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Alright, I’ve got to know. How many of you out there have, by now, gotten sucked in to the vortex that is Pinterest?

*Raises hand*

When Pinterest first came onto the scene, I resisted…as if I needed something else sucking up my time while I’m on the computer. But eventually, I caved, as many of us do, and so began the endless pinning.

But really, I started thinking about it a bit last night, as I was browsing through my boards and pinning away…how many of these recipes/ideas/workouts/etc. do I even use?

I mean, sure, they’re neatly located on my organized boards but really, how many of them have I ever even gone back to look at? Most of the time, if we’re being quite honest, I forget they’re even there. Especially when I would actually need them, like when I’m scrounging trying to figure out what to make for dinner at home or a dessert to bring to a friends’ house (and trust me, I have plenty of those recipes pinned!).

So I started browsing around a bit more on my boards, trying to make a list of some recipes that look pretty promising and like something that I really think I could (or would want) to make over the next couple of months. If I got really smart, I’d start weeding out all of the recipes I know I’ll never make, but hey…baby steps.

In the mean time, here are some of the recipes that I’m looking forward to trying, hopefully sooner than later.


And actually, as I was typing this up, I realized that it would probably be cool to put together a post of recipes and/or workouts that I’ve already tried and loved. It was something that me and a couple friends had been talking about last month (Kanika & Sarah!) so I’m thinking that may be on the agenda. There’s nothing worse than coming across a Pinterest fail, right? For those, you can always check out this site, which is pretty amusing and informative. :)

Questions for the Afternoon:

  • Do you partake in the pinning phenomenon that is Pinterest?
  • Do you feel like you use many of the pins that you post?
  • Have you come across any great recipes and/or workouts?
  • Have you discovered any recipe and/or workout fails?


  1. says

    Ahh, Pinterest! The reason behind all of my procrastination. 😉
    Those recipes all look AMAZING – I’d love to see a post about the recipes that actually worked! I’ve found a few great new recipes from Pinterest – most of them linking to great foodie blogs! yum.
    Kate recently posted..Laundry Mishaps

  2. says

    I’ve been on Pinterest from the beginning!

    Actually, I do find it very useful. I’ve categorized my recipe boards and it’s where I keep all my online recipes. It’s much easier that going to Martha Stewart,, etc. and looking at each set of bookmarks.

    I’ve made quite a few pinned recipes and some have made it into the rgular rotation as favorites! A friend and I had a party where all the food and even the drinks were from things we found on Pinterest.

    A few friends and I are currently doing a Pinterest challenge called “PPNF: Pinned Projects Not Forgotten” where we’re each choosing a craft project we’ve pinned and blogging about the progress and checking in on each other. *insert shameless blog promo here*
    Amanda B. recently posted..PPNF Launch!

  3. Sienna says

    I love Pinterest! Just like Amanda B. I keep all my recipe from online there. I have a board for Favorite Recipes that are tried and true and a board for Top Recipes to Try. I highly suggest it so you don’t forget about the ones you really think you would make and enjoy!

  4. says

    I seem to go through phases with Pinterest. I love it for about a month and then completely forget about it! I need to check mine out again…Now I’m totally going to pin these…I’m bad because I never make them but I’m determined this year to actually do something from pinterest.

  5. says

    I think you could make one pretty epic meal out of this. That mac and cheese looking dish with cookie butter pretzels (appetizer) and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Holy yum that would be quite the meal. I never make my pinterest recipes either. I really should get on that. Some of them look SO yummy!
    Sarah @PickyRunner recently posted..Reach Out. Ask.

  6. says

    Yes, I Just started last year. I have lots of good recipes and workouts on my boards. I have tried out a few of them. I think I am going to have a pinterest workout day where I only do the workouts that I have pinned. I haven’t really come across any bad pins yet!

  7. says

    I love Pinterest! I was against it for so long and then I finally broke and am now obsessed. It’s a great way for me to hoard recipes.. and work outs.. and things I want.. and ideas and such without cluttering up my bookmarks.
    Sarah recently posted..Disney 3-6-5

  8. says

    Yes, I spend way to much time on Pinterst and have yet to complete one DIY project. However the recipes I am slowly working my way through them. I even created, a “Taste Approved” board to move recipes I tried on there, that I thought were good. That way I know where it is when I want to make it again. It has come in handy.

  9. says

    I love pinterest! I have a rule for myself that I never pin anything that I know I won’t try to make (crafts or recipes) no matter how awesome or tasty it looks. And every Sunday morning I pull up my pinterest recipes page and pick one new recipe to make that week. This way I know that when I choose a recipe it’s something I know I can make because otherwise I never would have added it to my board!
    Megan @ The Running Doc recently posted..P.V. Body Scam?

  10. says

    I fall into this trap all the time! I pin like crazy, but rarely follow through. I need to emulate my sister. She’s made a ton of the projects she’s pinned, and they’ve turned out great! Most of my Christmas presents from her this year were via a Pinterest project.
    Natalie @ Free Range Human recently posted..World’s Highest Hill

  11. says

    I have actually been disappointed by some recipes i’ve pinned. I feel like the terrible for you crazy desserts would turn out well of course but thats not what im looking for. I obsessed with pinterest for like a month and dont think ive been back on since.
    lindsay @ fuel my family recently posted..Apple Omelet Recipe

  12. says

    Hummus-crusted chicken from Oprah has become my go-to recipe for an easy weeknight dinner since I found it on Pinterest in June. I’ve changed the recipe each time by using a different flavor of hummus. Check out the “recipes” page of Hungry Gator Gal to see two of my favorite versions. The first uses spicy roasted red pepper, and the second uses roasted garlic and Italian seasonings. Enjoy! :)
    Brianna K. recently posted..Homemade Panera Bread Smoothie

  13. says

    I love Pinterest. I spend far too much time on it. I have discovered a few things that I use pretty often. One of them is cooking bacon in the oven. Why didn’t I think of that sooner? No splatter, lots of bacon at once, and I can multi-task! It’s fantastic!

  14. Diana says

    I love pinterest! I cleaned up my boards and only have things that I actually want to try. One thing that was really useful for me was to create a board called Pinterest Recipes I’ve Tried. It helps me keep track of which recipes I’ve made. I make comments on the recipes so I remember whether I liked them. I’m still trying to think of a nice way to say that some of the recipes didn’t work or I didn’t like them, so mostly if there isn’t a comment, it means I wasn’t impressed. I just don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by making a negative comment!

  15. says

    These look delicious! I’m bad about pinning things and never going back to them except for recipes. I meal plan each week and use pinterest to come up with my meals. I have a healthier meal board just a regular meal board. Most all of the meals come from the healthier one but I’ll pick 1 each week from the other. Once we try them, I either delete it if was a Pinterest fail or save it to my new boards of Tried and Approved Recipes (one for healthy and one for not). That way I know if we liked what we ate and can make it again.
    Sabrina @Work It Ms Jackson recently posted..Savannah Bridge Run Race Recap

  16. Anne Marie says

    I am a Pinterest addict there I admit it! Hahah but I do pin more things then I actually use but I actually do try things I find on Pinterest. I find that when I’m on the website I see a lot of stuff I like so I just repin it right away but sometimes I forget to look it over to make sure it is actually good like a recipe!

  17. says

    I love Pinterest for keeping track of recipes that I want to make – before that, my bookmarks were a mess with all of the sites that I had saved. I have to admit that I’m pretty bad when it comes to actually making things that I have pinned though. It’s something I really want to change because the few things I did make ended up being pretty good.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... a case of the mondays .

  18. says

    I am definitely more lenient in my food pinning. Things tend to get out of control when I switch over to clothing/fashion. I just end up with Pinterest envy.

    Don’t get me wrong- still love browsing through the boards and pinning my heart out. It’s a great form of entertainment and I’ve definitely transferred some ideas into real life! However, I totally understand that feeling of looking back over everything and thinking, “Yeah, I will definitely never make/bake/own/buy/sew/paint/construct/crochet/do that workout.”

    Thought this article was interesting!
    Kelly @ Femme Fitale recently posted..Tuesday Tellings

  19. Laura M. says

    I actually made that first soup (chicken tortilla) this past weekend! It was delicious!! I’ve tried quite a few pinterest recipes that turned out well. Actually made one tonight – baked fajitas!

  20. says

    I love Pinterest for recipes specifically and I’d say I use it pretty actively. I try and use a lot of the recipes I try, and if I don’t like them I delete them off my board so that I don’t make it again! I also, recently, have been using it for home ideas. We just moved and I loved looking at paint ideas!
    Angela recently posted..Random Thoughts

  21. says

    Those cookie butter pretzels look amazing! I too have a million and one pins on Pinterest and have probably utilized like, 3. It sucks up so much of my time that I really need to start having something to show for me!
    Allison recently posted..Pretty. Little. Liars.

  22. says

    Those are some great looking recipes, especially the cookie butter pretzels! Yum!! :)

    I think I may be one of the only people left on the planet who has not joined Pinterest ;). I just know that if I do that it will be yet another time-consuming activity that I will get sucked into and won’t be able to be pulled away from. I have enough going on in my schedule right now to resist the urge to conform and join. It would, however, be super nice to get my online recipes more organized. Bookmarking them all is certainly not ideal. I am sure it is only a matter of time before I give in…..haha
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted..“Little Smokies” Vegetarian Meatballs

  23. says

    Ah, good ole pinterest! I’ve actually had Pinerest for like 2 years now and have pinned a good amount of recipes, beauty tips, DIY projects, etc. I have made a good amount of the recipes I pinned, but not nearly as much as I would have liked!

    I need to go through all my pins and put to use some of the great knowledge I’ve come across, like how to make a pretty sock bun 😉

  24. @pluvk says

    I am a total Pin-aholic! I’ve actually made it a rule that I must try a new recipe every so often, or I cannot pin anymore. :-) My recipe page is CRAZY! Now I’ve gotta go so I can start pinning some of these recipes you posted!

    • Courtney says

      That recipe looks and sounds AWESOME! Just pinned it (although it’s not very pin-friendly…no photo!)
      Thanks for the heads up! :)

  25. Amanda Lee says

    I tried the first recipe you have up.. the chicken tortilla soup. Um. YUM! And it’s a crockpot recipe- WIN! I added black beans to mine. :)

    Btw- late congrats on the Baby Tooth!

  26. says

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