High Intensity Interval Circuit

You guys ready to get sweaty with a high intensity interval circuit workout today?

high intensity interval circuit1

This particular workout is very similar to one that I enjoyed giving to a few of my training clients. It combines a whole mix of stuff, including plenty of core stability exercises, which are some of the most important of all.

The only equipment you’ll need is a set of dumbbells, which will only be used for the first exercise; other than that, you’re just using your bodyweight. I hope you guys have fun with this one!

Oh, and always, here’s some photos to demonstrate each of the exercises. Winking smile

      Squat w/ Dumbbell Press                                Elbow Plank


                     Wall Sit                               Side Plank with Leg Raise


        Alternating Lunges                                        Swimmers

        Squat with Front Kick                              Flutter Kicks


               Squat Thrusts                                       Lateral Hops



  1. Jamie says

    Your Swimmers excercise image did not display. Can I assume that another name for that excercise is Superman? Thanks!

  2. Kathleen says

    Great workouts … but you can’t fool me … those squat thrusts are burpees in disguise … my nemesis in exercise workouts :) Thanks for sharing this and I can’t wait to give it a try after work today!!


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