Baby Tooth: 12 Weeks

Today is a super exciting day…we have our 12 week prenatal appointment later this morning!! I cannot wait to hear that little heartbeat thumping and see how much he/she has changed in the past four weeks. Eeeek!

12 weeks

Don’t mind the glasses and semi-disheveled look. I was still feeling like garbage. Winking smile

Baby Tooth is just over 12 weeks today, and is about the size of a large plum. By this point, he/she is just about finished forming the critical systems of the body. That means, from here on out, it’s all about grow, grow, growing!

Here’s what else Baby Tooth has been up to this week:

  • He/she is about to enter the growth and maturation stage, where the organs and tissues will grow and develop rapidly.
  • He/she is developing reflexes – if I poke the belly, he/she is likely to move (my little dancer!).
  • He/she is opening and closing fingers and curling toes.
  • The brain is developing fast.

And here’s what’s been happening with me this past week:

Weight gained: Looks like about 3-4 pounds.

Workouts: Ehh…I had a couple walking workouts this past week and was hoping for more, but the darn cold sort of nixed that.

Symptoms: This week is a bit different, since the majority of “symptoms” I’ve been feeling the past four days have not been baby-related. BUT…

  • only about one day of nausea this week (woo hoo!)
  • not feeling quite as tired (yay!)
  • occasional cramping
  • gassy. Again, sorry, Jay
  • headaches (although not sure if they’re sickness or baby related)
  • sore “girls” and still bloated, but most days are more good than bad.
  • this one is more cold-related, but super stuffy and runny nose. This has, in turn, caused quite an issue for me in the asthma department. A standard cold is always troublesome for me, as it tends to aggravate my asthma quite a bit, but right now it’s bad. I’d been reading quite a bit on what inhalers are okay to take while pregnant, and since I got a ton of conflicting info, I decided to contact my PCP. She had said it’s really only recommended that I take my fast-acting inhaler, which isn’t really doing much for me. I’d say that this is my biggest struggle thus far, and am actually looking into going back to the asthma and allergy specialist that I went to almost two years ago. Hopefully I can get in soon (and get rid of this cold, which certainly isn’t helping!)

Food Aversions: Still not too many. Coffee is hit or miss, but not necessarily in a “omg I can’t be near the stuff” sort of way; more so that I just don’t crave it all the time. Oddly enough, I actually have no desire to go near mouthwash though. Or peppermint. But toothpaste and gum (non-peppermint) are fine.

Food Cravings: Okay, things TOTALLY changed on me this past week! For the past month, I’ve been all about the salty. But this week? Gimme SWEETS.

Like cookies. I craved them in a bad way this weekend, so I made cookie bars.


I’ve been ALL about TJ’s cat cookies this week.


Yogurt bowls have been incredible.


My Christmas candy (or any chocolate) has never tasted so good.


I even tried to convince Jay that we needed to buy Pop Tarts while we were grocery shopping yesterday (seriously?!? Where did that come from? – We did not buy them.)

Of course, there are still a few items I’m loving that aren’t totally sugar-laden like avocados, toast with butter, peanut butter and jelly, and cheese. I also actually didn’t have any Whopper cravings this week…but I did come across a photo of a Five Guys burger and fries and have been thinking about it ever since.

Sleep – No bueno this week, but I’m attributing most of that to the cold.

Looking Forward To – TODAY!! I’m also looking forward to talking over some names with Jay. We’ve been tossing some around here or there, but I’m looking forward to having more fun with that.

I’ll most likely have an update later this week after today’s appointment! Smile


  1. says

    Enjoy the appointment! I love reading and learning about pregnancy – I find it fascinating.

    And hope you feel better soon. That’s scary about the asthma getting triggered. I had bad asthma as a kid, and remember hating having colds and allergies because of the wheezing

  2. Sherri says

    You look gorgeous – sick or not! Also it’s funny that CHEESE is one of your cravings too. I seriously could eat a truckload of mozzarella every day.

    Excited to read about your appointment. Enjoy listening to that amazing little heartbeat :)

  3. says

    Ahhh YAY! Can’t wait for you to hear the little one’s heartbeat today! It’s the best sound ever. :) Oh, and the Pop Tart thing made me laugh out loud because I can totally relate! I’ve mostly craved salty over my pregnancy, but my sweet tooth still makes an appearance from time to time. There were a few weeks in there that I could not get Pop Tarts off the brain. I never did end up buying them, but I told myself that if I start to crave them again, I’m just going to go for it since I can’t remember the last time I had one. I’m glad the nausea is going away and you’re feeling more energetic. You’re entering into the “honeymoon” trimester, as I’ve heard it called now! 😉
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..Operation Nursery

  4. says

    Add cinnamon to your yoghurt and toast to curb the sugar cravings…it should help! Also chlorella, (a seaweed supplement either in powder or tablet form) is great for balancing blood sugar as it is naturally rich in magnesium…having those cookie bars on hand is fantastic alternative though :) Good luck with your appointment, can’t wait to hear all about it!
    Michelle@Peachy Palate recently posted..Top Ten Power Foods & Ingredients

  5. Megan Evans says

    I was the same way with coffee during my 3 pregnancies. I found, though, that if I drank it black with no sugar, it would settle better with my tummy. And now, ever since then, black is the only way I drink it.
    Also, something wierd/funny you might find after pregnancy: My daughter loved a cartoon show during my pregnancy with my son, and now, when it comes on, I get waves of nausea, EVERY TIME! And for each pregnancy, I was in the first trimester during Christmas time, so now, when I get the Christmas decorations out and have to turn the heat on in the house (in FL, we usually have to turn it on once or twice from Dec-Feb :), I get queasy…..and it’s been 6 years since I was pregnant! It sounds like your morning sickness isn’t as bad as mine was, so hopefully that won’t happen to you 😉 Best wishes….and try to enjoy every moment of your pregnancy…it will be soooooo worth it!

  6. Sara says

    I love reading about your pregnancy. So exciting. And I also am encouraged that the sickness ends! I have my 8 wk appt tomorrow and I feel like I’ll never be able to eat anything but saltines ever again!

  7. says

    Every time a picture of you comes up in my reader, I think you are Nina Dobrev. Spitting image! Has anyone ever told you that before?

    Congratulations on the pregnancy! You are adorable!

  8. says

    it is funny your craving for poptarts. i have been having these cravings for the frosted strawberry ones since my first trimester. every time i passed them at the grocery store i thought to myself “i wish they just sold one to fulfill my craving”. well those thoughts only last until my 25th week when i bought a small box. they lasted about a week but tasted SO good. go ahead and enjoy them 😉
    rachael recently posted..Weekly Photo Challenge – Week 1

  9. says

    So exciting! Are you waiting until your 20 week appointment to find out the sex? We were terrible and went to a private company to see him at around 15 weeks. Looking back, we probably wasted that money (it wasn’t much… but still), but it was so much fun. Hope your appointment today went well!
    Presley @ Run Pretty recently posted..Post-Baby Body: Month Six Update

  10. says

    I must have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, or more accurately not plugged into my favourite blogs because I have been out and about too much, because I didn’t know you were pregnant!
    Congratulations to you both and I can’t wait to follow Baby Tooth’s journey :)
    Amy recently posted..A seat by you at a table for two

  11. Nicole says

    Appointments are so much fun! Your cravings sound exactly like mine…and I am having a girl! Can’t wait to see what you are having! SO CUTE!


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