I Admit It

I just couldn’t help myself this morning…

That Friday dance gif will never, EVER get old.

Happy Friday! How’s everyone doing today? I’m obviously super stoked that it’s Friday but honestly, this week actually went by pretty quickly. Jay and I had something going on every night this week, which kept our days busy and moving along quickly. Plus, I guess it doesn’t hurt that there was a birthday thrown in there too!

So let’s see…where did we last leave off? Well yesterday after work I had another dress fitting appointment which was nice because Mal (the almost bride-to-be!) and Denise were there so I got to chat with them for a bit. But besides that, the appointment was pretty awful. In the past three weeks, I’ve apparently grown two more inches, which I know growing is to be expected, but two inches? That was a bit of a shocker. I mean, it is what it is, it’s gonna happen, but I think what got me more than that was the boatload of a price tag I got for the alterations they need to do. It’s costing me almost as much as the dress itself. Good lord…why are they so darn expensive?!

I’ve already found myself being a bit extra emotional this week, so I called my poor mother on my way home and cried it out for a bit with her.

I know, I’m a mess. I admit it. And so does Jay. Darn pregnancy hormones 😉

But hey, after a little pep talk from mom I was feeling better; I came home, ate some leftovers for dinner, watched the rest of Monday night’s bachelor (so long, Amanda!) and Tuesday night’s Cougar Town (LOVE that show!) and spent a bunch of time on Pinterest browsing for Baby Tooth…all of which made me feel muuuuuch better. Sometimes, you just need to veg.


This morning, I was up nice and early for a workout. It never wound up happening last night, but that made me extra motivated to get up up and moving today.

I’m also inserting this old photo into the post just because there seems to be a whole lot of words this morning and not enough visual stimulation. If you’re anything like me, you need some photos. 😉

Today’s workout consisted of 20 minutes of walking intervals on the treadmill, followed by 2, 10-minute segments of my new prenatal pilates DVD. I would have done another had I had time, since I’m totally loving that DVD, but I’d hit the snooze button twice so I was already pressed for time. Whoops.

As I was getting ready for work, I got it into my head that I needed a coffee from Dunkin Donuts this morning. Specifically, a decaf coffee mixed with half a packet of hot cocoa (an old favorite!). I have a DD’s on my way to work, but I had to make sure I gave myself a few extra minutes to leave the house and get to work on time. Well, today the coffee took top priority and breakfast was literally whatever I could throw into my purse quick as I was walking out the door. But hey, it works!

I have some granola packets here at work (along with about a bajillion other desk snacks) so I’m pretty sure I’m not going to go hungry. 😉

Question for the Morning:

Hey, it’s February! What are you most looking forward to this month?

For me, I’d have to say Mexico and Brian & Mal’s wedding. No question about it!


  1. says

    I’d be excited about that Mexico wedding too! Sorry you aren’t feeling too great about yourself right now but I’m sure everyone else thinks you look absolutely gorgeous! I feel like pregnant women radiate this glow that makes them more beautiful, not in a weird way, but it’s just something I’ve noticed. You’re going to have a great time there! And sometimes when you need DD, you just need it. Have a great Friday :)
    Sarah @PickyRunner recently posted..Too much of a good thing

  2. says

    At least you have a good excuse for being emotional. What’s MY excuse for tearing up during The Bachelor last night?! ha
    My breakfast the last two days have been Vans GF Blueberry Waffles with PB and banana. So tasty, so not nutritious. I am usually hungry an hour later after a meal like that. :/
    cassi recently posted..Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

  3. Krystan says

    I feel ya on the hormones! Last night I was a mess…crying over the most menial things said, then over this sappy beer (of all things!) commercial, finally decided frozen yogurt would be the only thing that could lift my spirits, hubby drove me to the store, and they CLOSED as we were walking towards the door. That led to another crying session. Our poor husbands, lol.

    I’ve also got a lot of things to look forward to in Feb. My aunt is coming to town this weekend, visiting the in-laws, my cousin is visiting, and finding out the sex of the baby!!!

  4. says

    Putting hot cocoa in coffee? Genius! I definitely need to give that a shot. And girl, you don’t even know some of the crazy things I’ll resort to when I need to get my caffeine fix in. I’ll risk being late and forgo fancy meals for a cup of coffee. That’s love right there. Or maybe they call that addiction… either way 😉
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... monthly favorites – january 2013 .

    • Courtney says

      It’s VERY beautiful! It’s actually where I got engaged! We ate dinner at this delicious steak restaurant, which I believe was also a brewery, which is located right in downtown. Have fun!!

  5. says

    Honestly, I’m ready for February to be over. I hate the cold, and I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s day. Also, it’s the anniversary of my dog’s death, which is always rough.

    Sorry for the Debbie Downer moment.

    ♪You can’t stop Debbie Downer!♫

    That aside, I’m thankful it’s Friday. I have my friend’s birthday party at a dueling piano bar tonight, which will be fun. Love dueling piano bars!
    Beks recently posted..Musical Review: "Memphis"

  6. Jess says

    I hate to read that you are beating yourself up about the weight you are gaining from your pregnancy! First off, you are gorgeous at any weight and you have to rememeber every extra pound you gain is just helping baby tooth become stronger and healthier! :-) So cheer up girl!

    • Courtney says

      No, no! It was the cost of the dress alterations that put me over the edge…which was really just silly to get so emotional about in the first place, haha! I know the weight gain is expected :)

  7. says

    I am sure everyone is different with regard to weight gain while pregnant, but according to guidelines you don’t need ‘extra’ calories in the first trimester, only 300 more calories/day in the second, and 450 more cals/day in the third. Just make sure to have really good nutrients!!

    Eating for 2 is quite relative….. 😉
    Silvia @skinny jeans food recently posted..Coconut chocolate tart

  8. says

    OMG, love that GIF! I’ve never seen it and it made my day. I sent it to a coworker, and it made hers, too.

    Out of curiosity, I’d be interested to know how you’re “coping” with the weight gain and body changes? I know this had been an issue with you before pregnancy, and it has been for me, but the idea of being pregnant really scares me. :/ Is that weird? I know my boyfriend wants children, and I think I do, too, but it seems so overwhelming. I’m pretty sure I’d be a crazy emotional, needy, high-maintenance mess. Have you had any of those feelings and how are you handling them (aside from knowing that it’s temporary and worth it in the end to have your bundle of joy)?
    Cassie @RedLetterDaye recently posted..Thankful Thursday: Flying Towards February

    • Courtney says

      I definitely have days where it’s more difficult to handle the changes than others, but I think that’s normal for all expectant moms…whether you’ve struggled with body image or not. Ultimately though, this is exactly what I want and I would never have it any other way. And that’s what I remind myself on the days that are more difficult, and it helps so much. So right now, I’m going to continue to give baby what he/she needs. :)

  9. says

    I’m looking forward to getting another (4th) surgery on my knee in hopes to get results and get my life moving (literally). Courtney, you are going to get bigger, you have a little one growing inside of you. It’s an obvious thing and I think if you go into a dress fitting KNOWING you have gotten bigger, it will help. You need to prepare yourself becuase it’s just common sense as the baby gets bigger so will your belly. And that’s PERFECTLY fine. You’re gorgeous!
    Lauren recently posted..The Big Two-Three!

    • Courtney says

      Oh, I know that Lauren! While I was surprised to have grown 2 inches in three weeks, the thing that set me off with the tears had nothing to do with that. It was the alterations, which maybe I didn’t quite explain well enough in the post? :)
      Thank you though, for the kind words!

  10. says

    Oooo Mexico and a wedding sound so much fun~! 😀 And this may be a silly question, but do you drink decaf for all your coffees? I know many women drink regular and some docs say it’s okay, but I’m not sure what’s wrong or right! haha so much info out there. When I was REALLY tired and had to work I did drink a few cappuccinos here and there for the sake of–work! But I think I should be a bit careful :)
    Ellie@Fit for the Soul recently posted..PV Body: Fitness Fashion at Your Doorstep

    • Courtney says

      I’d say, in a typical week, I drink one coffee a day and maybe 1-2 of them are regular (not decaf). The caffeine has never had an effect on me anyways, so I can’t even tell the difference :)

  11. says

    Mexico will be amazing, no matter what! But I am sure that is so annoying to have to pay for those alterations. ugh. It’s tough, I am sure, to see your body change so much, but I think it’s totally awesome how positive you are –and in recognizing that it’s normal to feel like that once in awhile 😉
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted..Five Things for a Friday

  12. says

    I’m most excited about my coming up half marathon in 16 days now. Woo! And as soon as I get this month down, its less than three months till graduation. (Way too excited).
    *P.S. Your birthday Italian dinner post made me want some Italian food tonight so i made some yummmm!!! (Eggplant for the win) And I blogged about it since you were saying about how not many healthy living bloggers post about Italian food. lolz

    Have a good weekend!
    Audrey Adams recently posted..Somewhat Italian


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