More Than Made Up For My Mix Up

Heyyyy, Happy New Year’s Eve! I’m off to work this morning, but rumor has it we may get out a little early. Fingers crossed!

Well yesterday was a pretty awesome day, especially since I got to spend a few hours of my afternoon with this awesome crew!


I know you guys know Brian and Mal, they’ve been around forever, but I don’t think you’ve “met” Joe and Angela. Jay, Brian, and Joe are all cousins, and Joe was back up in the area for the holidays with his fiancé, Angela. Although they’re officially moving back into the area at the end of January (WOO HOO!) it was so nice to spend a little extra time with them today. And then in April, we’ll all actually be traveling out to Arizona for their wedding…SO fun!!

So since Joe and Angela are leaving tomorrow, we decided to meet up for lunch, which happened to be at Peddler’s…which I actually don’t think I’ve been to since my birthday last year.

They have a crazy big menu at Peddler’s and I was going back and forth between about three things, until I ultimately decided on their turkey artichoke sandwich. I made sure to ask the waitress about the turkey, seeing as though I can’t have deli meat (probably the one food I miss the most), and she assured me that it was cooked, chunks of turkey.


Ummm…where’s the chunks? Sad smile

The sandwich was warm, so I’m sure it probably would have been fine (deli meat is supposedly safer when it’s heated up), but I was still too nervous to eat it. Thankfully, Mal was sweet enough to trade half of her sandwich for half of mine, so I ate half of her chicken wrap, and the other half of my sandwich…without the turkey.


Ahh well, you can’t win ‘em all, right? The company was well worth the mix up anyways.

Once we left from lunch, Jay and I had a few errands to run (I did get him to go to the grocery store with me!) and on our way home, we made an extra special pit stop…


…which MORE than made up for my mix up at lunch. I feel like it’s been ages since I last had some fro yo in my life (it can’t really have been since AUGUST, can it?!?), and that cup totally hit the spot.

And you want to know the crazy part? I put chocolate fro yo in my cup. Chocolate. I have never, EVER liked chocolate fro yo, ice cream, or anything of the sort, but it was probably my favorite flavor out of the three (vanilla, and white chocolate mousse) that I got. What is going ON with me?

Speaking of which…the Baby Tooth page was updated this morning! Maybe that has something to do with it. Winking smile

So what’s everyone got going on for New Year’s Eve tonight? Anything fun?? Jay and I are headed over to our friends’ Brook & Andrea’s place for a low-key evening, which will probably be similar to last year, minus the fondue dinner. Although that is sounding mighty good right now!


  1. says

    It’s so interesting, because every doctor says different things. My doctor said that I was completely fine to eat sandwich meat … as long as I trusted where it came from. He said the same about sushi, too. I haven’t eaten the raw stuff during my pregnancy, but I’ve been eating cooked rolls. And I ate lunch meat.

    But do whatever YOU feel comfortable doing. At the end of the day, it’s what’s best for you and your little growing peanut!! :) :)
    Kristen @ notsodomesticated recently posted..Pregnancy Update: Weeks 25 and 26

  2. says

    I can totally relate. I am a nervous nelly now whenever we’re out to eat. My doctor said the occasional deli meat sandwich is fine, as is a glass of wine, but I’ve yet to have either. She said that you have the same chances of getting listeria when not pregnant as when you are pregnant, but that didn’t make me feel any better. She also said peanut butter was fine, but then I read that it contributes to asthma. It’s going to be a long 19 more weeks for me. :(
    Christy recently posted..It’s beginning to look a lot like…

  3. says

    That bowl of froyo looks amazing…Tonight we’re going out for a fun dinner with some friends and then playing games at one of their houses, with a few drinks to celebrate, of course 😉 It’s one of our friends’ birthday tomorrow so we’re also celebrating his birthday tonight!
    Danica @ It’s Progression recently of the day: 12.30.12

  4. says

    Chocolate froyo is my favorite! And I am addicted to Pink Berry’s Hazelnut chocolate!
    Tonight the hubby and I are grilling, drinking champagne, and watching the festivities on the tv by the fire! Can’t stay up too late though, 5am crossfit comes fast!
    Jaren@Kiwi Fit Blog recently posted..Drinking the Koolaid

  5. says

    I got a ridiculous amount of froyo gift cards for Christmas…and now that picture is making me think I need to start making use of them this week!

    So frustrating about the sandwich, but better to be safe than sorry, right? Although I’m sure you could have sent it back/got it exchanged for something else!
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted..The Non-Workout Workout Plan.

  6. olivia says

    Courtney, I was never a chocolate fan growing up. Didn’t like chocolate ice cream or cake and wasn’t that into chocolate candy bars either. People thought I was crazy. Then when I was pregnant with my third child I was craving chocolate a lot! I couldn’t understand it. I would even have my mom ship me some chewy chocolate brownies from a local restaurant back in my home town of Austin (I currently live in NC) b/c I craved them so badly after a visit home once while pregnant. I later learned that I was having a girl. My first two pregnancies were boys. I had hoped that after having her that I would get rid of my chocolate obsession…but afraid not. I still have it, LOL! So maybe you are right, you may just be having a girl. Enjoy your pregnancy and all the cool and amazing things that happen too. I remember about the 2nd trimester food tasted absolutely delicious, any food. I miss that! Happy New Year! Olivia

  7. lauren says

    That looks like a great lunch spot! I’m 12 weeks today, so we’re pretty close!!

    I’ve been food safety certified in the past (just expired in last couple years) and steaming lunch meat is ok! But…I don’t want to freak you out, but I haven’t had froyo or soft serve yet because there’s a slight risk of listeria. The machines, including shake machines, are supposed to be cleaned and sanitized daily, but it’s not the easiest process and if it isn’t done correctly listeria can grow in the machine. It’s not too likely, but I thought you might want to look into it.
    And don’t worry, it doesn’t have anything to do with the ice cream or froyo itself, so keep on enjoying those!

    • Karen says

      I was going to say this also but didn’t want to scare you. You are more likely to get listeria from soft serve ice cream/yogurt machines than you are from deli meat (especially when heated up!) I know all the “rules” are scary but my general rule of thumb is just to eat at reputable places and trust my judgement. Also- listeria is a possibility from fresh fruits and veggies so be sure to wash all of your produce with extra care.

  8. says

    ..that fro-yo pic just inspired a major ice cream craving that i’m *not* so sure i’ll be able to make through the night without caving into lol ..super mellow new years eve here too! just moved into a new town, so i went to the movies (saw Les Mis – really good!) and am settling in now for a chill night at the apt with a glass of wine… and maybe just a tinnnnyy bit of ice cream 😉 happy new years!
    Jessica @ Prayers and Apples recently posted..Normal Mind-Body-Spirit Research Posts Will Resume After New Years


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