The Party Animal That I Am

Merry Christmas Eve EVE!! (Yes, it’s such a thing…at least to me it is).

It’s been a productive day over here already, thanks to an early wakeup time. Being the raging party animal that I am these days (haha), I was falling asleep on the couch last night by about 9pm (while watching The Santa Clause 2 on ABC Family). Finally, around 10:30, I moved it on into bed and called it a night, which had me up nice and early by about 7am this morning.

I knew that I needed to make a trip to the grocery store, and figured I might as well go sooner than later to beat the crowds. So I grabbed a Clif Z Bar and headed out the door.

Grocery shopping at 7:30am on a Sunday is a wonderful, amazing thing, my friends. I think I had to deal with about three people the whole time, and I was in and out of there in no time flat. Gotta love that!

While I was there, I couldn’t help but notice the wonderful aromas coming from the bakery, so I wound up grabbing myself a bran muffin (still warm) out of the bakery case. Once I got home and unpacked, I enjoyed a breakfast that looked similar to this…

Only make that a full muffin and take away the Chobani.

Errr, okay so really, I guess it didn’t look much like this? Oh well…I didn’t take a photo and I needed a visual, so you guys get the idea. Winking smile

After breakfast was finished, I got to prepping a batch of Christmasy brownies to bring over to my in-law’s house for dinner tonight.


These babies will be getting topped with a generous layer of my cream cheese frosting once they’re cooled. Yummmm.

While I was at the store this morning, I also made sure to get all of the ingredients that I’ll need in order to make THESE

Because our Christmas day is always so busy, Jay and I decided that we’ll be celebrating our own little Christmas morning on Christmas Eve…complete with homemade cinnamon rolls. I. Can. Not. Wait.

I promise…I really do eat more than just junk these days. It just may not look like it right now. Winking smile

I’m wondering if they’d be alright if I make them later today but don’t bake them until tomorrow…what do you guys think? Will it work? Or do I make and bake them today and just reheat and frost them tomorrow? Hmmm…

Healthy Cookbook Giveaway

Do you guys remember back at the beginning of the month, when I was offering to give away (2) copies of Kim’s healthy cookbook…


Well, I still have yet to hear from the winners, so I’m offering up the opportunity one more time today! I’m going to choose (2) winners (US residents only) who comment on this post, and I will be announcing them later today.

Feel free to leave any sort of happy, positive comment, and you’ll be entered to win!

*Edited to add: I can’t believe I keep forgetting to share this with you guys!…


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  1. Allison says

    Even though I don’t really know you, I think you have such a wonderful life and am so excited for you to have your lil baby! Congratulations :)

  2. Michelle says

    That cookbook would be an awesome addition to my collection! I think it would be fine to get the cinnamon buns ready today and then cook them tomorrow. Merry Christmas!

  3. taylor roberts says

    I would love that cookbook!!! we have people over every football game and we are always cooking for our halftime meal!!!

    • Courtney says

      Good for you! I had intentions of getting a walk in but, err, I just felt too wiped. Haha…hopefully in a few more weeks I’ll be back to my normal self!

  4. says

    UGH I wish I had that book right now! My husband and I have people coming over to waatch the Patriots game at 1 and we are currently racking our brains for some good tailgating grub!
    Katy recently posted..VACATION!

  5. Luvena Cervantes says

    It’s gonna be a WONDERFUL SUNDAY!!! Christmas is almost here!!!!! Those cinnamon rolls are making me drool right know lol!!

    Merry EARLY Christmas :0).

  6. Rachel says

    Congratulations on baby tooth – so excited for you! Merry Christmas Eve eve – and crossing fingers to win the cookbook!

  7. kristen@livinlifeinlouie says

    I was watching the Santa Clause 2 last night as well! (I didn’t make it through to the end either haha)

  8. Claire says

    I have to say I have grown very attached to your blog! I love how consistent you are, and I appreciate a new post every day!

  9. Kaitlyn says

    Merry Christmas Eve Eve (totally a thing)! And congrats on the littlest sweet tooth! P.S. cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning? Always a good idea.

  10. says

    I am making cinnamon rolls for our family gathering tomorrow but don’t want to get up at 5am to start the dough making process, so I’m making them tonight and putting them straight in the fridge once they are arranged in the pan.

    Tomorrow morning I’m just setting an alarm to pull them out at 5:30 to warm up and rise up before I bake them. They say to allow 4 hours total, 2 for defrosting and 2 for rising…SO much better fresh and warm :)

    Merry Christmas!
    Leslie recently posted..23 Weeks: Moving and Grooving

  11. says

    Oh my gosh Courtney you are killing me with those cinnamon rolls. Come make some for me Christmas morning too please! :)

    As for the cook books, I am obsessed with cook books! I think I ask for them every Christmas because I seriously have lost my creative mojo but love to cook new things!! This would be great!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  12. Kristen says

    I would love a new cookbook!

    Merry Christmas! Even though you’re excited to be a family of four (can’t forget Cody!) I hope you treasure your last Christmas as just the two (/3) of you!

  13. alisha m says

    this Christmas is already the best ever because I just became an auntie for the first time :D! merry Christmas to all and loove your cheery blog!

  14. Beth says

    I used to love Christmas Eve Eve when I was growing up. It meant there was so much to look forward to! Those brownies look YUM!!

  15. Shannon says

    That’s so ironic- I just baked brownies an hour ago, and I check your blog and you made brownies too!

    I woke up today knowing that it is Christmas Eve Eve. I celebrate it quietly- my family would probably think I’m nuts.

    Have a merry Christmas!

  16. Lauren M. says

    Those cinnamon rolls look amazing! We have a tradition that includes homemade cinnamon Chistmas bread that tastes just like a cinnamon roll. Can’t wait to indulge in those babies Christmas morning!

  17. Noelle says

    Those brownies look good! Is it homemade cream cheese frosting? I never really frost my brownies but it sounds delicious! Merry Christmas!

  18. Wendy Bair says

    Hey Courtney:

    Just wanted to put my name in for the cookbook. I love trying out new recipes and this book sounds perfect. My boyfriend and I love football and good eats to enjoy while watching the game!! Although your picture of treats you are always coming up look soooo gooood!!!

  19. Julia says

    I love grocery shopping early I’m the morning too, I hate when it’s so crowded and people are ramming you with their carts. Anyways, those brownies look awesome!

  20. says

    I’m making homemade cinnamon rolls too for Christmas morning and was wondering the same thing! I think what I’ll do is make them the night before and keep them in the fridge, then in the morning let them sit out a bit before I bake them! I’ve never made them before, so hopefully they taste good :)

    Merry Christmas!

  21. Rachel says

    Those cinnamon rolls look delicious! I very rarely have cinnamon rolls, but every once in a while I have intense cravings for them… like now. :)

  22. Maddie says

    I love hearing everyone’s Christmas (or Christmas eve) traditions! Those cinnamon rolls look amazing. Have a merry Christmas!

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