1. Courtney's friend Joey says

    Why do you have Rick’s coffee? Are you stealing people’s drinks again? I thought we broke that habit Courtney!

    • Courtney says

      Hahaha, I was wondering if anyone would catch that! There was a mix up…
      Orrrr, I just like to go by the name of Rick while I’m out. 😉

  2. says

    K this is just the weirdest comment ever. But I’ve been thinking it for a WHILE… and I must say it.

    Courtney. I do NOT know how you make those omelets look so flat (k not really “flat” but…) and pretty looking. Since forever you’ve been blogging I’ve been eyeing your eggs! HAHA… Even with a non-stick pan I can’t seem to flip them in time, or I’m too early and they’re jsut a big ol’ mess. Plus, you have things stuffed inside it! Jeesh.
    Nancy recently posted..OOTWW & TFF #14

    • Courtney says

      Hahaha, Nancy that is a great comment! 😉
      Jay actually made this omelet for me and he used our larger, 10-inch skillet. I usually use our smaller ones, but I loved the way this one came out. We just cook them on one side, put the fillings in, then flip them once the bottom is set. Then we cook them a little longer to allow the middle to cook up too :)
      Good luck!

    • Courtney says

      Haha, it was actually a mouthful when I ordered it…
      A grande, iced, decaf, nonfat, Caramel Macchiato. SOOOOOO good :)

  3. Amanda says

    Omg! Nice coffee. I have a really funny story about a starbucks drink meant for a bride. Im sure youve seen the pinterest photo. However this brides drink said “Brian”. Ha! The barista didnt hear correctly. Lol

  4. Michelle says

    My addiction to barnes and noble was sparked after seeing that coffee cup. I am now the proud owner of The Glass Castle and Paper towns;)

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