Two Lessons Learned Today


I learned something today, my friends. Well, I guess you could actually say I learned two things. First lesson learned? I am totally still capable of the early morning workout. Yes folks, that says 5:31am…I was up, dressed, and on the treadmill. And you know what? It felt awwwwwwesome. Second thing I learned? Early morning…

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Summing Up Sunday


Talk about a great Sunday. Actually, talk about a great weekend. I had fun with friends on Friday, a fantastic date night on Saturday, and a little bit of QT time with my bestie, good food, shopping, and relaxing on Sunday. Basically, it doesn’t get much better than that. The day started off with an…

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Baby Tooth: 13 Weeks

13 weeks

I feel like no matter where you read, there’s a million different opinions on where the second trimester “officially” starts. Some people say 12 weeks, others say 13, and then there are others that say it isn’t until 14. Well, I’m right in the middle, so I say we’re goin’ with it…we’re into the second…

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