Active/Passive Superset Workout

Today’s superset workout is made up of one exercise that is an active exercise, while the other is a static (hold) exercise. Hello, muscle burn!

Last Call 2012 Workout

This is actually a workout that I’ve given to a few of my online training clients, but it was one of my favorites so I thought I’d go ahead and share it with all of you today, as this month’s GNC workout.

The workout is made up of supersets – one exercise is an active exercise, while the other is a static (hold) exercise, thus giving you even more of that muscle burn we all know and love.

I know that I usually try to give you all some visuals to go along with the exercises, but I didn’t get a chance today. Most of the exercises should be pretty self-explanatory, but there were a few that I thought could be questionable, so here’s a few links to check those out.

If anyone decides to give it a shot, let me know! Like I said, it’s one of my favorites. :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EEEEEEVE, everyone! Be safe out there!!


  1. dee says

    Ah! I didn’t think it’d be this tough! Wow, I was definitely feeling the burn even in the first superset. This was so much fun! Thanks for sharing! Now I’m ready for that New Year’s Eve party!


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