January 2013

Keeping It Together

by Courtney on January 31, 2013

goody box

Hello! Hello! How’s your LAST day of January going so far? (Seriously, already?) Before I go on to anything else, I want to apologize for any slow loading of STSL you may have been experiencing over the past day or two. Unfortunately, I got word that my server is going down the pooper, so I’m working […]


Birthday Dinner with the Family

by Courtney on January 31, 2013


After an absolutely fantastic birthday at work, I couldn’t think of any better way to spend the rest of the evening, than with my family. Jay and I met up with my parents and my brother at Villa Valenti restaurant, which has long been a local favorite spot of mine (I can’t believe I haven’t […]


29 Is Off To A Good Start

by Courtney on January 30, 2013

So far, today has been a pretty spectacular day. For one, my morning was immediately a gazillion times better once I got a call saying that I had a special delivery waiting for me… Aren’t they beautiful?! I’ll tell ya…I have one heck of an amazing husband. Then this afternoon, a couple of my bosses/co-workers […]


WIAW: My Last Birthday Week Request

by Courtney on January 30, 2013

Happy, happy Wednesday to you all! And welcome to another fantastic edition of WIAW. So how’s the day going so far? Good? Great? Mine’s pretty snazzy, I can’t lie. I mean, as of today, I am now officially one year away from turning the big 3-0. That, to me, is just crazy. But for now, […]


New Workout, New Workout Gear

by Courtney on January 29, 2013

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Soooo, I finally got my order from Amazon yesterday! I’m crazy excited to start reading the Baby Bargains book, but even more pumped about my new workout DVD’s. I’ll most likely do a review of all three of them once I’ve had a chance to try them all, but this morning I got my day […]


Way Too Dangerous

by Courtney on January 29, 2013

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Happy Tuesday, everyone! How’s the week going so far? Yesterday wound up being a pretty busy day for me, from start to finish, and I never got a chance to come back and chat with you all…so let me fill ya in on some food highlights from my day! First things first…this lunch. Ohhhh, this […]


A New Element of Surprise to Dining Out

by Courtney on January 28, 2013


Happy Monday, everyone! How was the weekend? Do anything fun and exciting? Relax and lay low? Mine was fairly busy and pretty awesome…here’s a little recap of Friday night and Saturday: Totally Unexpected Funny and Entertaining And here’s a little recap of Sunday. First, breakfast. 1 egg + 2 egg whites with spinach + a […]


Baby Tooth: 15 Weeks

by Courtney on January 28, 2013

15 Weeks1

We’re up to the 1-5! It’s hard to believe that just five weeks ago, I was looking like this… Now I can’t even make my stomach do that if I tried sucking it in. Baby Tooth is just over 15 weeks today and is about the size of an apple. Here’s what else Baby Tooth […]


Totally Unexpected

by Courtney on January 27, 2013


From start to finish, yesterday was just an absolutely fantastic day. I feel like I’ve been saying this almost every weekend, which just makes me feel so fortunate for all of the good that I have in my life. Last time we chatted, I told you all that Jay was in the process of making […]


Funny and Entertaining

by Courtney on January 26, 2013


Such a fun night with this guy last night! And I really need to start using the flash on my iPhone. Whoops. As I mentioned yesterday, last night was Jay’s company party which was an awesome time. I got to spend some time catching up with the guys and girls that he works with, and […]