Baby Tooth: 10 Weeks

Hey hey, would ya look at that?!

10 Weeks

Baby Tooth is just over 10 weeks today on Christmas Eve! He/she is about the size of a prune right now, and is growing rapidly. Not a whole lot happening in the “bump” department, but I am most certainly feeling a bit “fuller” around the whole mid-section area.

Honestly, babies just absolutely amaze me. It’s crazy to picture something the size of a prune, but know that right now it currently has or is developing:

  • tiny arms with elbows
  • buds of baby teeth(!!)
  • stomach and kidneys
  • jaw, ears, and nose
  • hair follicles with peach fuzz
  • muscles

All in that itty bitty body…babies really are a miracle, and the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t think I’ll ever fully grasp the concept. It’s just unbelievable.

So what’s happening with me this past week? Well, let’s see…

Weight gained: Depends on the day, but usually anywhere between 1.5 – 3 pounds.

Workouts: Nada. Besides making a point to squeeze in extra walking while I’m out and while I’m at work. I’ve just felt so incredibly wiped these days…really hoping for that exercise mojo to return soon.


  • My “morning sickness” has decided to rearrange its schedule. The past week or so, I’m actually feeling pretty good in the morning (as long as I eat something right away). However, by around 8pm the last few days, it slowly starts to come back and I feel like crud all over again.
  • The “girls” have been hurting like it’s nobody’s business…hugging people must happen with caution. They’re also growing, and I can’t believe I’d ever say this, but I may just have to buy a bra larger than an A-cup pretty soon. It’s a miracle! (haha)
  • Some mild pains in my lower abdomen occasionally, thanks to the muscles and ligaments stretching out a bit.
  • Super tired, but not always like I need to go to sleep…just sort of like a completely wiped out feeling.
  • Breakouts…honestly, I’ve been very blessed my whole life with good skin, so acne is something I’ve never really had to deal with. The past week or so though, I’ve been breaking out like crazy, particularly on my forehead, back, and arms. Yuck.
  • Bloated. BIG time. (Although it has gotten a teeny bit better, thanks to my daily intake of good ol’ Metamucil…yes, I feel like I’m about 60, thankyouverymuch). Most days, I’m now sporting the hair tie around the button on my jeans.

Food Aversions: Honestly, not too many. Coffee is hit or miss with me still (I tried having some at home yesterday and I was not feelin’ it) and I’m still not really loving veggies but am trying to eat them because I know I should. However, I did go to town on a veggie tray last night at my in-law’s house (baby carrots, snap peas, and grape tomatoes – YUM) and it was delicious, so who knows.

Food Cravings: Oh, I have some of those!

  • Mexican food
  • Italian food/anything with red sauce
  • Burger King whoppers (yes, I’m still craving them…no, haven’t had ‘em. Yet.)
  • Yogurt bowls with cereal and bananas
  • Peanut butter
  • Cookies (I’m sure Christmas has something to do with this)
  • Red meat
  • Anything salty/savory

Suspicions on Gender: Pretty much anyone I talk to who gets “those vibes” is telling me boy, although I have had a few people predicting girl. If we’re going by old wives tails, I’ve had “clues” to go both ways.

Baby Items Purchased: Zero. I’ve been browsing around for ideas though. Oh, and I suppose I can now go ahead and make my “Baby Horan” board on Pinterest public. Winking smile

Next Prenatal Appointment: January 7th – 2 more weeks to go!


  1. says

    Just wait until Baby Tooth is born and you look down at those elbows and toes and eyes and hair and realize all of that “happened” in an instant…and developed inside of you. It’s amazing.

    My girl looks EXACTLY like she did in her ultrasound photos, so that’s the next exciting thing to look forward to!
    KatyBug recently posted..Dear Audrey (Week 10)

  2. Brittany @ Proteinandpumps says

    So exciting!!! You are going to be so cute with a bump! Lol. I always found pregnancy to be so fascinating and strange at the same time. The fact that a living thing grows inside of the body is just….strange! But you are right, such a miracle. Happy holidays girl!
    Brittany @ Proteinandpumps recently posted..Weekend Roundup + Green Smoothie Recipe

  3. says

    These posts are always fun. I can’t believe how many bloggers I follow are pregnant! I think I’ve heard three or four announcements in the last month.

    Love reading those food cravings and aversions – curious to see how those change over time.
    lisa fine recently posted..going on here

  4. Karen says

    You are the cutest pregger ever!! I can’t wait to see that belly grow and hear more about Baby Tooth!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  5. says

    Congrats on baby tooth. I have read todays post and we are very similar in almost everything when I was preggo! I did have a boy! I felt the same way you are feeling and craved the same things. The tiredness did go away in the second trimester, along with the morning/evenign sickness. But hang in there it will be an awesome adventure and if you have a boy, then the adventures just get better! And I made those Raspberry Chocolate bars this weekend for a christmas and they were amazing!
    Merry Christmas!
    Jessica recently posted..2012 goal!

  6. Allison says

    I have Reynaud’s syndrome too and you might want to google that and breast feeding. For some people, it can be painful. For me, imagine how you fingers are but your nipples. At times, nursing could be excruciating. Obviously everyone’s experience is different. But you might want to consider reading up on it.

  7. Heather says

    I am so happy and excited for you and Jay! I look forward to hearing more as your pregnancy progresses. You look absolutely radiant!

  8. Karen says

    The OWT regarding heart rate were right on target for me :) all the other ones went both ways. Hight heart rate meant girl for us! Best Xmas present this year was finding out the sex of our baby. We feel so blessed!

    • Courtney says

      That’s interesting! Our heartbeat at 8 weeks was 163 (I think I originally thought it was higher but just double checked). Does it “count” at 8 weeks, or is it not until later that the OWT goes into effect? 😉

  9. says

    Look at you! You don’t look pregnant at all! haha! Maybe you should eat some prunes to go along with the size of your babe this week. Maybe that would help you in the bloated department. #babyisthesizeofaprunethisweek #yourepregnantbutidneverknowit #justtherightamountofpreggerz

    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently facts friday

    • Courtney says

      This has got to be one of the best comments EVER on this blog. Gosh, it makes me laugh for SO many reasons. I just <3 you. :)

  10. Rachel S. says

    With my first I had evening sickness, after 5 pm I felt like crud, and I couldn’t eat anything sugary. With my second I had all day sickness, but didn’t have any food aversions. I did crave cuties though, ate those things by the box full.


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