DIED at my office because it was coffee EVERYWHERE. EEK!
    And salty was all I wanted. Popcorn, tons of it. Craig did many runs to pick up popcorn, especially cheddar :)
    I KNOW what you mean about the first trimester’s the worst. I was going to bed at 7pm every night, easily & I would wake up at the LAST possible minute for work- like 7:30am…and would still be DEAD tired. Making a baby is HARD work! :)
    CAN’T WAIT for more updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Holly recently posted..Exercise Post Pregnancy

  3. Angie says

    That is so awesome Courtney!! Every pregnancy is so different so its fun to read how everyone reacts!! I loved your brother’s reaction!! SO sweet!! How you get up in the morning to work out is beyond me… I think I did that until about week 18 when I stopped working out completely because it got too exhausting. I make sure I move around a lot now and eat healthy but I’m just enjoying my pregnancy… and the SALTY things! (so weird!) I’m 31 weeks and can finally eat sweet things, and coffee smells bad to me sometimes, and sometimes I can handle it. SO weird. Oh well, enjoy all of it, sounds like you already are though!! Congrats again beautiful!!

  4. Monica says

    I’m due late March with my first, and I am soooo excited for you! It is a wild and awesome trip (with lots of exhaustion and nausea, but still great!)! Congratulations!

  5. Aubrie says

    I still can’t believe I’m due around when you are!! Congrats!! I hear you on the veggies too :) Peanut butter is my best friend right now!

  6. Katy says

    My first symptoms were exactly the same. My boobs were crazy sore and I had killer (what I thought were menstrual) cramps! It’s kind of evil how the symptoms for your period and pregnancy are so similar!

    I also had similar aversions to vegetables, cravings for all things salty/carbs, and hatred for coffee (sadness!). You’re exactly right though…the best way to fight nausea is to keep your tummy from getting empty! I would have to eat IMMEDIATELY after I woke up or I was not a happy camper. I ate saltines but also munched on graham crackers too! Believe it or not, going for a walk also help (even though most of the time the thought of being active is gross).

    The fatigue is the hardest thing for me. During weeks 6-9 it was an all day thing but now (I’m 13 weeks) it comes in waves…but when it hits, it hits hard!

    I can’t wait to hear more of your updates! And congratulations again :)

  7. cristal says

    congratttts. Im a long time reader but first time poster. I had to comment because we have a lot in common i found i was pregnant nov 11 2008 and was due july 20th and had him that day. I always remember when ifound out too cause rememberence day, omg soooo excited for u eeeeeeeeeeee :-):-):-)

  8. says

    Yay! So so fun! I’m so excited for you guys. :) I had no desire for veggies the first trimester, either. And I craved salty stuff, which is the complete opposite of how I usually am (my sweet tooth re-entered the picture around 19 weeks!). I also craved fast food like crazy, which also isn’t like me. I gave in and probably had it once every couple of weeks, but I tried to keep it to a minimum.

    Everyone predicted that we were having a boy, and we’re having a girl haha. So who knows! :) But either way, you will be so excited to find out and start planning!!
    Kristen @ notsodomesticated recently posted..24 Weeks: Bathing suit shopping while pregnant should be illegal.

  9. says

    Congrats court AGAIN I seriously am so excited for you and jay!! Almost makes me want to go for #3 and #4 (since my first pregnancy was twins..) ha! I’d be happy for #3:)

    I’m excited to follow along for your pregnancy journey!
    Candice recently posted..Baby, Its Cold Outside

  10. Mallory says

    I totally cried when I watched that video of you telling your brother… what is wrong with me!! (Am I pregnant? hahaha). You seriously are going to be the best mom! You seem like such a nurturing and kind person and I honestly couldn’t be happier for you. I can’t wait to follow your journey!!!! xoxo

  11. Kristin M says

    Thank you so much for sharing all the question and answers with us! I love how you told your friends and the video of you and your brother is so adorable! What great memories!
    Congratulations again to you and Jay! :)

  12. says

    Congratulations to you and Jay! Such an exciting time for you both. I hope you enjoy every minute of your pregnancy. Don’t feel bad about taking a break from exercise and getting as much rest as possible, especially during the first trimester. I felt much better around week 12 and did moderate exercise my entire pregnancy (with my second). My babies are 6 and 3 now, no more babies for us but I loved having little ones in the house.
    Stephanie @ Food Fit 4 Real recently posted..The Best Pumpkin Gingerbread Cake Ever!

  13. Molly @ happy&healthy says

    So exciting! I love hearing about how you told people, that picture is priceless!! Congrats again!
    Molly @ happy&healthy recently posted..Lost

  14. Julie says

    Congratulations!! I’m pregnant with our first child too…due in May! I wish you a smooth pregnancy, enjoy this time!

  15. Steph says

    Love the details post! My pregnancy experience so far has been VERY similar to yours – including all the symptoms and telling the parents with onesies :) I’m 9 and 2 now, and am really looking forward to following along with you these next several months. Congratulations!!

  16. whitney says

    Congratulations!! That is so exciting! I am ten weeks today, due July 18th, so we are just a few days apart. I cannot wait to see your updates and follow someone on the same journey! :)

  17. Michelle C says

    I’m pregnant with a baby boy! Due Jan 20th! I had ALL the same cravings/adversions as you from the beginning with mild nausea that lasted at MOST 2 weeks. Congratulations! Pregnancy is the coolest, weirdest, greatest feeling in the world! Enjoy everyone of those kicks, hiccups, rolls, and punches 😉

    PS: I too had Hypothalamic Amenorrhea! It’s truly a blessing and miracle to be pregnant!!! Enjoy!

  18. Brittney says

    Awesome awesome awesome!! Thanks for the updates!!
    So excited for you, Jay and your families!
    That ultrasound….soooo precious!! :)

  19. Leigh H says

    Again congratulations. I live in the capital region too and I’m also pregnant due in July. I can’t wait to read about your baby preparation in the capital region.

  20. Laura says

    Congrats Courtney! With both my pregnancies, a total aversion to my beloved coffee was the first thing that tipped me off that something was a brewin’ lol! Enjoy being pregnant — it’s such an awesome time & truly flies by! (I was one of those crazy ladies who looooved being pregnant.. I would do it again if it didn’t result in a another child to take care of, hahaha ;))

  21. Lauren B. says

    What a great post! I found out I was pregnant at Chriatmas last year and now have n almost 4-month old. Your “morning sickness” and cravings sound just like mine, so maybe you are having a boy!

    I truly think that those of us who had to try, wait, and pray for a baby (3 1/2 years for me!) have a special appreciation for everything, nausea and all. Even during the not so fun moments, I never saw it as anything short of a miracle.

    I am so so happy for you! Being pregnant and having my sweet baby have been the best times of my life, and I’ve had a pretty great life! It’s all ahead of you!

  22. Karen says

    Salty cravings=boy! I have been craving both sweet and salty and definitely only have one baby in there so I’m super curious as to what I’m having! If the guy/gal cooperates I will know tomorrow. :) What was the heart rate at your 8 week scan? Old wives tales say a higher than 150 HB=girl and lower than 150=boy but its all just fun speculation!

  23. Barbara says

    Hi Courtney,
    Congratulations to you and Jay, what a nice Christmas present!! Enjoy every single moment of your pregnancy. I am so happy for you!!

  24. crystal d. says

    I loved your baby tooth update!! I understand sooo much of what you are going through! I am 7 months now and it has been an adventure! Here are a couple of tips that I found that worked for me. Yes eat every couple of hours. If I did that the quesyness wasn’t so bad and it helped keep it away to some degree. To help with the “backed up” issue use Metamucil everyday. I have been doing that for months now and wow has it ever made a difference. I am no more “backed up”. Being “backed up” can actually cause you some major discomfort as time goes on. So trying to get a handle on it now will pay off in the future. You won’t need it right now but get the Snoogle pregnancy pillow. I found it cheapest on Amazon and wow does that pillow help with sleeping. Much better than trying to deal with 2-3 pillows at night. Again I am soooo excited for you, Jay and big brother Cody!!!!!

  25. Julie says

    First of all — congratulations!!! Secondly, i have 2 suggestions, but they are not for everyone, i totally understand (sorry, you didn’t even ask for advice!) — 1) Mozzarella cheese sticks. For some strange reason these worked wonders for me any time i started to feel nauseas. And 2) don’t check your weight. I asked the nurse not to tell me what the scale said and looked up at the ceiling every time i stepped on it. I told my doctor to let me know if she thought i was gaining too much or too little, but i never wanted a number in my head. To this day, i have no idea how much i gained during & lost after each of my 2 pregnancies, but all my old clothes fit within 3 months so it was not worth knowing, in my opinion.

  26. says

    Congratulations Courtney! I’m a reader of over a year now, and don’t usually comment. But this is wonderful news! I actually met you at the Blend Retreat and I was 16 weeks pregnant. Now I have a 9 week old baby girl. Enjoy every minute of your pregnancy, because tho it may not feel like it now, it goes by fast! Your lil one will be here in no time! I wish you a happy, easy and healthy pregnancy! Can’t wait to follow your pregnancy journey on the blog!

  27. Alana says

    Maybe stay away from caffeine…I’ve heard about studies that say it’s not great for baby? Not 100% but thought I’d at least throw it out there :)

    • Courtney says

      I haven’t had any caffeine probably since September actually! If I was drinking coffee, it was decaf and still is now. My only firm of caffeine is most likely chocolate :)

  28. Angel G says

    Congratulations!!! So excited for you two. I read your blog daily but rarely comment but this merits a congrats!! You’ll make great parents! I’d love to hear how you two decided it was the right time for a baby and if that’s why you started working on the HA

    • Courtney says

      Thank you!! We always said we wanted to start trying a couple of years after marriage. When we found out about the HA it threw things for a bit, but I would have worked on reversing that regardless of whether or not we wanted to start a family at the time. :)

  29. Christa says

    I love your brother’s reaction! My brother is away teaching in Korea and has been there for 18 months. I havent seen him since he left, and this makes me miss him even more. Congratulations on your journey to being great parents!! :)

  30. Nicole says

    Not sure why, but I had a little inkling that you may or may not be preggo with all of the “craving” talk in your posts. Such awesome news! Congratulations once again! I am so happy for you and your hubby, and can’t wait to follow along on your journey :)

    I’m due in February, and feel like I’m just starting to learn the ropes. There are a ton of great pregnancy resources out there. If you don’t already know about the What to Expect app, thats a fun one with a pregnancy tracker and daily tips that you can check out. And I love lucieslist – that helped me a ton with registering, and just getting a decent perspective on all of the things that we need (and don’t need!).

  31. Allison @ girloctopus says

    I was the same way with veggies for the first four months or so. Just eww I could not handle them! But I’m finally back to eating them with gusto. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you regarding the morning sickness… I lost ten pounds at first due to getting sick and I hate to think of other people going through that. Congratulations!
    Allison @ girloctopus recently posted..Easy Chicken Fajitas Recipe

  32. says

    GREAT POST! Love love love it!
    And honestly, if you end up talking about your baby and pregnancy and motherhood a lot, it’s FINE. This is still your LIFE blog and your life will now start to revolve around your child, a beautiful blessing :).
    So glad you are sharing this wonderful journey with us!
    michelle kim recently posted..How to Kill It at the Gym After a Break

  33. Regan says

    your post here was so fun too!!….. congrats again… I have to share…I hated coffee and wanted salt and carbs too…and all changed at 13 weeks…then coffee (decaf) was back…. and i felt like actuallly eating “meals”…… also…do you HATE chicken?? that can be a big yucky, make u wanna puke meal….
    r u reading any books… My hubby and I are reading…What to Expect WHen you’re expecting…well I’m reading and every “week” we read what the babies up to …I totally recommend…and take pics…monthly if you have the patience…we didn’t start til in the week of the 20’s…and I feel like I missed the pop…so I recommend… every week here on out!!…. also… YEAH!! :)….. oh, one last recommendation… go maternity clothes shopping in friends closets (if available) and thrift stores (I’m not much of a thrifting…it kinda grosses me out to be honest) but I’m found some decent stuff…and some I wouldn’t think of buying cuz it is SO old!!… have fun…. sorry to ramble…..

  34. Reghan says

    Congrats! So exciting!
    I craved everything salty, bagels with lots of cream cheese, burgers and fries, sour candy etc. Had an aversion to desserts (which I normally love) and couldn’t stand the taste of coffee my whole pregnancy…and I have a healthy 4 month old baby BOY. So my bets are on a boy for you as well :) Obviously just a guess haha but sounds exactly like my cravings.

  35. Reghan says

    ohh just read above about the heartbeat speculation…the hearbeat is still beating very fast before 12 weeks so I wouldn’t count on the heartbeat old wives tale for a few more weeks :)

  36. Jennifer says

    Congrats Courtney! I’ve been reading your blog for several months. I found we have several similarities – both live in the Capital Region-went to school for teaching but are not teaching anymore and I just recently found out I am pregnant as well and due on July 20th! Enjoy this journey and time in your life!

  37. says

    ahhhhh I’m so freakin’ excited for you guys! I flipped when I first read your post and loved the video of you guys surprising Dan.. such a cutie!!

  38. says

    Yay Courtney!!!!! Such wonderful news. Julia was born on July 30, and all I can say is that it will be a HOT summer for you. But that’s ok. The end result is totally worth it. I’m glad you’ve been feeling well. Just like you, veggies did not appeal to me in the first trimester with either pregnancy. All I wanted was bland plain carbs. I eat everything (and I mean everything) these days, though. Hard to believe I’m already 27 weeks with #2! Wishing you a healthy and easy pregnancy!
    Molly Carter recently posted..What I Ate Wednesday

  39. Sabine says

    Although I’m a little late and hundreds have said it already :) :

    This is GREAT news, Congratulations!!!
    You will be a wonderful mom … and your baby will be so happy, what with a wonderful dad like Jay and fabulous grandparents and a cool uncle … :)

    It’s generous of you to share this exiting time with us readers and to be so open and honest about it.

    Btw, the video is super cute!

  40. says

    Sooo exciting. My sister in law is about halfway through her pregnancy and she just found out the sex. She was 99% sure it was a boy from all the wives tales so they were shocked to discover it’s a girl! Don’t believe too much of what you hear. :-)
    Katy recently posted..World Ended

  41. nicole says

    Congratulations! Im so excited to have found your blog! I am 8 1/2 weeks pregnant and cant wait to see your pregnancy journey! I also just had my first ulatra sound and was in complete aw of the little nugget growing in my belly. My appetite has gone completly crazy and the nausae and fativue are a killer. So glad to see some one else going thorough the same things! Good luck with everything! I cant wait to read more!

  42. says

    Loved loved reading this and I’m still so so very happy for you!!! It was funny though to read along and know most of the answers already 😉 And with those cravings I predict boy!!! So excited to follow you along here and you will be one gorgeous pregnant mama!! 😉 xoxo
    Shayla recently posted..Cycle For Survival

  43. Sonya says

    Congrats! I found out I was preg with my 1st the same time as you! I’m due July 19th, seems we have same symptoms too, I was such a strict vegan/gluten free health freak before but of course I can’t even think of health food without getting sick now! Bring on the Pop Tarts and bagels with cream cheese! It’s going to be so nice to read about your journey as I go through the same things! It’s such an exciting time, congrats again!!

  44. says

    I am so happy and excited for you! I am in my 38th week of pregnancy (2 more weeks to go!!!), with my first (a little girl!) and I just can’t even express what an amazing blessing it is. You are in store for a world of new and wonderful (and sometimes weird) things. I can’t wait to read all about it!!! CONGRATS!!!


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