Me and My Brain

I don’t know what’s going on, but me and my brain just do not seem to be on the same page today. I seriously feel like I’ve been all over the place…forgetting things, asking questions I really know the answer to, just in a daze most of the day.

Perhaps my brain is trying to tell me it’s already ready for the weekend? Haha…well that can’t be it, because all of me is already ready for the weekend, too.

Anywho…despite the fact that me and my brain do not appear to be working in sync today, it’s still been a pretty good day. The work day went by super quickly, I braved the cold and got some errands done on my lunch hour, and even had some delicious food to boot.

Today’s lunch seriously came together in NO TIME, thanks to hubby letting me take the rest of last night’s leftover tilapia tacos.

tilapia tacos (1)

I simple added the rest of the tilapia and roasted corn relish to a bed of mixed greens, which made for a delicious, simple salad (no dressing required!). The tilapia had even more flavor after sitting overnight, and was awesome cold.

tilapia tacos (2)

After I finished that, I still needed a little something extra, which made me super thankful for my decision to pack up a mini whole wheat sweet potato roll with some peanut butter. Well, I packed up the roll, but the peanut butter was already here in the desk.

mini whole wheat sweet potato roll (1)

Hey, it IS National Peanut Butter Day and all…might as well celebrate. 😉

mini whole wheat sweet potato roll (2)

Looks like I’ll also have to get some new PB to stash here, since that was the last of that Planters PB that I bought a while back (it lasted a while…aka, it wasn’t my favorite).

I’m not quite sure what’s gonna be happening in the Horan household for dinner tonight. Seeing as how I’ve cooked two nights in a row (gasp!), I think it’s about time to either make a dent in some leftovers or have the always-favorite breakfast for dinner (aka, “brinner”). This, of course, will hopefully all happen after I muster up that motivation to get a workout in…but we shall see. :)

What’s for dinner at YOUR place tonight?


  1. says

    We all have those little brain fog days…mine seem to either occur on Tuesday’s or right before the weekend! And I’m not even pregnant, that probably won’t go over well when I am…if ever. I keep on hearing about this National Peanut Butter Day. Who invents these and how can I get this job.

  2. Amanda says

    We have dinner in the crockpot tonight! Julie’s chickpea and chicken garam masala – I just need to avoid it for about an hour because I also have to motivate myself to work out :)

  3. says

    I know how you feel on the brain front. I’ve been foggy all day, too. Although, yours might be pregnancy brain. Mine is “I’d-rather-be-at-home-writing” brain.

    I have no idea what plans we have for dinner, but fish tacos sound amazing!

  4. says

    Welcome to what my friends refer to as baby brain and they both swear their IQs dropped between 10-20 pts. Lots of factors play into it, but they’re not sure just what causes it (or if it’s even real, my friends swear it is.) Interestingly, while they agree it’s a thing, they don’t agree that it was worse for one gender or another.

    Dinner tonight at my place is a fend for yourself kind of night because our schedules aren’t necessarily going to mesh. I’m hoping there’s left over soup or waffles, but my BIL is at our place so all bets are off.
    BakingSuit recently posted..Thursday Three – Booty Shakin’ Songs

  5. says

    I fall victim to those foggy brain days as well – one time I even almost put my wallet into the fridge instead of the milk. Oops. Hopefully it clears up for you soon :) I was actually thinking about breakfast for dinner tonight too. I’ve had more than enough savory nights in a row and my sweet tooth could use a little loving.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... thinking out loud #16 .

    • says

      Totally. Ride that wave for as long as possible! haha
      Actually, it has progressively worsened for me over these 9 months. I thought this “Baby Brain” talk was just nonsense, until I experienced it myself!!! At least it serves to provide some comic relief throughout the process 😉

  6. says

    Hmm experiencing some baby brain quite possibly? 😉 I haven’t had it too bad, but I definitely do have my days where I feel extra spacey! Or it could just be the fact that it’s the end of the week, and the weekend needs to be here!
    I’m thinking leftovers for tonight. I had a big lunch so I’m not feeling too excited about busting out a bunch more food to cook.
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..01/24/13: Thursday Thoughts

  7. Lindsey says

    Tonight I am making your Double Duty Quesadilla Casserole – can’t wait! I hope it comes out as good as yours looks!

  8. says

    I was stoked to come home from work and see that my dad was thawing hamburger meat and there was a loaf of italian bread on the table. I knew that could only mean one thing – SPAGHETTI! I made a giant salad and my dad made a separate sauce w/ a few vegetarian meatballs for me. :)
    Katie @ Talk Less, Say More recently posted..Confessions

  9. Kristee B says

    Beware of those Planters nut butters. They contain transfats! So much for nutrition. I received a sample jar through a product testing program, read the label, and threw it away!

  10. crystal d. says

    You are starting to get pregnancy brain! Mine started almost right away. I felt like I was losing my mind. I am due in 7 weeks and I feel like I have no short term memory at all. I will ask a question and either totally forget the answer and ask the question again in a few minutes or ask the question again forgetting I just asked the question like 5 minutes ago. I forget to do the most simple things, I put stuff back in very odd places and I am just in general a scatter brain. So I hate to say it but it will get worse before it gets better! Ha!

  11. Lori says

    It’s called pregnancy brain. But unfortunately it doesn’t go away even after the baby comes. Mine are 5 & 7 years old and I still have it, some days worse that others.

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