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Good news! My drive in to and home from work yesterday wasn’t all that bad. It was a bit slow, but I managed to get through it incident free. And you know, I suppose it won’t be so bad once all the snow is cleared from the roads. It is rather pretty!

So yesterday was a fairly low-key day at work. A lot of people were out and/or working from home, making things pretty quiet in the office. That was fine by me though, since it gave me a little bit of time to catch up on some things from while I was away. Another good thing about a quiet day?

Much easier to eat my breakfast at my desk.


I seriously can’t get enough yogurt bowls these days, so I put together another one this morning before leaving the house. Tucked in there is some vanilla Chobani, blueberries, Special K Protein Plus, toasted oats, and half of a crumbled piece of pumpkin bread. Ohhh, it was so good.


And so was the cup of “half caf” coffee I enjoyed with it. For some reason, I can totally handle this coffee, but nothing else seems to appeal to me lately? I may just have to look in to getting a box of this for our new Keurig at home!

I worked through the whole morning, and around 1pm I broke for lunch. Since the roads still looked terrible and the snow was coming down pretty good, I really didn’t feel like heading out on my lunch hour (even though I do have errands I could have done) so I hung out at my desk and caught up on a little bit of blog reading while eating lunch.


Yesterday’s lunch was some more crockpot veggie stew (in my new soup mug, too…love it!) with a side of Kashi honey sesame crackers. Good stuff, my friends. Good stuff.

A couple of hours later, I snacked on some green grapes and a Kashi chewy granola bar but forgot to snap a photo. Woops.


I was originally feeling slightly ambitious, thinking I might attempt a short workout in the evening. However…by the time I actually got my car brushed off, maneuvered around traffic, and got home, I was pretty much spent for the day. Ahh well…it happens.

Next week, I’m hoping to start getting together a workout schedule of sorts, with plans to start doing workouts maybe 3 mornings before work. Since I’ve been feeling a lot better in the mornings lately than evenings (hello, “evening” sickness) I figured that’d be my best bet.

I’m also really looking forward to trying out these new Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones that I got earlier this month from Reebok.


Jay’s already tried them and, well, I have a feeling they’re going to be a tough item to keep tabs on. He’s really in love with these little gems.

Back in September, Reebok partnered with Bose (a name I’ve known for a long time, thanks to my husband) and launched the SIE2 and SIE2i Sport headphones.

A couple key features:

  • Sweat proof and water-resistant “in ear” buds that stay firmly in your ears
  • A shorter cable that doesn’t get in the way of movement
  • A breathable, stretchy armband, designed by Reebok that holds music devices in place during workouts and stores the headphones afterwards
  • A touch-sensitive plastic window for easy usability
  • A separate pocket for your keys

This headphones can also be used with most music players, and is designed for listening to music and taking calls from select Apple devices, including the iPhone and iPod, which I thought was basically the coolest thing ever. You just have to talk right in to this mouthpiece and you’re good to go!


(If you want to check out a quick video on them, you can check it out here)

In addition to the headphones, Reebok was also pretty awesome and not only sent me this awesome purple tee that I shared on Instagram a couple of weeks ago (I can’t find the exact tee on the website, but there are a bunch of cute short sleeve tees on there),

But they also sent some goodies for Jay, including this pair of knit training shorts,


and this short sleeve knit top.


I took the photos a few days ago and he’s actually worn both of these since and gave them each rave reviews. And from what I can tell, both of them seem SUPER soft and comfy.


Pretty sweet, right? I love how Reebok was willing to outfit my man this month. Winking smile

Also pretty sweet? The fact that today is already Friday, my office does dress-down Fridays, AND Jay and I have a double dinner date later this evening. Can’t beat that!

What’s pretty sweet for YOU today? Smile


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    I love that T shirt you got! Reebok always has the best workout clothes. I say cleaning snow off of your car is a workout in itself! I’m sure once you get into a routine with workouts and working it will become second nature though! I would definitely need to workout before work in the morning because I am never motivated by the end of the workday to head to the gym!
    Danielle@cleanfoodcreativefitness recently posted..Peppermint Chocolate Chip Sugar Cookies

  2. says

    That yogurt bowl looks delish! I always just mix in granola to my yogurt cups but you have so much more in there! I’m happy spending one of my last few days at home with my mom and doggies. Heading back Sunday afternoon, I’m hoping to get together with some friends one last time before then!

  3. says

    Yogurt bowls are the best. I use non-dairy yogurt though, because of lactose issues. Every once in awhile I’ll treat myself to a regular old greek yogurt and it always tastes so good…despite the stomachaches. :)

    New clothes for you AND Jay!? Niceeee, Reebok! What a generous company.
    Angela @ Health’s Angel recently posted..About the Author

  4. says

    I love that top! And those headphones are NICE. I’m sure they are pricey, but might be worth it since I use mine all day long.
    Sweet for me today? That my puppy is at home after surgery! We had quite the night, but glad she’s safe at home :)
    Katie recently posted..Post Op Puppy

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    My “morning” sickness always kicked up for me around 2-4 pm, so morning workouts were a must. I tried to get myself to go to a 5:00 yoga class for weeks before finally giving up on it because sun salutations would have been bad!
    Ali recently posted..Friday Favorites

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    I’m super-psyched today about that fact that after today, I get a four day weekend. I recently changed my schedule to only work four days a week (so I have one day off to work on writing and blogging), so I get NYE and NYD off. So excited! It’s really the little things. :)
    Beks recently posted..Merry Christmas!

  7. says

    Sounds like you have a great Friday lined up! We dress down on Fridays too…actually all days really. Except Monday when I’m feeling inspired to dress up. And I’m looking forward to dinner at my parents’ house tonight, a goodbye dinner to my brother who’s moving to Virginia! So happy for him.
    Meghan @ After the Ivy League recently posted..I Got Spoiled

  8. says

    little miss is sweet today, but when isn’t she??
    for some reason, just adding the pumpkin bread makes it look 10x better lol i usually don’t like yogurt, but with the bread i totally would eat it
    sweat resistant?!?!? omg i need to go find me some of these! mine are always falling out lol
    Chelsea @ LittleOneRuns recently posted..What An Interesting Year

    • Courtney says

      Thanks! There really isn’t much more to reveal, since I don’t want to get in to too many specifics. I’m working as an executive assistant/office manager for a local company though :)

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