29 Is Off To A Good Start

So far, today has been a pretty spectacular day.

For one, my morning was immediately a gazillion times better once I got a call saying that I had a special delivery waiting for me…

Aren’t they beautiful?! I’ll tell ya…I have one heck of an amazing husband. :)

Then this afternoon, a couple of my bosses/co-workers brought me out to lunch where I dined on delicious, fried calamari and an amazing grilled chicken salad (with crispy fried artichokes…who knew?!).

About an hour after returning back to the office from lunch, I found out that there was one more surprise…

A bunch of my coworkers had gathered in the conference room, wished me a happy birthday, and got me not one, but TWO cakes. Not only was I incredibly grateful, but I really was not expecting anything, since I’m was pretty sure only about two people knew it’s my birthday. My darn pregnancy hormones were *this close* to kicking in and making me tear up in front of everyone because I was so touched, but I managed to hold back.

FYI: I had a small piece from the cake on the left, which was a caramel pecan layer cake. Yes, caramel pecan…

Here’s to indulging in (and thoroughly enjoying) every last delicious bite on my birthday! 😉


  1. says

    Ahhh! Those flowers are beautiful! And the cake looks awesome too-ugh I could totally go for some chocolate right now. Count your blessings girl, looks like your day is off to a fabulous start. :)
    Abby J recently posted..WIAW-Confidence

  2. says

    Indulge all you want! Your pregnant and it’s your birthday! You have two mouthes to feed to celebrate! I know a lot of people say to never use the pregnancy excuse but you need to be HAPPY when you’re pregnant. Whatever makes you happy is what is needed. Hands down!

    Again, happy happy birthday!
    Lauren recently posted..Tiny Tangent Tuesday

  3. says

    Happy Belated Birthday love!!!! How sweet of them to get you cakes! When I worked in an office, I would always get a birthday cake at the local bakery down the road from my job for a co workers birthday! They always appreciated it!

    katie Carso recently posted..Super Salad

  4. Nicole says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Wishing you the very best for the year ahead….and what a year it will be!! Cheers Courtney!

  5. says

    Aw so spoilt :) Those flowers are absolutely stunning! That’s lovely of your coworkers- two cakes woo! One for you and one for the baby to enjoy? Ha! What flavour was the cake on the right? Caramel pecan…layer cake?! Woo!
    Bek @ Crave recently posted..Weight Watchers

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